Milking My Step Mom

Three months ago I became a new half-brother at the age of twenty-four. Though I know this can be completely normal, it still feels strange being so much older than my new sister. My dad is 55 and two years ago married a thirty-eight year old woman. Cutting to the chase, she had her child three months ago at the age of 40. Unusual for many but it can happen. It is still strange when I go over to see them with a baby. But I am getting more used to it and hopefully tonight it will get even more normal.

As I walked up to the door of my dad’s place, I took out my key and unlocked the door letting myself in. Walking in, I set my bag next to the staircase before saying in sort of an introduction voice, “Hello!”

“Hey Max,” my step-mother Jackie called. “In the living room.”

Walking into the living room I was a little startled as she was breastfeeding Lindsey on the couch. I wasn’t offended at all, I just didn’t expect it. She must have noticed that.

“I hope your not offended by this,” Jackie said looking up at me with smile. “Was just finishing giving her snack before I put her down for bed.”

“Oh no, not at all,” I replied quickly.

“Good,” she replied with a soft smile. “I’ll be right. Going to put her down and let your dad watch her for awhile. Though he’s taking a quick nap, had a hard day at work I guess.”

“Figures,” I said with a bit of a knowing look.

“Yep, that’s him. Always the party crasher,” Jackie said as she walked out of the room.

As Jackie walked by me I got a glance of one of her breasts as she hadn’t put that side of her spaghetti strap top back on. She obviously wasn’t wearing a bra and while I had noticed it before, her breasts really had grown quite a bit since her pregnancy. Probably has a lot to do with the milk stored in them now. She used to probably be something like a B cup, I never looked that hard really, she is my step-mother after all. But now she must be a large C cup I would think.

I was sitting on the couch with a bottle of water by the time she came back into the living room. Walking back in I looked a little more closely. At her breasts and entire body, they really had grown a considerable amount.

Jackie was very good looking at 40 years old. She had pretty pale skin but thick black curly hair that flowed down to her shoulders. Her eyes were blue and her lips were a bit wide with great fullness. She was pretty much back in good shape, loosing most of all that extra pregnancy weight, which just in three months is pretty amazing. Jackie was pretty tall, about 5’8″ I would guess and what she was wearing only helped make her look better. Not that she really need it. Since it was the middle of summer, it made sense that she had on the black spaghetti strap top which she had put back into place but still no bra. She was then wearing light colored jean shorts that probably went to about mid thigh, showing off her legs nicely with a pair easy slip on sandals.

“Would you like anything else to drink beside water?” Jackie asked as she noticed my bottle of water.

“No, water is just fine,” I replied with a soft smile.

“Oh being healthy tonight huh?” she teased lightly.

“Hey! I am most of the time,” I shot back playfully.

“Well,” she replied looking at me. “With a physique like that, you must.”

“Water does help,” I replied mid laugh and with a smile. “Thanks.”

Jackie then walked over and sat right next to me on the couch as she turned on the TV, probably only about four inches separating the outside our legs. She turned the volume down low enough so we could hear each other talking still.

“So did you have a decent day?” Jackie asked turning her head to look at me.

“Yeah it wasn’t too bad,” I replied with a smile. There was a moment after I replied that we both looked into each other’s eyes a second longer than normal before we both turned our heads to look back at the TV.

“Ahhh crap,” Jackie sighed as she stretched he legs out in front of her, stretching her muscles. “I forgot Lindsey’s bottle in the kitchen, and I am so full of milk right now. Lindsey didn’t want much earlier.”

She gently held her breasts underneath them on the bottom as she referred to how full they were. It was then that I noticed her nipples were really hard and pushing outward underneath her top. I don’t think they were like that when she walked in, so it must of happened sitting here. It feels kind of wrong marveling at her breasts like that, but I can’t say I don’t like it either.

“I can go get it for you,” I replied looking back at her eyes.

“Oh no, don’t worry about Max,” she replied with a soft smile. “I can do it later.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah,” she replied with a smile. As she said that she moved herself right next to me, the sides of our bodies touching and she laid her head down on my shoulder, “I’m sure.”

I wrapped my arm around her, letting my hand rest on her shoulder as I held her gently. Her hair smelled good too, she must have taken a shower a little bit before I got here. A fruity smell, maybe mango or something like that.

