Loving My Step Dad

It was late when I stepped off the bus and all I could think of was the quickest way of getting to my bed. I’d been on the bus for 38 hours and I couldn’t wait to see my mom’s face. It had been ten months since I was last home. I’d been 17 when I left, on my way to college with a full scholarship and now I’d finished my freshman year and was coming home for the summer. I’d grown up a lot during the last year. Not only was I 18 now, but I was more independent and I’d gained a lot of confidence. My body had changed a bit too. I’d been a late developer and involved in many sports. I’d also worked hard on the farm. The last year I hadn’t had as much exercise as I was used to so I’d started filling out and developing a softer, more feminine shape. When I’d left I’d been able to walk around without a bra, with my tits being a very small B-cup. Now they were filling out a C-cup and I’d bought some really nice lingerie to suit my new figure.

Mom wasn’t there, but a quick glance at my watch told me that we were a bit early, so I sat down on a bench and pulled my shirt off. A year up north had almost made me forget how hot and humid it got at home. The bus driver asked me if I was OK. I told him yes, my mom would be along any minute. The bus pulled out and I watched its lights disappear in a cloud of dust.

Ten minutes later I started getting worried. Where could mom be? She knew I was coming today. Then I finally heard the sound of a truck down the road and as the headlights came closer I realised that it was mom’s truck. She was just delayed. The truck made a U-turn and pulled up next to me and I saw that it was my step dad driving. He jumped out of the truck and hugged me tight.

“Shawna,” he said and kissed me. “It’s so great to have you home again.”

“Hi Bill,” I replied and smiled at him. “Where’s mom?”

“Now don’t worry, but she had to go away. Tommy’s had an accident in California and his boss got your mom an airline ticket to go to him at the hospital.”

Tommy was my older brother. He’d moved to California when he left high school and he was working as a truck driver.

“How serious is it?” I was so worried. I hadn’t seen Tommy in four years, but we spoke on the phone regularly and I loved him.

“It’s pretty serious sweetheart,” Bill replied. “But your mom called me just before I left to pick you up, and she says that he’s out of immediate danger. It’s going to be a long time before he’s fully recovered so your mom is going to have to stay there for a while, maybe all summer.”

It suddenly dawned on me. “We can’t afford for me to go, can we?” I asked.

Bill shook his head. “I’m sorry, sweetheart. And with your mom gone it’s not going to be much of a vacation for you, I’ll need you to work with me on the farm.”

I suddenly saw my lazy summer drift away. Well, I felt like a grownup, now I had to prove it. I smiled at Bill.

“Well Bill, with all the extra weight I’ve put on this year, maybe some hard work will be just the thing to get me back in shape.”

Bill’s eyes trawled across my body and he smiled. “You’ve filled out very nicely Shawna. You look like a real woman now. Let’s hope these don’t go away though.”

He touched my tits lightly and opened the passenger door for me. For a moment I couldn’t move as I felt a bolt of lightning from my tit to the pit of my stomach. I’d never felt anything like that before. I’d dated several boys at college and we’d kissed and cuddled, but I’d never felt that I wanted to go any further with any of them.

Bill and I sat in silence as we drove home. I was aware that his eyes kept focusing on my thighs and my tits and I could feel myself getting moist. How could this be? Bill was my step dad. He’d lived with my mom for ten years and he was the only dad I’d ever had. Sure, he was a lot younger than mom, only 31, but still. I had to fight my urges.

I went straight to bed in my old room when we got to the house and didn’t wake up until Bill came in the next morning and told me to go milk the cows. The next few days were easy to get through. I didn’t have any time to think of Bill in any other way than normal. I was working flat out every day and in the evenings I was too tired to do anything than go straight to bed. On the evening of my fourth day at home my mom called and told us she’d be in California for at least two more months, she might not make it back before I had to go back to college. I was sad that I wasn’t going to see my mom, but I promised her I’d take care of everything at home for her.

The next morning I rode out to fix a fence and the heat was worse than anything I remembered. It was close to lunchtime when I started heading home. I soon passed a small woodland area and I quickly decided that I needed a break. Tommy and I used to go swimming in there when we were kids and a nice, cool dip was just what I needed now.

I reached the little lake and it looked so tempting. In the past I’d always swam in my underwear, but there was nobody around so I decided to go skinny dipping. I dove in and the cool water immediately had an effect on my hot body. I could feel my nipples harden and I felt really alive. I swam for a while and then I went to lie down on the grass and catch a bit of sun on my pale body before I continued with my chores.

