Daughter Blows Best

John was in his early 40’s but looked much younger. He was married and had one daughter. His wife’s name was Kate and his daughter’s was Becky. Kate was very attractive and she too looked much younger than she was. She was very good in bed and loved sex. She couldn’t seem to swallow enough cum our get fucked hard enough. Becky seemed to take her looks from her mom. She was 18 and one of the hottest girls John had ever laid eyes on. Fortunately his wife wanted sex enough to keep him from thinking about his daughter.

Recently, though, Becky seemed to be teasing him a lot. She would wear skimpy clothes, hug him too much, and sit on his lap whenever she got a chance. One day Kate said, “You know you better watch out for Becky. She seems to be pretty friendly with you lately.”

“What do you mean? I know she has been teasing me, but nothing will happen.”

Kate frowned. “Well I would call it seducing. I know when I was her age I would have fucked anything that moved. I’m just saying be careful.”

He was interested by his wife’s words. “I’ll be careful.”

What his wife said seemed to echo the behavior of his daughter and all the things he had heard about her. They lived in a small town and rumors and news spread quickly and easily. One day about 2 years earlier John had been at the local store and over heard some high school guys talking about Becky. He was able to join the conversation because they didn’t know he was her father and he looked young enough to be an acquaintance of hers. Within a few minutes he was astounded by what he heard.

Apparently his little baby girl gave the best blowjobs within a 100-mile radius of their little town. The boys told him that she had been sucking dick since she was a freshman and they wouldn’t be surprised if she had sucked off half of the local high school and those of neighboring towns too. John asked a few questions and found out that even though she would suck anything that walked she supposedly had only had sex once or twice. This was a relief. He seemed to not mind that she was an accomplished dick sucker, but he couldn’t handle hearing she fucked that many people. Now he understood why she was always brining a different guy home every other day. John had always figured that she was just testing the waters before settling on one guy. He had learned all of this a couple of years ago and now he realized it must have all been the truth.

Back to the present Becky continued her pursuit of her dad. John didn’t understand. With her good looks and body and talented mouth she could have any guy she wants. Why would she be going after him? One night Kate had gone to bed early and Becky curled up next to her dad on the couch to watch TV. After a couple minutes she started asking questions about sex. “Daddy, is it important for a girl to be able to give a good blowjob?”

He couldn’t believe she was asking him this. “I don’t think this is something we should talk about.”

“Well if I don’t get it from you then who am I going to ask?” She seemed to almost be pouting.

“Okay.” He said.

“So is a good blowjob important?”

“Good oral sex is nice but it’s not absolutely essential. Why do you ask?” He wanted to see what she was getting at.

“I’m afraid that I won’t be any good at it and guys won’t like me.” John couldn’t believe it. He knew for a fact that his daughter gave great blowjobs and had years about 4 years of experience.

“Well, I’m sorry baby but I don’t think I can help much here.” He had a feeling where she was headed.

“Could I try it on you, and then you could tell me how it was and what I should do different?”

“Becky, I’m your father. That wouldn’t be right.” She seemed to be genuinely upset but he knew it was an act. He stood up and went to the kitchen. Becky followed close behind him.

“Daddy, I’m only asking this tiny favor. If you don’t help me then I might have to go and give homeless guys blowjobs.” Of course, he knew this was a bluff. “Please. I just want to know if I can make you… I mean a guy feel good.” John stood his ground.

“Baby we can’t. It isn’t right.”

She was determined. “Why? Why isn’t it right for me to suck your cock? Nobody would ever even know. I won’t tell a soul. The worst that could happen would be that you would get to cum in your pretty 18 year old daughter’s mouth.” She seemed to make a good point, and John’s defenses were severely weakened. John turned and faced her.

“Your mom could find out and we would both be in huge trouble.”

Becky seemed to perk up sensing she was close. “Mom won’t find out. She is fast asleep and I will never tell.” Then she dropped to her knees. “Please daddy?”

“Only this once and only to help you.” He had to say out loud that it was only to help her so that he could justify letting his daughter suck him off.

