Mike and the Stripper Sisters

Mike tossed and turned in his bed, unable to sleep because of the creaking sounds of his big sister Cheryl’s bed next door. Undoubtedly, the slut had picked up another random guy and brought him home for the night, or at least for a few hours. He never liked his sister very much, they had always been rivals growing up, and the sounds of her having sex just a few feet away on the other side of the wall pissed him off to no end. Even though she was 24, she still lived at home with their parents. She told them she was going to school. Mike doubted it. He thought she was just lazy and probably turned tricks for spare change when she wasn’t at her dead end job at 7-11.

He heard her start to moan and her guy friend grunt, so he knew that at least mercifully, it would be over soon and he could get some rest. What pissed him off more than a little bit was the fact that the sounds of her having sex were somewhat erotic, especially since he wasn’t getting any action right now, so more than likely he’d have a hard on by the time they were done and he’s have to take care of it himself. Mike couldn’t wait until she moved her ass out, or maybe he would move out first. Having just turned 18, he hadn’t quite decided on whether he was going to go to college, or maybe get a job or join the military or something. Sure enough, after a couple of minutes of moaning and groaning, the squeaking of the bed stopped. Almost immediately their after he heard Cheryl’s bedroom door slam, and then the sound of the front door close as well. Jesus, Mike thought, she didn’t even give the poor guy a chance to dry his dick off.

Mike was suddenly thirsty. He pulled on his boxers and walked down the hallway to the kitchen. As he passed the stairs, he could hear his Dad snoring from upstairs. If only he and Mom knew what his whore sister was doing while they slept. As he went into the kitchen, he saw Cheryl standing there, buck naked, with the refrigerator door open drinking orange juice straight from the carton.

“Aghhh, my eyes!” he exclaimed, ” I’m blind!” Mike was only joking however. Even though she was his sister, and he couldn’t stand her, she had a really hot, although slutty body. She had pert 34b cups, with perfectly round aureole, and very erect little pinprick nipples. Her flat stomach gave way to a full set of pussy lips. She was shaved into a thin landing strip shape, and a small metal bar hung beneath through her clit hood. Her legs were slender and slightly muscular, and her skin was pale and very smooth. Cheryl’s claim to fame though, was her big round ass. It was disproportionately big compared to the rest of her body, almost to the point of looking strange, but not quite. Cheryl flaunted it shamelessly wherever she went too, to attract the attention from men that she loved. Mike knew that her ass may look pretty good now, but she had better enjoy it now, because in a few years, the thing would be wider than all outdoors. All in all though, he actually found her physically very attractive.

“Shut up, you little shit!” she fired back angrily. “You only wish you were half as sexy as I am.”

“Oh please, Cheryl,” he retorted, “and by the way, you could at least use a glass so the rest of us don’t have to taste that guy’s cock germs.”

“Blow me, asshole,” she said, picking up a dishrag and flinging it at him. “It’s the most action you’ll ever get!” Cheryl plopped her big ass down in a chair at the kitchen table and started snacking on a donut left over from the morning. Mike was amazed at how this slutty broad could sit down at the table stark naked at the kitchen table in her parent’s house, with her brother watching her no less, and more than likely with some guy’s jism running out of her, and casually eat like she was having brunch at a cafe.

Mike had enough of looking at her for now, and decided to go back to bed. “Well if you’re done giving it up for tonight, I think I’ll go back to sleep now that it’s quiet.”

“Tell you hand I said hello, jerkoff,” she said to him, flipping him off as he walked out of the kitchen door.

Friday afternoon finally rolled around. Mike had just cashed his paycheck from his part time job at Home Depot, and with no real bills to pay, the money was burning a whole in his pocket. He decided to let off a little steam and go to a local strip club. Perfect 10, as it was called, was far from perfect. It was on the other side of town from his house, near the airport and generally featured average looking girls, and less than average clientele. But it was the only club in town that would admit guys under 21 before last call, and he knew a bartender there that was notoriously lax with enforcing the minimum drinking age.

