Sister Sucks Off Sleeping Brother

My sisters: Jill is 24, tall, slender, brunette, dark brown eyes, wears her hair very long and straight; she’s got beautiful mid-sized but pointed tits and large puffy nipples. She has a tattoo on the small of her back and one around her navel. She may not be hot in a ‘centerfold’ sense, but all of my friends think she’s the hottest girl in town. They’re probably right. She’s smart, in college, and has a very serious relationship going with another student. Jenna is 18, short dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, short and petite, with small, rounded titties and an absolutely perfect ass. She’s a real tight package and a real troublemaker who loves to party.

How do I know all this about my sisters’ physical attributes? Read on…

Last spring, my sister Jill came back home during her school’s spring break. She had shared a bedroom with Jenna and had simply moved back in for the month. All 3 of us partied together alot those first few days; I had just turned 21 and could now drink legally in the bars with my big sister. We would get together with a bunch of friends and go barhopping until the wee hours. Unfortunately Jen wasn’t old enough to go out on the town with us yet. We used to come home after closing the last club just before dawn and I would immediately crash. Jill was in college and had a few more years of heavy duty drinking on me; I tried to keep up with her but usually failed miserably.

One morning after one of these long nights of drinking, I awoke with the strangest feeling…I tried to think back to the details of the night before for something that could explain it. My memories of the last few hours of those types of nights was non-existent; I would have what Jill called ‘black outs’ where I just couldn’t remember the last hour or so before passing out the night before. She told me it was a symptom of over-doing it and that I should watch it. At least I wasn’t driving, I’d say, and we’d leave it at that. Anyway, this was a little strange. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. It seemed that my cock was a little sore; did I get laid last night? I’d have to wait until I saw Jill later on; If anything like that happened she’d be sure to tell me. And I’d be pissed that I couldn’t remember it!! More likely, I’d jerked off before passing out.

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Wedding Shop With Virgin Niece

John had retired at an early age of 48. His investments had paid out and had paid out handsomely. He was enjoying his life away from the fast lane by playing golf four days per week and helping his wife Ann out with the books for her business. Ann had a small wedding shop that did a modest profit every year. John had tried to talk her into selling the business and traveling with him but she was not ready to retired just yet. 

It was their 20 year old niece Cathy’s wedding that threw John’s life into a new direction.

Cathy was the only child of John’s sister Maggie. Maggie’s husband, Paul, had left her six years ago for a younger woman. Paul had refused to pay for the wedding and the family was in desperate need for money. Maggie did not want Cathy to be embarrassed with her new in-laws so she asked for a loan from her only family member left, John.

John had enough money to loan his sister but, decided to use her need to obtain the old family estate. Their mother had recently passed away and the estate was to split evenly between the two of them. Instead of taking a loan for the money Maggie signed over her share of the estate to her brother. Everyone was happy.

It was two weeks before the wedding when Ann developed a terrible cold. She was bed ridden and was unable to take care of her business. John was the only choice to keep thing running.

“I don’t know a thing about handling your business.” John said to his wife as she lay weak on the bed. “How about your part-time employee Mary?”

“Mary, can’t…” Cough. “work because her family reunion is this week and she…” Cough. “will be out of town.” 

“Well, OK, but don’t blame me if anything gets screwed up.” He muttered to his sick wife.

“Tell me what I have to do.” John said.

“It’s not that bad.” Cough, cough. “All of Cathy’s items came in yesterday and the wedding party will be coming in tomorrow to pick them up.” Cough. “Would you hand me my water?” Ann took a swallow and continued. “Just make sure the dresses fit everyone.”

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My Sister Is Hungry For Cock

My name is James. My dick is on the smaller side, I’m guessing a little below average. I’d never gone out to measure how big I was but around 4-5 inches is my guess. It didn’t matter though because I can get a blowjob any time I want and I don’t even have to leave the house.