As I was lying in the sun I started thinking of Bill and I started running my hands across my body. I tickled my tits and my stomach and parted my legs. I ran my fingers across my pussy and felt how wet I was, and it wasn’t from my dip in the lake. I parted my lips with my fingers and let them inside. They slid straight into my hot and wet cunt. With my other hand I started rubbing my clit. I was fingerfucking myself and moaning out loud. Before I knew it I was cumming and I cried out. I licked my fingers and was about to get up and get dressed when I heard a branch break. I turned around and Bill was staring right at me.

“Bill!” I cried out, wondering how much he’d seen and whether I’d been moaning his name out loud as I was fantasising about him.

“Shawna,” he replied and walked up to me.

I stood there like frozen, not knowing what to do. My brain told me to cover myself up, but I wanted him to see my naked body. I wanted him to want me like I wanted him.

“Do you want me to put my clothes on?” I asked him, begging for him to say no.

“No Shawna, I want you to take my clothes off,” he replied and bent forward to suck on my nipple.

I was overjoyed. I couldn’t believe my luck. I started unbuttoning his shirt and I smiled as I ran my hands over his tanned muscles. He pulled his boots off as I unbuckled his belt and started pulling his jeans off. He grew impatient with me and stepped out of his jeans and his briefs, showing me the full size of his excitement. I’d never seen a man’s erect cock before and I gasped at the sheer size of it. I’d just had my fingers up my cunt and I knew how tight I was.

Bill could tell what I was thinking and he smiled at me.

“Don’t worry Shawna, I’ll be gentle, you will be able to take it. But I have to ask you, have you ever been with a boy before?”

I shook my head and he smiled and told me that he was honoured to be my first. He would show me what to do and he’d take it real easy. He motioned for me to get down on my knees and then he told me to open my mouth. I opened wide and he pushed his cock across my lips and told me to suck on it. I started sucking on it and then he told me to put one hand on his shaft and the other around his balls. His cock was going in and out across my lips and I looked up and saw the smile on his face. He smiled back at me and told me this was just for him to get warmed up, since I’d already started playing without him. I blushed and he laughed, placing his hands in my hair and forcing himself deeper inside my mouth.

“You’re never to do that again Shawna. From now on you only touch your cunt when I’m there.”

I nodded in agreement and he pulled out of my mouth, letting me breathe. He got down on his knees in front of me and pushed me down on my back. He parted my legs and licked along my slit.

“Mmmmmmmm, you’re a wet little slut Shawna,” he said and played with my trimmed pubic hair. “Are you sure you’ve never been fucked before?”

I told him I was a virgin and he grinned at me, telling me that he sure would find out soon enough. He ran his cock along my slit, slightly parting my lips and feeling my juices on his cock.

“There’ll be plenty of time for licking and sucking later,” he smiled. “You promised your mom that you’d take care of everything so you’ll be sharing my bed for the rest of the summer. I’ll teach you how to be my perfect little slut. But now I’m going to fuck your virgin pussy.”

He bit my nipples and pushed his cock head inside my cunt. He told me that it was going to hurt slightly and then he quickly pushed himself all the way inside. I cried out when I felt myself rip, but he just held on to my legs and put the weight of his body over mine. After a minute the pain died away and I could feel myself throbbing around his big shaft. I smiled at him and he licked my lips, and then he kissed me, his tongue invading my mouth like his cock was invading my pussy.

He slowly started moving his hips, sliding in and out of my dripping cunt. He moved faster and faster. His sweat was dripping down on me. He licked my tits and pounded inside me. I finally couldn’t hold it back anymore and I cried out in ecstasy. He pounded a bit longer and then as he got as deep inside me as he could he roared out and came inside me. He pulled out and squirted some more over my stomach. He sighed, rubbed his cum over my stomach and collapsed next to me.

“Oh Shawna,” he sighed. “You’re such a good little fuck. You’ve got the tightest cunt I’ve ever fucked in my life.”

“Thank you Bill,” I said and ran my fingers across his chest, teasing his nipple.

“You really want more, don’t you, you little slut?”

“Yes, is that wrong?” I was terrified I’d made a mistake and he wouldn’t fuck me anymore.