Mike called up a couple of his friends, but they were either busy or broke, so it appeared he would have to go it alone. No matter to him, after a couple of beers and a couple of lap dances, he wouldn’t care one bit.

Traffic was light and it didn’t take him long to get there. He could see by the amount of cars that it was relatively slow for a Friday afternoon. He entered the club and through the smoke that hazed the air, saw the standard kind of people, guys in work shirts with their names on them, and older businessmen that were way too over dressed with nervous looks on their faces, as if their wives might burst through the door at any moment. There were numerous girls already there, with one dancer on each of the clubs three stages, and maybe 10-15 either working the crowd for tips or getting trashed at the far end of the bar. Mike found his bartender and quickly ordered a beer. He stayed at the bar for a while, scanning the room for any of his favorite girls, or perhaps a new hot one, waiting for the beer buzz to settle in. He slammed back the beer and ordered another one.

Mike decided to sit down at a table near the stage, and maybe get a lap dance. As he sat down, the current girl on stage, a hot big breasted black girl who called herself Sapphire was just leaving the stage, and the DJ was announcing the next girl, Desire. Mike looked up and was treated to the delightful sight of a slender, trim young woman with blonde hair down to the middle of her back, sauntering onto the stage to the beat of some generic rock song. She was wearing a blue satin bra and matching G-string, that fit her absolutely perfectly. She was also wearing a pair of ridiculously high heels, at least 5 inches. They made this girls legs look flawless, and her ass appeared as if it was lighter than air. Her ass was so large and round in fact, that all you could see was a tiny triangle of fabric at the small of her back. Something about this girl was familiar to Mike…..

It was probably the beer buzz that he had going, because it took him a few long seconds to realize that he had seen that ass before! It was his sister, Cheryl! His mind was reeling, and he was sure that he was sitting there with his mouth hanging open at the sight of his sister slinking around that stage. His mind was filled with a thousand questions! How long had she been stripping? Why had he never seen her before? Would she even recognize him in the audience? This was too good. He decided to get up from up from the table so that she wouldn’t see him, and watch from further away.

As he watched her, he realized that she was very good at it. She spun around the pole, hanging upside down, everything that you would expect a good dancer to do. And she showed off her ass whenever possible, spanking it, shaking it, and spreading it for all the audience to see. And judging by the number of tips that she got, she was popular. It wasn’t long before he got seriously turned on watching her up there. As far as he could tell, she hadn’t seen him. He could feel his cock start to rise in his pants. He knew that if he kept watching her for too long, he would have a hard on that would be impossible to hide, and he needed to take a piss.

He walked towards the back of the club, near the private VIP lap dance room to the restroom. As he neared the door, he saw a large breasted woman, that looked to be a little older than the norm, wearing a slutty pink baby doll type negligee with her hand down the pants of some older guy who was clearly enjoying it. This club tended to be pretty lax on the rules of what dancers could and couldn’t do, as long as the guy was spending enough money. Still, Mike had never quite seen that much action there before.

“Hey watch it,” a guy said to him as he was leaving the bathroom. Mike had stopped in the way of the bathroom door as he watched this slut giving a guy a handjob in his pants. Apparently, hearing that guy snapping at Mike spooked her, because she looked up and over at them. Mike almost fell down. It was his other sister Laurie! Both of his sisters worked as strippers. What was even better, Laurie, was 30, and married. He had met her husband a few times, and he was a pretty conservative guy. There was no way that he could have known his devoted wife was flashing her big old tits for tips, and jerking guys off to go along with it. Mike didn’t like Laurie very much either. They were both bitches as far as he concerned. She had clearly seen him and recognized him, because she immediately ended her dance with the guy. She didn’t even appear to have gotten any money from him. She put her tits back in her lingerie, stood up and raced to the dressing room, making sure not to make eye contact. Mike almost forgot that he had to piss, standing there with a goofy look on his face. This situation was too good to be true. He had the perfect opportunity to get back at his bitchy sisters for all the grief and annoyance that they had caused him over the years. He only needed to find a way to use it to his advantage. He had no need for lap dances, he had gotten all of the satisfaction that needed. He took a piss, and left, his mind already plotting what to do next.