It started when I when my sister was a senior in high school. I was in my second year of college but still stuck at home but it never really bothered me, partially because my sister Lacy was something to look at. She was eighteen and a half but I had naughty ideas bout her since she was fifteen and her boobs really started getting in my mind quite often. She was now wearing much more revealing outfits which is completely normal for a girl her age, especially in such a hot climate here in California. I don’t even know if she owns anything that doesn’t reveal an erection-inducing worth of cleavage.

She had gone through only a few boyfriends but none of them lasted more than six months. She knew how attractive she was and felt great about it. This really showed in the summer. On some days she wouldn’t have on anything more than a bra or swimsuit top and a pair of shorts on, even if she went out of the house. I would find out later that she had 32D size tits and they were magnificent, perfectly round and begging to be touched or have something wedged between them. I didn’t know how sexually active she was but my guess was much more than me which wasn’t saying much.

She loved the beach and beach volleyball in particular, plus she loved to sunbathe. This is where I get into trouble because she often sunbathes completely naked to get an even tan and her favorite place to do it is in our backyard. Our parents don’t seem to care and I don’t think the neighbors ever notice, or if they do they don’t care as well. She would always come straight from her room to the lounge chair outside, all the while being completely naked. It made sense because the formality of putting something on just to take it off outside seemed unnecessary. Whenever I would see her come from her room to walk down the stairs to sunbathe it killed me a little inside each time but it was always the best part of my day to see those sexy tits bounce their way down and take that turn to go outside.

She knew I could see her, even if it was always a brief trip but my erection each time would cause me to do the same thing every time and that was to go to her room and look out her window to see her tan in the backyard. What hot –blooded male would resist such easy access to an attractive naked eighteen year old girl? I was compelled to look down at her and stroke my cock every time I knew she was out there. I’ve masturbated while viewing this amazingness before me many many times and each time it somehow got better. I never ejaculated more cum than I do when I jack off to Lacy. I think she got a kick out of it, knowing how hot she is and being naked while her brother is in the house, possibly with a huge boner. Sometimes when my parents aren’t home and she rarely did this but I’ve seen her do it maybe three different times but she will masturbate while she is outside. Her right hand would be buried in between her legs and she would be shaking and her body thriving back and forth in pleasure. Those few times where the best jack off experiences I’ve ever had.

On one such occasion when I was about to go masturbate to the view of Lacy from the window in her room I heard a loud “James!!”

Not knowing what to do since she had never once done this before I was frozen in my tracks. I thought about it for what seemed like forever. Did she really just call my name? Did she really want me to come see her outside while she was naked? She called out my name two more times. I finally decided “what the hell” and made my way outside. I closed the sliding glass door slowly and turned to the beautiful sight before me. She was glistening in tanning oil, the sun hitting her perfectly naked body and her smile assuring me that this wasn’t something bad.

“Hey James, sorry if I was disturbing you but I have a question….well more like a favor to ask you.”

Not knowing what to say, if anything, I just gulped and tried my best to keep eye contact which was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

“Could you flop your dick out for me?”
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Slut Mommie

I sat in silence with my family eating breakfast. Everybody had different thoughts on their mind. My husband was flying out to Boston this morning for a week. My son and daughter were probably thinking of school. My thoughts carried me to that same time last night when my son asked me if I could pose for him, so he could take some pictures of his bike. How did he put it? He needed a babe in the picture with his bike. He was a teenager, barely turned 18, and his hobby was to ride motocross bikes. Last year me and my husband bought him a Honda bike. Since than, all his spare time was dedicated to that.

I agreed last night to pose for him. I thought it was important to him and it seemed harmless enough. That was before he told me that he wanted me to pose in a string bikini. I was so shocked, I didn’t know how to answer, I didn’t say anything as he walked away.

I didn’t want to do it, it just didn’t feel right, but I decided to go along as part of me deep down inside was saying go ahead. Every time I thought of posing in my bikini a small shiver ran through my body, an excitement I haven’t felt in a long time.