“I hope she turns out to be as nice and caring as you Max,” Jackie said softly with her head still on my shoulder and looking forward.

“I’m sure she will and thank you for the compliment.”

With that she moved her head and looked up at me with her pretty blue eyes and said, “Of course Max. You fully deserve it. You’re a wonderful step son.”

I smiled back as she said that, meeting her smile that we held the gaze for a few moments looking into each other’s eyes perhaps a couple seconds too long this time. Breaking the gaze she laid her head back on my shoulder. Looking down I noticed her nipples were still hard, maybe even harder now. Was I really turning her on? I think I was. Even though it was wrong, I knew that, I liked the thought of it.

“This may sound kind of strange but I was wondering,” I started to ask looking down at her. “Do you ever…taste yourself? I’m just curious. I would think mothers would.”

Propping her head up a bit she looked back at me and asked, “You mean my milk right?”

“Uhhmm…” I started to reply as I let it sink it what she said. Realizing that what I asked could have meant something else that I didn’t mean to ask at all I quickly said, “Yes, your milk.”

“I have actually, yes…its kind of sweet tasting with a bit of a saltiness to it,” she said giggling a little bit as she smiled back at me obviously getting what I was realizing. “Why? Did you wonder what it tasted like?”

“Just curiously really,” I replied somewhat innocently. “Though I guess now that I think about it, yeah I did.”

“Would you like to try some? It is safe for grown people too!” she said playfully.

“Uhmmm, well I guess so,” I said somewhat hesitantly. Not quite what I had in mind but this seemed o.k. “I’ll go get a glass.”

As I moved to get up she stopped me by placing a hand on my chest, and softly pushing me back down onto the couch.

“No need,” she said with a smile looking me in the eyes. “It is best if you try it from the source.”

“Jackie…I’m not sure that’s a great idea…I mean I know we’re not related but you are my step mom…married to my dad.”

“Oh its fine,” she said reassuringly. “One little suck isn’t going to hurt anyone and no one will ever know but us.”

With that she pushed both straps of her top down her arms and her top down, over and off of her breasts. Exposing them to me. Her large pale skinned, luscious looking breasts were gorgeous. Her aureoles were really dark pink, big and swollen with her nipples hard and pushing straight out. Her breasts hung down a bit and she pushed them out a by pushing her chest forward as she looked at me.

“Wow they’re gorgeous,” I whispered softly under my breath, realizing a moment later she probably heard me.

“Thanks Max,” she replied with a smile looking at me and gently cupping her breasts at the bottom of them. “Take your pick as to which one you want your sample from. Just be careful, they’re even extra sensitive right now.”

I smiled back at her, looking her in her blue eyes before slowly lowering my head. I moved my mouth toward the one closest to me, her left one. As my mouth neared her nipple I slowly stuck out my tongue and gently flicked the tip of her nipple. She drew in a short quick gasp as I did and I knew, even if it was wrong, that she probably wouldn’t mind if I had more than one quick suck.

As my mouth reached her nipple, I grasped it with my lips. Gently flicking it with my tongue inside my mouth, I began to softly suck on her hard nipple. Feeling milk seep out of her nipple and into my mouth I sucked a little bit harder as then her milk squirted into my mouth. It did taste somewhat sweet with a hint of saltiness. It wasn’t too bad as I swallowed it and sucked harder, getting more of her milk into my mouth.

After that larger suck I removed my mouth and ran my tongue from her nipple all the way across her other breast to her other nipple. Grasping that one in my lips just as I had the other, I began sucking on it taking her milk into my mouth. Moving my hand up I very gently pinched her other nipple as I sucked.

“Ohhh,” Jackie sucked in a sharp gasp. “Oh Max, I haven’t been touched like this in months. This isn’t right, but don’t stop now.”

Hearing her say that only made me suck harder, taking more of her sweet warm milk into my mouth. After I had a little more of her milk, I removed my lips from her nipple and looked up at her smiling. She returned the smile and looked at me with her blues eyes which said that she clearly wanted more.