Mike slept well that night, and woke up the next morning to find his parents already off to work. Cheryl was sitting downstairs, munching on leftovers from the day before.

“Morning, Cheryl,” he said, chipperly. “Uh, morning.” She said, looking at him curiously. She was obviously surprised that she said anything to him. They got along so poorly as a rule, that they usually didn’t say anything to each other unless it was a complaint or an insult.

“You looked great yesterday, sis,” Mike said, with a devilish grin on his face. “The name Desire really suits you too.”

Cheryl dropped her fork. “Wha…what are you talking about,”she stuttered.

“Oh don’t play dumb,”Mike said, turning to face her. “I was at Perfect 10 yesterday, and I saw you shaking your big ass all over that stage. You’re pretty good at it, I might add. Oh, and tell Laurie the next time you see her that it looks like she gives a really great handjob.”

Laurie said nothing. She had no idea, and she was dumbfounded that not only had Mike seen here there, but she saw Laurie too! He walked out of the kitchen and went back to his room.

Laurie had completely lost her appetite. She knew the prick was going to want something to keep the secret. If he told her parents, they would probably kick her out, and if Laurie’s husband found out, it would be WWIII in her house, and of course, Mike knew that. She followed him to his room.

“Ok Mike,” she said in as nice a tone as possible,” You know you can’t tell anybody about this, but I know you’re gonna want something for it. Money? How much?”

“I don’t want your money Cheryl,” he cooly replied.

“Well, I know you aren’t getting laid, you want me to hook you up with one of the girls from the club, there are a few slutty enough to even sleep with you for free.” She crossed her arms in front of her in her usual, snobbish way.

“Watch it Cheryl,” Mike retorted, plopping down on his bed. “You might not want to piss me off right now. But I do have something you might be able to do for me.”

Cheryl sighed. “What’s that, Mike?” “I’ll be at the club tonight around 7:30. Are you going to be there?

She narrowed her gaze at him. “Yes.”

“Good. Tell Laurie to be there too. You’ll find out more later.”

“I swear Mike, you better not be pulling anything funny or else…..”

“Enough Cheryl,” he silenced her, “You just make sure you and Laurie are there. Or else. And close the door on your way out.”

Cheryl, trying to regain her dignity after being put in her place by her younger brother, slammed the door on her way out. Mike laid back on his bed, smiling contently to himself.

The next evening couldn’t have come soon enough for Mike. He had a bold plan to take full advantage of his slutty sisters. He had been excited all day just thinking about it. As he walked in and sat down at a table, he saw Cheryl and Laurie standing by the bar. They saw him as soon as he walked in. Laurie whispered something in Cheryl’s ear as he waved to them. They looked like real sluts today. Cheryl had on a tight light blue bra that barely covered her nipples, and a thong, covered up by some matching see-thru robe. Laurie was wearing a red see-thru dress and nothing underneath but a barely visible T-back. Both of them had on high, clear plastic heels. Complete sluts.

Mike motioned to one of the waitresses. “Excuse me,” he said to her, “could you tell those two ladies over there that i’d like a private dance with both of them?”

The waitress looked at him slightly surprised. A private dance with two girls was $100, and not too many people spent that kind of money on one dance. “Sure, hon,” she said. “Why don’t you head back there, and i’ll tell them to meet you.”

Mike smiled. He got up and walked over to the private room. Pulling back the curtain, he saw that luckily it was empty. He slipped the bouncer that normally camped out by that room $20. The bouncer smiled. That would keep the room empty for a while. The private dance room was almost completely dark, and had tacky red velvet couches all around the walls. There were a couple of tables in the middle, and the room was big enough for perhaps 4 customers comfortably at one time. Mike sat down and leaned back on a couch by the far corner, and waited for his sisters.