My husband and I were not sexually active. We made love maybe once a month and it was usually too fast for me to have an orgasm. I masturbated when no one was around, but it just wasn’t the same as doing something real, as having a real cock slide in and out of me.

I finished doing all my work that day and just tinkered around the house waiting for tonight. I realized that maybe I should shave down there, just in case my son wants to take a close shot of me and the bike, it would be embarrassing to have some of my pubic hair sticking out.

I got the razor out and somehow got a little overzealous, because soon, I had all my pubic hair completely shaved. My pussy was completely bald, felt smooth and I loved the feeling when I rubbed it with my hands. I ran my fingers down past my pussy and spread my legs open wide.

I felt my tiny little asshole and the area around it; it always felt so good to rub that dirty little spot. Feeling some hair there I decided to shave that too. I propped up the mirror and bending over with my back arched, looked behind.

My heart stopped and my pussy shivered. I was looking at myself from behind. My legs were spread wide apart, my pussy opened up and already wet, and nestled between my two round ass cheeks was my asshole.

I have never looked at myself that way before, but now I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. The combination of my dark, wet pussy lips and that wrinkled hole above was mesmerizing. Slowly I picked up the razor and without taking my eyes off of my ass shaved every hair that was there.

It felt so naughty to run the razor in between my ass cheeks and down my crack. I was breathing hard and I noticed that my pussy juices were dripping and running down my thighs. Oh God, I was discovering a totally new side of myself.
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Taking My Sisters Cherry

I heard her in the bathroom laughing quietly as she bathed. my younger Sissy was just 18 now and had that sexy look to her and had a nice ass and her tits were filled out real boobs. I would get a hard on looking at her some times. She would be always giving me this kind of ‘fuck me’ look at odd times..

She had more than once had walked in while I was in the shower and squeaked at my cock and once she came in while I was standing there with a hard on… I told her that is what boys put inside pussies and she laughed and dug at her own pussy for a quick second and ran out of the room.

The door was open just a bit and I stood there, not believing my eyes as I watched her fingering her slit. My cock sprang up like it was on a switch and just got turned on. I stood there watching as she got into it, moaning some and closing her eyes as her fingers worked their magic in that young virgin cunt..

Then she opened her eyes and looked right at me. “I see you, I know you are there.”

“Well, so what, I caught you fingering yours pussy and you can’t say anything to anyone.” I answered back, stepping into the room, my 8 inch cock in my hand. “See, you’re doing it, too,” she laughed. “That is a really nice big hard cock, just right for fucking,” she laughed again.

Good thing Mom and dad were out for the night or we would be in a lot of trouble, I thought.

“You can see how hard you make my cock, let me see your pussy,” I shot back at her.

“Get in the tub with me,” she said, seriously. “I can play with your cock and you can play with my pussy then. it is nice and juicy”
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Wedding Night

“I LOVE YOU!” My husband, of 9 hours, slurred, as he proceeded to drunkenly slide down the leather sofa, and fall asleep.

My wedding day had been everything that I had ever wished for; it was my 19th birthday, the weather was warm and dry, my dress made me feel like a princess, and the flowers in the church looked absolutely wonderful.

Pete’s dad, Roger, held me, and said, “we’ll take him to bed, for you.” “Keith, grab an arm!” he shouted to his brother. They then dragged my husband through the hotel lounge, leaving me to say goodnight, and apologise, to the last few of our guests.

Pete had been drinking since breakfast, and the champagne, wine and beer had finally taken its toll. When he was this drunk, Peter, would sleep like a baby, until 10 or 11 o’clock in the morning.

“Where do you want him?” Roger asked, as we entered the bridal suite. “On the bed, I suppose,” I replied.

After they had, unceremoniously, dropped him onto the bed, Keith asked, “should I undress him?” Again I replied, “I suppose so.”

Roger was divorced from Peters’ mum, leaving Peter to be brought up by his domineering mother, Linda. Peters’ dad and uncle are both six feet tall, with rugged good looks. Peter looks more, like his mother, small, thin and very pretty.