“Oh no, it’s not wrong,” he said and smiled. “I’ve been waiting so long for you to be ripe so that I could fuck you. I wanted you last summer, but you were still a kid. I was so happy to see how you’d grown into a woman this last year.”

“But what about mom?” I asked. “Won’t she be mad, you’re the closest thing I’ve got to a dad.”

“Your mom and I don’t have sex anymore. She isn’t interested in sex and I won’t force her. I lost interest in her as soon as you started growing tits.”

I smiled happily at my step dad. He and I had always been close and now we were even closer. I was going to make him happy all summer.

He crawled down between my legs and stuck a finger inside where his cock had just been. It came out, glistening with my juices and his cum. He told me to sit up and he placed his finger inside my mouth where I licked it off. He then started licking my cunt. He bit my clit gently and then sucked on it real hard. His tongue fucked me and then he sucked my clit as his fingers fucked me. When I thought I couldn’t take it any longer he ordered me to get on my hands and knees and he started fucking me from behind, his cock sliding inside me with no problems this time. He pounded me hard and he grabbed my tits, pulling my back up towards his chest as he continued sliding deeper and harder into my cunt. This time we both screamed out at the same time and he shot his load deep inside me.

He took my hand and led me to the lake and I could feel his cum dripping down the inside of my thighs. I ran my finger through it and licked it off. He told me I was a good slut and then he dove in. I followed him and we spent the next half hour, playing around in the water, and once again fucking on the beach before we got dressed. We rode up to the house and finished the day’s chores in silence.

As we were eating Bill asked me if I was still on the pill. Mom had put me on it when I was 16 and I told him I still took it every day. He smiled and told me that was a good thing. When we’d finished our dinner I asked him if he wanted a dessert and he smiled at me and told me that he wanted me for dessert.

He told me to undress in front of him in the kitchen and I did that. I enjoyed seeing his reaction as I bared more of my skin and I took time to take my bra and panties off, taking them off with my back against him. He laughed and called me a tease. As I stood naked in front of him, the night air stiffening my nipples, he unzipped his jeans and pulled his swollen cock out. I didn’t have to ask, and I kneeled between his legs and sucked his shaft inside my mouth. He pushed my head down on him and fucked my mouth fast and hard, at times almost choking me. He soon came and filled my mouth with his cream. I couldn’t keep it all in and some of it was dripping down my chin and onto my tits when he pulled out and I started swallowing.

We then moved up to his and mom’s bedroom where I’d changed the sheets earlier. It was now going to be his and my bedroom. He pushed me down on the bed and got undressed. He lay down next to me and started kissing and sucking my tits.

“Mmmmmmmmmm Shawna,” he moaned. “You taste so good.”

“So do you Bill.”

“I can’t believe I finally possess your body.”

“I wish you’d fuck me again.”

“Oooooooh, you’re getting a bit impatient there. Do you really love the feel of your step daddy’s meat so much.”

“Oh yes.”

He laughed and stuck his finger inside my cunt. “Fuck me, you were a virgin this morning and today you can’t get enough of my cock. You’re wet again.”

I smiled as he rolled over and placed his cock at the opening to my cunt. He ran it up and down my slit, getting covered in my sticky juices. Then he pulled up my legs to rest on his shoulders before he once again shoved himself inside me with all his force. I could now feel him even deeper than before and I moaned out loud. I wanted him so bad. I loved what he was doing to me. I begged him to fuck me harder. The room seemed to be filled with the sound of flesh pounding together, the squishy fuck sounds as he pushed in and pulled out of my juicy cunt. I finally came and squeezed his meat hard inside me and I cried out loud. But Bill wasn’t done. He pulled out of me and got me up on my knees.

“Earlier I took your virgin pussy, now let’s try your virgin ass.”

I cried out as he forced his wet cock head inside my ass. He then slowed down and moaned out loud as he inched himself inside. My ass soon adjusted to his size and he started fucking me. I couldn’t believe the satisfaction I was feeling. I came again and shortly after I felt Bill shoot his load up my tight ass. He slowly pulled out and lay down next to me, kissing me softly.

“You enjoyed that too, didn’t you?”

“Yes, I did Bill.”

“You want me in your ass again?”

“Oh yes, but my cunt felt so lonely when you were fucking me ass.”

He squeezed my tit and smiled at me. “Well, before the summer is over I’m going to let you try what it’s like to have one cock in your cunt and one in your ass.”

I kissed him and fell asleep, happier than I’d ever been.