Moving my head up to be level with hers, I took a chance and leaned in and kissed her gently on her soft lips. She didn’t back away, instead she kissed me back, gently at first but soon we were kissing passionately. She had wrapped her arms around me, pressing her breasts into my chest. I had one arm around her while my other hand was pinching one of her hard nipples.

In the middle of our embrace, she abruptly stopped and pulled away. Looking back at me she said suddenly, “We can’t. This is wrong, what are we thinking? But especially not right here and now, he’s only taking a nap. He could wake at any time.”

“Yeah…” I sighed softly as I leaned in and gave her a quick kiss. “I guess you’re right.”

“No more of that either, except this last one,” she said with a sly smile as she gave me a hard deep kiss before pulling away.

Jackie then cupped her breasts in her hands, gently kneading them outward squirting her milk out of her nipples at me, particularly my face. I smiled at her as she did it a few times before putting her top correctly back on.

“I’m so glad you liked that,” she said gently wiping the milk off my face. “I don’t know if we can ever continue this as it is wrong, but deep inside me I definitely want to.”

“I know,” I smiled back at her.

“Good, I am glad we understand each other,” she replied. “I’m going to go get a late dinner ready for the three of us.”

With that she got up off the couch and left the living room. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. Was this not some sort of dream? No I guess it wasn’t. I really had just sucked milk out of my step-mothers nipples and we had both enjoyed it immensely.

The rest of the evening went by and we had our dinner, and talked about random things before saying our goodnights and heading to bed.

Getting up to my room at my dads, was all the way up on the third story of the house. It was somewhat of a loft as it was the only thing up here the staircase came directly into the room after opening the door. But you didn’t have to go up a ladder so it wasn’t so much of a loft. Getting into bed I decided to sleep naked like I normally do only at home. It was warm enough and this was kind of like home to me so I figured it would be alright. After a little while of dozing, I fell right asleep.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to hear the baby during the night as they were all the way down on the first floor. But sure enough I was able to as at about 2 am when she started crying. After about 30 minutes it seemed to be perfectly quiet again with no outbursts at all.

About 15 minutes after that I heard the door to my room creak open and then close again. Looking up from my bed still in a groggy sleep, I saw Jackie standing near the door watching me. She was wearing what looks to be a silk nightgown in a light peach shade color that goes down to her mid thigh. Her nipples were hard again and pushing against the fabric. I smiled at her as she looked at me.

“I know I said we probably couldn’t do any of this again,” she said quietly. “But my body and mind are just begging to be touched again. I haven’t been touched like you did earlier in a long time.

“Your dad once I got close to term with Lindsey stopped wanting to be with me in this sort of way for the most part. And now after she’s been born, its been even worse. I need and want your attention Max.”

“I don’t know how someone could pass up someone as gorgeous and sexy as you,” I replied with a smile.

Smiling back at me as I said that, she walked over to the edge of my bed pulled back the covers and got in next to me. She placed her self close to me and facing me before she leaned in and kissed me long and hard. Then she ran her hand down the side of my body from my shoulder down to my thigh.

“Sleeping naked huh?” she whispered at me with a mischievous smile. “I like that. I’m only wearing this nightgown, and I’m sure we could change that fast.”

“Oh?” I commented giving her soft kiss with a smile. “Well then why don’t we right now?”

Smiling at me, Jackie sat up in bed and pulled her nightgown off, over her head, exposing her wonderful breasts to me again as well as her pussy. Looking down I could tell she had some hair down there before she wiggled back under the covers and pushed closer to me.

“Sorry about the hair down there,” she said looking down her body. “I have let it grow for numerous months lately without doing much to it.”

“Sorry?” I replied with a bit of shock that she was apologizing. “You’re gorgeous how you are. I love it.”

“Really?” She commented excitedly with a smile and a warm kiss. “I’ll keep it then. Just for you. Our secret.”

Gently running my hand down her soft skin on the outside of her thigh I slowly moved inside and then upward. She instinctively moved her legs apart as I reached her pussy, which was hairy, wet and warm.

“Mmmmm,” Jackie moaned quietly as my hands ran across the slit of her pussy lips. “I need this so bad.”

“And I want this so bad.”

“Good,” she said, trying to push her pussy down more onto my hand. “You can have all of me that you want.”