I was sitting on the sofa, feeling very sorry for myself, when Roger said, smiling, “I’m sorry, my dear, but, you’re going to be disappointed, on your wedding night.” As he handed me a glass of champagne, from our bottle, next to the bed.

“Looking at the size of his cock, she’s going to be disappointed every night!” Keith shouted, as he pulled down his nephew’s pants.

“Jesus Christ! My balls are bigger than that!” Roger laughed, as he bent over the bed for a closer look, at his son’s private parts.

Keith was; now, flicking Peters cock, from side to side, with his middle finger. I chuckled at the sight.

“I hope that he’s good with his tongue, ‘cos a little thing like that won’t satisfy a beautiful girl like you.” Roger said, looking me straight in the eye, smiling. “What do you mean?” I stammered. “You know…” and he wiggled his tongue. “Oh, my God no!” I gasped, and held my hand up to my face to hide my embarrassment. By now he was sitting next to me. “You mean he’s never tasted your nectar, and made you scream like a banshee?” he quizzed me. I shook my head. “Never?” Again I shook my head.

“I don’t believe it,” he addressed Keith, “If he doesn’t go down, on a gorgeous young girl like this, and that’s all he has,” pointing to Peters sad little cock, “, she’ll be fucking anything that moves, before Christmas, girls like this have got to be kept satisfied.” “Next, you’ll be telling us that he’s the only man that you’ve ever been fucked by.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, and took another gulp of champagne, and nodded. “You don’t think that all men are that size, do you?” They both laughed. I shrugged my shoulders.

It was true, Peter was my first real boyfriend, I had met him four years previously, when I was 15 and he was 19.
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Truth or Dare at Sisters Sleepover

I lay awake in my bed listening to my sister and her friends laughing and giggling in the room below. It’s the last year of high school for all of us and a week after Angelina’s 18th, so she has to have her friends over for a birthday celebration. We’re Irish twins and I’m the older one by eleven months – she’s the youngest of her group. I know each of her friends from at least one of my classes, and I’ve imagined each one in the gym locker room showers.

My hand wraps itself around my cock as it starts to swell, thinking of Hannah pulling down the straps of her top. Imagining her looking me in the eye, her blond hair hanging down to her shoulders, lips slightly parted, head tilted to the side in that “come fuck me look.”

Her straps fall to her sides and her hand slides up and over her stomach, brushing her tit as it circles over the top of her shirt and down in, cupping herself. It fits perfectly in her hand as she swirls her right thumb around it. Her tongue slides out of her mouth and my cock would fit perfectly between those two lips, her tongue swirling around it. She’s down on her knees, my t-shirt still on but boxers down and her mouth wrapped around my dick.

Her right hand grips the base of my shaft as she sucks and swirls her tongue around the head. Her left hand touches my abs, slides up and brushes my pecs. Her thumb swirls around my nipple. We fall backwards onto a bed, and she moves up my body, still gripping my cock and pulling on it gently. Her lips brush mine and my hands grip her shoulders, turning her onto her back.

I kiss her neck and move to her collarbone. I move lower, she has no shirt on now. My lips brush her breast and I slide my tongue out to lick the underside. I circle around the nipple, slowly sliding my hand up the inside of her thigh. My tongue licks her nipple and I suck it into my mouth right as my hand reaches her pelvic bone. Fingers encircle her hip and slide down to tease the apex of her pussy. She feels damp before my fingers even reach her pussy lips, and slide down the edge to her waiting hole. I move my finger back up the inside of the lip as my lips move down to touch hers.

My tongue finds the outside of her right labia and I suck it into my mouth playing it with my tongue, then moving on to her tight hole. My probe fills the hole and slides up the center of her hot, wet cunt. Finally my tongue meets its goal, but only stops to tease her as I circle back down from the top of her other pussy lip. Again, back up the center and this time I stop to do more than tease her love button.