Becky went to work on his pants unzipping his fly before he could bat an eye. In no time she pulled his pants and boxers both down around his ankles. His dick had remained soft even through all of this talk about blowjobs. Even flaccid his penis was about 7 inches. Becky was amazed. She had seen plenty of dicks in her day but this was the most beautiful one yet. She grabbed it with her hand and slapped herself in the face with it a couple of times. It looked like a floppy summer sausage swinging around in her warm hand.

“Wow, this is a great looking cock daddy!” She was used to scrawny little high school dicks. John couldn’t speak; he could only watch what was happening. She stroked it a couple of times and it started rising. In no time it was at full length almost 10 inches. Becky’s hand didn’t quite reach all the way around it anymore.

“Are you gonna suck it or just look at it?” John couldn’t believe he was talking to his daughter in that way.

“Oh I’m gonna suck the life out of it. I just can’t believe how big and beautiful it is.” Becky snapped out of her daze. She leaned forward and licked all over the bright red head of his dick and even stuck her tongue in the slit at the end for a couple of seconds. She licked the underside of his shaft for a while before going back to the head. She took the head into her mouth and sucked on it as hard as she could. Then she released her lip lock and her mouth descended downward. She took about half of it into her mouth and began to bob her head up and down. Then unexpectedly she pulled off and used her hand to trap his cock against his stomach. She went to work on his balls. They were very large and she could only get one at a time in her mouth. After she had sucked each one into her mouth and swirled it around she let his cock fall back down.

She started sucking on his dick again. She definitely seemed like an expert. She varied the pressure with which she sucked. She bobbed up and down slowly and then she moved so fast that her head was a blur. John stared intently at his daughter sucking his cock. So far it was already better than any blowjob he’d had in his life. It took everything he had to hold out and let her run her course on his firm meat.

Then Becky pulled off of him and said, “Now for the fun part.” She stuck her tongue out so that it was flat along the bottom of her mouth and sticking out passed her bottom lip. She put her mouth back on his dick and watched her dad’s face intently. He was waiting for her to do something special and couldn’t figure out what it was. John watched as more and more of his cock went into her mouth. He realized that she was going to try to deep throat him. No girl had ever been able to take his whole shaft in her mouth. After 20 years of marriage his wife could only get about 8 or 9 inches.

Becky stared directly into her father’s eyes as she took his length down her throat. There was only 2 inches left and she showed no signs of stopping. The muscles in her throat were tight around his cock and seemed to be pulling it even farther down.

John couldn’t hold out much longer. Throat fucking his daughter just felt too good. He stared into her eyes as she took the last bit of his 10-inch dick down her throat. He couldn’t help but smile at the sight. Now that he was all the way in her mouth she used her tongue to lick his scrotum. This only added to the pleasure. Just when he thought it couldn’t get any better she pressed one last time and took his balls into her mouth too. Now she had every inch of his dick and his entire sack and both balls in her mouth. John felt the cum boiling in his balls. Becky started moving her tongue massaging his balls in her mouth. It felt like she was doing the wave with her tongue in an effort to pull the cum right out of him.

Without warning her he blew his load right down her throat. He was buried so deep that he figured his cum must have gone straight into her stomach. The feeling was incredible as he pumped spurt after spurt of jizz into his daughter. She waited until his cock stopped spasming before pulling off of it. There was no sign what so ever of cum leaking around her mouth a mark of the years of practice she had.

“So, how was it daddy?” She said with a smile.

“It was unbelievable baby. The best I have ever had. I never dreamt that my baby girl could give head that well. You’re sure you’ve never done that before? It sure seems like you have.”

She blushed slightly. “Busted. Yeah, I’ve given a few before, but I’ve only had sex once. I just thought that for all the things you do for me that I should pay you back.”

“Well, thank you. It was great, but I don’t know that one blowjob makes up for 18 years of hard work raising you?” It was his turn to smile.

Becky smiled back, “I think I get what you’re saying.”