Laurie was the first to enter. She had an apprehensive look on her face.

“Ok Mike,” she said authoritatively, “What’s this all about?”

“I think you know what it’s about,” he replied, “Where’s Cheryl?”

“She’s coming. You know this is weird, right? Why would you wanna do something like this?”

“Well its weird that you’re giving hand in a titty bar, too. I bet your husband has no idea. But it’s no matter, i’m just a customer just like anybody else.”

“Damn it Mike, this is really fucked up.” Just then Cheryl walked in. A song had just started playing. Mike reached in his pocket and pulled out two $50 bills.

“Ok girls, showtime,” he said confidently. He was even becoming amazed in his own nastiness.

Laurie shook her head. ‘I..I don’t know if I can do this. I mean, you’re my brother for godsakes.”

“Oh forget about it, Laurie,” Cheryl dismissed her,” he’s just a little hornball looking for a thrill just like these other guys. His money is just as good as there.”

Cheryl walked over to him and removed her top. Her nipples were as hard as ice in the cool air of the room. She started into her routine lowering herself over him and squeezing her breasts together in her face. Mike inhaled and was treated to the smell of cheap vanilla stripper perfume. Cheryl raised herself and turned and placed her big ass in his face and started to wiggle to and fro, making the fleshy cheeks sway in his face. Mike’s cock started to stiffen and he readjusted himself in his seat. Cheryl motioned to Laurie, who was still standing across the room. Laurie sighed and walked over. With her ass still in Mike’s face, she reached down and grabbed the bottom of Laurie’s dress and started to pull it over her head. Mike looked up just to see Laurie’s huge tits flop out into the open. They were heavy bags, and were still quite fairly perky for a woman her age. She had large dark areola and thick nipples. Her belly was curvy, not super flat, and she had very full hips. She was definitely a MILF.

Mike was starting to get really turned on when Cheryl stood up and sat down on his lap, whipping her long hair down across his face. She reached out and pulled Laurie closer to her, and started to fondle Laurie’s tits.

“Is this what you wanted, big boy?” she whispered in Mike’s ear. “This what you wanted to see?” Cheryl leaned forward and flicked her tongue across Laurie’s nipple.

Mike wiggled under his sister’s ass. He was majorly turned on by now, and he was sure that Cheryl could feel his cock under her ass. He could swear that he heard Laurie moan as Cheryl played with her tits.

Cheryl stood up and turned around and looked at Mike, he was leaned back on the couch, and his dick was clearly bulging along his thigh. Cheryl reached down and ran her hands up his thighs, making sure to run her palm over his rod.

“Jesus, Laurie,” she said surprisingly, “he’s big! I never would have guessed him to be packing.”

Mike smiled. “Laurie, you aren’t doing much to earn this cash. Why don’t you show me what you were doing to that guy yesterday when I saw you.” Laurie bit her lip, but she couldn’t resist. She was a complete cock-whore, and seeing Mike’s big cock poking out his pants got her turned on. She couldn’t resist dick even if it was her brothers. Cheryl moved over and sat down next to Mike, and Laurie got down on her knees. She reached up to Mike’s crotch and unzipped his pants, reaching into pull out his cock. “Wow,” she whispered. Mike was at least 7.5 inches long, thick and veiny, and as rock hard as you would expect an 18 year old to be. His purple head was already leaking precum. Laurie took it in her hand and began to stroke it, rubbing his precum all around and pinching his head and shaft.

“Uhh,”Mike groaned, throwing his head back. “You sure know what you’re doing…” He reached forward and grabbed her by the back of the head.

“Mmmgumph,”Laurie muttered unintelligbly as he thrust his cock into her mouth. Laurie was surprised, but she sucked so much cock that she reflexively gripped him with her lips and started to town on him.