I suck it into my mouth, write the alphabet on it, play with her parts and slip my finger into her shaking pussy. I grind my chest up, over her snatch and I rest on her breasts. Kissing her, she tastes her own juices and I slide my cock through the valley of her pussy. She breathes, hot, into my ear and clutches my back pulling my body closer to her. She tries to maneuver so my next slide pushes deep into her, but I avoid her tempting hole. Once again I push through Hannah’s valley and this time I aim directly for her. She moves again to help me make my target and I feel my cock surrounded by her tight…

Stomping up the stairs.

I’m not usually this easily distracted out of my games, cock hard as steel in my hand, I feel the cum welling up inside me, but these feet are approaching my door. Normally, this too is a fantasy of mine, but somehow when it’s real life it seems a little different.

Whispering in the hallway. It sounds like it’s just outside my door.

A hand on my doorknob, and the door slowly opening. Light from downstairs gently peeking around my door. The girls must have all the lights off except for the downstairs hallway. A head peeks around the door and sees me.

My dick still in hand, I lay under the covers peeking up from my pillow.

“Yes?” I hold it to my stomach so the doorway girl won’t notice a tent in my sheets.

It’s Alissa. She whispers loudly, “are you still awake?” Her voice sounds like a loud hiss, but normally it’s sweet and intelligent. This brunette has had sex with me several times – in my dreams.

There must be another one out there. It takes at least two people to whisper outside of a boy’s door. Unless she’s schizophrenic.

“Yessss,” I whisper loudly, my voice the sound of my penis deflating rapidly.

Alissa’s head disappears around the doorway, then she opens it fully and steps inside, Jessica following her closely. They move over to my bed and Alissa sits down. It’s dark in the room, but light enough for her to see me and the outline I make under my sheets. Still, her hand brushes my member as she reaches across to lean over me.

“We were wondering if you would come down and play a game with us,” Alissa whispered. Jessica giggled, turning her head to the side to try to hide it and stop giggling. Alissa looked directly at my eyes and slapped her friend playfully. Jessica bit her lip, but couldn’t stop giggling softly.

“Right now? But I’m sleeping…”
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Pool Party

It was a Saturday afternoon, in mid August. I had just gotten out of work, a job I hated, but it paid well, and I needed the money for school. I only had a couple more weeks of this before returning for my senior year at college. I spent the summers living at home with my parents and my younger brother Dave. My parents were away for the weekend up in the islands. I grabbed a cold beer from the fridge, and heard some splashing in our pool. Looking out the kitchen window I saw Dave and two of his friends, Jimmy and Ed. Dave and his friends had just graduated from high school, and in a couple of weeks were headed off to college themselves, although they were going to different colleges. It was a hot afternoon so I decided to join them for a swim. I ran upstairs to my bedroom to change. I was going to put on my one-piece suit, but then thought about the boys. I’m not an exhibitionist, but I do like the attention I get from Dave’s friends while showing off much of my body. I’ve been told I’m a pleasure to look at, dirty blonde hair down to my shoulders, nice perky B cup tits, a slender waist, and legs to kill for. I keep in shape by running and working out at the local gym. Whenever I’m at the gym I always attract some guy’s attention.

So I decide on a nice white bikini, not a string bikini, but more of a sporty type. This will show off my body, yet still leave plenty covered up. I pulled off my blouse and bra, pulled on the bikini top. Then I dropped my skirt and panties, bent over to pull on the bikini bottoms when I heard a noise behind me. I quickly pulled the bottoms all the way up and turned around. There in the hallway looking in was Ed, a tall skinny boy, the geek of the bunch. I hadn’t bothered to close my bedroom door since I was the only one in the house at the time, and didn’t figure on anyone coming inside. He was staring, like he had never seen a naked woman’s butt before. Well he probably hadn’t. He turned beat red, “I’m sorry, I just came to get another towel. Sorry.” He turned and ran down the stairs as fast as he could, probably afraid I’d kick his ass or something. I laughed realizing he didn’t get a towel. So I grabbed two and headed for the pool.
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My Sister The Cock Hound

The first semester of my second year of college flew by quickly. I finished my last final, packed up my car, locked up my dorm room, and headed home for winter break on December 17. My dad was in Las Vegas on a business trip, and my mom took a week’s vacation to join him there, so I would be at home with only my sister, who was freshman at a different college. She was pretty cool for a sister, I guess, and I hadn’t seen her for quite awhile since we were never at home on the same weekends.