I gently slipped two fingers into her wet throbbing pussy and began pushing them in and out of her, curling them inside as she moaned quietly in pleasure. Taking my fingers out, I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her against my body, pressing my hard thick cock into her mound of pussy hair as I kissed her deeply and passionately.

She broke away a little bit and grasped my hard cock in her hand, starting to stroke it up and down with her elegant fingers from its base to its head.

“Ohhh Jackie,” I moaned as she increased her speed that she was stroking my hard cock. “That feels soo good. Oh god…amazing, don’t stop.”

As she continued to stroke my cock, I took one of her breasts in my mouth. Wrapping my lips around one of her hard nipples I began to suck on it letting her milk squirt into my mouth. I continued to suck on it, letting more and more of her sweet milk into my mouth. She stopped stroking me as intensely as she was groaning in pleasure from my sucking and pinching of her other nipple.

“Oh god Max, yes…take all the milk you want from me,” she moaned in pleasure.

Smiling up at her after she said that, I moved to her other breast licking her big sensitive dark pink swollen aureole before grasping her nipple with my lips. Sucking in I took more large squirts of her milk into my mouth, savoring its sweet taste.

Jackie had moved her hand back to my hard cock and was slowly stroking it up and down, playing with the head of it and any pre-cum with her thumb.

“Mmmm, oh yes,” I groaned lightly as I took my mouth off of her nipple.

“Oh do you like that Max?” Jackie asked playfully. “Glad you do because I can’t go any longer without your big hard thick cock inside me. I’m throbbing for it more than I knew I ever could.”

With that she threw back the covers on the bed and straddled me. Kneeling over me she pressed my cock down on my stomach with her hairy pussy and grinded gently on it. Smiling down at me she began to knead her breasts outward, squirting milk out of them toward my chest and face.

“Do you like that? Oh you naughty boy,” she said with a mischievous smile as her milk squirted out of her hard nipples over me. “I’m a mommy now. Do you want to fuck a new mommy’s pussy? You better because I want your hard cock so bad Max.”

I nodded as she moved her hips up, placing the tip of my cock on the slit of her hairy pussy. She gently moved my tip of my cock along her lips, feeling her pussy hair before pushing her hips down, sliding the head of my cock inside her.

“Oh!” Jackie gasped as it entered her and she continued pushing down, taking me all inside. “Oh yes…yes Max. Fill me up, mommy wants all your cock!”

I pushed up as she slid down my hard thick cock, pushing my entirety into my step-mom’s wet hairy pussy. She was pretty loose which was understandable but she felt so good. Her wet pussy was swishing around my cock as she began to go up and down on me.

Jackie was bouncing up and down on me, lifting her hips all the way up so just the head of my cock was inside her before pushing herself right back down to the base of my cock. Her big swollen pale breasts were jiggling frantically up and down as she rode me. I reached up and began massaging her breasts as she bounced, making her spray her milk.

She bent down so I could take her nipple in my mouth as she continued to push herself up and down on my hard cock. I began sucking on her nipple, enjoying the flow of her milk into my mouth.

“Oh god, yes,” Jackie moaned as I sucked on her nipple taking her milk. “Suck out mommy’s milk while you fuck me…ohhhh, god yes.”

My cock was pumping in and out of her wet loose pussy and I continued to suck out her milk from her nipples.

I then slid my hands down the sides of her body to her waist as Jackie sat upright on top of me again, bouncing up and down on my hard cock. I could feel her pussy walls loosely grasping at my cock as I pushed into her. She was moaning with her head back and black hair flowing down her back. Her juices were leaking out of her pussy and down my cock to my balls, making a spot on the bed.

I could feel my cock beginning to thicken inside of her as well as my balls beginning to contract as she continued to ride me. Jackie could feel it too as she went up and down even fast and harder.

“Oh you’re going to cum soon aren’t you?” Jackie said breathing heavily looking down at me with a smile. “You better cum deep inside of me. Mommy needs to be full of cum.”

We were both moaning as my cock continued to thicken inside her as I went hard and fast in and out her wet hairy pussy. I began to feel her pussy contract in pleasure and I just couldn’t take it anymore.

Thrusting myself up deep inside of her, Jackie slammed down on my cock and sat there grinding into me as I began to spasm inside of her. My cock was erupting inside of her, spraying my warm sticky cum deep into my step-mom’s pussy. Jackie continued to grind on me causing her hanging breasts to sway back and forth as my cock still pushed my cum out and deep inside her.