Mike was in heaven. All of the blowjobs he had gotten before were from young teenage girls that had no clue what they were doing, not an old slut that clearly had had a lot of practice. He reached over to Cheryl, who was on her knees on the couch next to him and pulled her G-string to the side. He stuck his finger into her slit, running it along her clit and down into her pussy, which was not surprisingly wet and open. She growned as he fondled her with more intensity. Laurie’s sloppy blowjob had Mike’s cock slippery and shiny with her saliva. He pulled her off him by her hair, leaving a trail of sticky spit from his head to her lips. Standing, he dropped his pants to the floor, as he was ready to claim what he really wanted.

Mike turned Cheryl so that her head was buried in he back of the couch and her beautiful round ass was up in the air. Carefully lining up his aching penis with her moist hole, he easily slid into his sister’s slutty cunt. Laurie was still on her knees behind him, playing with his balls as he rammed his tool into Cheryl. Mike was surprised; he expected the whore to be much looser than she was. Her pussy was tight, gripping him almost rhythmically. He had to resist the urge to spank her large ass, as he didn’t want to make too much noise. As he stood there, fucking his sister, watching her cheeks sway and bounce from the force of his thrusts, he realized that he had been wanting to fuck Cheryl for a very long time.

Cheryl was not one to disappoint either. She pushed herself up onto all fours, and started to bush back against him, forcing his big dick deeper into her. Cheryl was moaning and groaning softly, it appeared she was genuinely enjoying it. Mike knew he wasn’t going to last very long. Pulling out from her, he turned to Laurie, shoving his cock in her face. She gulped at it greedily, savoring the taste of her sister’s cunt with every stroke.

“Now,” he said to Cheryl, “time for me to take you like the slut that you are.” He pulled her G-string further to the side and spread her ass cheeks, exposing her asshole.

“Spit on it, Laurie, get it wet for me.” Laurie smiled a devious grin. She leaned forward and dribbled a line of spit right down onto Cheryl’s anus, and worked it in with her finger. Cheryl was no stranger to taking it up the ass. “Ooh Mike,” she moaned as Laurie stuck her index finger into the well-lubed hole. “I’m ready, I want you to fuck my ass.”

Mike too his straining dick and carefully placed his head right on her hole, as Laurie held her cheeks wide. He encountered much less resistance than he thought he would have had. He popped his head in, and held it there for a second, feeling it pulsate against the tight ring of muscle. As soon as he felt Cheryl start to relax, he started thrusting into her warm, tight rectum. Cheryl started grunting like some sort of wild animal. He looked down and Laurie was fingering herself, and playing with her nipples.

Mike knew he was only seconds away from exploding. Laurie sensed it and reached up to feel his balls tightening. “He’s ready to go, Cheryl,” she said.

“Oooh yes Mike, come on, I want to feel you cum in my ass.” She yelped as Mike plunged balls deep into her. His body was starting to shudder. Laurie was squeezing his balls and rubbing the area between his asshole and his balls.

“Uhh,uhh,uhh,” he groaned as he felt his cock swell in her ass. He gripped her hips and pulled himself as deep into her as possible as he finally unleashed, shooting 5 or 6 shots of cum deep into her bowels. Laurie was still playing with his balls. He could barely move, it felt so good. He had conquered his whore sister, filling her ass with sperm, just the way the whore deserved, and wanted it. After a long moment, he slowly slipped his dick out of her ass, and she collapsed on the couch, a thin line of white sperm running from her sticky rosebud. He turned to Laurie.

“Clean me,” he said. Laurie took his softening cock in her mouth and sucked hard on it, making him twitch. She licked every but of cum clean from his dick.

“Thanks girls,” he said with a broad grin on his face, pulling up his pants. “Maybe i’ll come back by the club some time. I’d like to fuck your ass too, Laurie.” He walked out, leaving his two whore sisters there.