When I got home I learned she wouldn’t be home until she took her last final on December 19, so I had the house to my self for a few days. I’m a pretty dedicated runner, and continued to run even though the weather was really cold I’d still run. Usually I’d wear a pair of running tights and a light jacket because I’d get my body heat up by running. I did my routine runs in the morning on the 18th, but on the 19th I woke up to about four inches of snow. I decided I’d just scoop the driveway and sidewalk instead of running that day. I put on my warmest running tights and jeans over them and a sweatshirt plus my heaviest coat and headed out to shove snow. “Why did my parents have to have such a big driveway?” I asked myself.

After about an hour and a half, I completed the project and headed back in. I took my coat and jeans off and sat down on the couch. I didn’t realize I worked up such a sweat. I watched some TV to cool down before going to take a shower. Just as I got up to head for the bathroom, I heard my sister pull into the drive. I went out to help her bring her stuff in.

“Hi Jay!” She yelled.

“Hey Susan!” I replied.

“Are you going for a run?” She asked.

“Oh now I just finished scooping the drive and was going to take a shower.” I explained my attire; “can I help you carry stuff in?”

“Sure. Would you grab my laundry basket?” She asked, “I can get everything else.”

“Ok.” I said as I picked up the basket. I was pleasantly surprised to see a bright red thong on thong of the pile of clothes.

I carried her laundry into the laundry room and dropped it off. She was in her bedroom so I walked down the hall and asked how her finals were.

“They weren’t too bad. I think I did well on all but the History one.” She said. I was a little surprised because I thought she liked history. Everyone else in the family did anyway.

“Well that’s good about the rest of them” I said. She put her stuff down and was walking out of the room so I walked on down the hall to my room to grab some clothes or after my shower. Susan followed me down the hall to my room telling me about her roommate getting into a fight with the girl across the hall and asking me about my school. She stood in m doorway as I grabbed a clean pair of boxers from my drawer and turned around to go take my shower.

I thought the conversation was over when I said “Well, I’m going to hop in the shower for a couple minutes.”

Except she had other ideas. Susan followed me back down the hall to the bathroom and even came inside. She was still talking to me as I adjusted the water. I wasn’t sure what to do. I felt a little uncomfortable. Here was my sister standing in the doorway talking to me as I prepared to undress. I noticed for the first time how nicely her breast had filled out. They must have been 34Cs at least. “She’s not leaving. She can see the outline of my junk thru my tights. What the hell?” I thought.
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Step Daughter Delights

I work in Information Technology and it’s not uncommon for me to work long hours, late nights and also work from home. A few nights ago, I was working from home in my office, and while waiting for some scripts to run, my step-daughter came into my office because she couldn’t sleep.

This is not uncommon when I am working from home, when she was younger and still living at home, she’d often come in and chat with me then eventually fall asleep on the couch in my office. She was over visiting from college and this time was a little different…

Tonight was a particular boring night and I happen to be surfing some porn while waiting for some scripts to run (not on my work laptop of course). I had my cock out and was playing, but not full out wanking at this point, just enjoying the videos and feeling good. My step-daughter happened to have one of her sleepless nights and came into my office at this point. I was really into the video and didn’t hear her come in, so imagine my shock when I felt her hands start rubbing my shoulders and asked if I was having fun…

I figured, what the hell, I’m busted anyway… So I swung my chair around, with my cock hanging out and said ‘Yeah, just passing the time, can’t sleep’? My cock was rock hard and pulsing at this point, seeing my step-daughter standing there in nothing but a t-shirt and panties was making me even harder.
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