“Oh god…Oh yes…” Jackie breathed out sharply as she felt my cum shoot into her. “God that feels good, oh I needed this so bad. Oh Max, you’ve made a new mommy feel so so good!”

Looking up at her smiling, I reached up cupping her breasts and gently pinched her swollen nipples before massaging her breasts. Softly kneading them her nipples began to spray out more milk onto my chest. Jackie then replaced her hands with mine as she lifted her hips up, removing my wet cock from her wet pussy. Laying down beside me, Jackie massaged her breasts aiming her spraying milk at my chest and face. Licking my lips I took as much of her sweet milk as I could smiling.

“So love that you like this,” Jackie said giggling at me with her milk on my face. “I need this from you more than just this once.”

“So I take it, mommy…is doing alright?” I said with a smile, emphasizing mommy.

She gave me a huge smile as I said that, leaning in and giving me a big warm kiss. She then pushed her hips toward me as we were lying on our sides, pressing her mound of pubic hair against my semi-limp wet cock. I pushed my hips forward rubbing against her hair as I wrapped my arms around her, kissing her passionately.

“Yes, oh yes,” Jackie whispered breaking our embrace. “Only thing mommy would want now, is more of your cum in mommy’s already cum filled pussy,” she added with a warm smile.

Giving her a mischievous smile, I rolled her onto her back and got on top of her. Her legs spread apart instinctively as I climbed on top of her. My cock was now hard again; I teased her with it, gently rubbing the tip of it on her hairy pussy lips.

“Oh god, no teasing, just fill me up with your young hard cock,” Jackie breathed as she heaved her hips upwards.

Pushing my hips down, I slid my hard cock into her sopping wet loose pussy easily. Starting to move my hips up and down, I was pushing my hard thick cock as deep into her as I could go.

Her walls of her pussy were grasping at my cock, hugging it as tight as they could. Our juices had mixed together and were seeping out of her now, trickling out of her pussy down over her ass and to the bed, making a bit of a little puddle.

Thrusting my hard thick cock into here sopping wet hairy pussy, she was matching my motions by thrusting her hips up. God she felt so good wrapping around my cock. I wish I could do this all day long but I knew that wasn’t going to happen plus I wasn’t going to be able to last that long this time.

Continuing to push my hard cock into her, I cupped one of her breasts in my hand and brought my head down toward it. Running my tongue around the dark swollen aureole I then grasped her hard nipple and sucked. Her milk squirted out, filling my mouth with her sweetness.

“Mmmmm!… Oh god yes,” Jackie moaned bucking her hips up hard. “Take mommy’s milk in your mouth….oh yes, like that…and her pussy, oh yes…push your hard cock deep into mommy’s pussy.”

I couldn’t take it much longer, my hard cock was thickening inside her as my balls were beginning to contract while I took one more suck from her nipple, tasting her sweet milk in my mouth over my tongue. She could tell I wasn’t going to last much longer as she pushed her hips up hard and wrapped her legs around my ass pulling me in.

Pressing my cock into her wet hairy loose pussy as deep as it could go, I began to let go. My cock started to convulse inside her tightening pussy walls, spraying my warm sticky cum deep into her pussy. Bucking her hips into me, Jackie moaned as my cock pushed out more of my cum into her warm pussy.

As we subsided, we collapsed in each other’s arms laying on our sides. Jackie was pressing her big soft luscious breasts against my chest as she smiled at me.

“Oh Max,” she said softly. “You’ve no idea how happy you’ve made me.”

“No?” I replied with a smile.

“You filled a new mommy’s pussy with so much cum, I hadn’t had any for so long and now all this…oh god it feels so good,” she whispered with a big smile as she wiggled her hips against me.

Jackie then reached her hand between her legs, plunging two of her fingers deep into her pussy coating them in the mixture of our juices. Pulling them out she brought them up to her mouth and slowly sucked the juices off of them, savoring the taste.

Smiling back at me with her gorgeous blue eyes after she sucked off the last of our juices on her two fingers, I pushed my naked body against hers as I slowly drifted off to sleep.