My Sister The Stripper

To say I was surprised to find out my kid sister was a stripper is an understatement, that day changed our lives, I’m happy to say!

I was out on a stag night with a group of friends, my name’s Peter, I’m 25, married with a two year old daughter, we visited the big city about 50 miles from where we lived as it had a great nightlife, the small town where we come from is pretty quiet, so we decided to make a weekend of it and hopefully have a great time. Everyone was fairly drunk by the time we staggered into this Strip club, there were a couple of girls on stage doing a lesbian act – nothing special, the next girl pulled a guy from the audience and after removing his pants gave him a blowjob, she took his cum over her tits which bought cheers and applause from the crowd, then it happened, the compere introduced her as ‘Cindy’, I had to look twice but I easily recognized Kelly my 18 year old sister, watching her go through her routine made my prick hard, she looked so sexy as she erotically stripped off her clothes.

I had not seen her naked since she was very young, she had left home about 9 months ago, apparently after an argument with Dad, after her strip the compere came back on stage, he asked if we wanted to see Cindy again, of course everyone shouted out they would, he said there would be a collection and if there was enough money was raised she could be persuaded to fuck one ‘lucky guy’ on stage. Money was collected, ten minutes later the lights dimmed and the spotlight shone down on my sister once again on stage, she did a slow, sexy strip, she played with her tits and pussy, bending with her legs apart she fingered herself, then producing a very big dildo she lay on the floor and fucked herself, the crowd egged her on, they wanted more!

The spotlight flicked around the room and picked out the ‘lucky guy’ – probably a friend of the owners I thought, he made his way up on to the stage and Kelly quickly stripped him naked, she played with his prick which quickly hardened, then kneeling in front of him she sucked him off, the guy took hold of her head and forced his prick – which looked quite big down her throat, I could see Kelly try to pull away but he held her tight and continued to fuck her mouth, after a couple of minutes she stopped sucking him and positioned herself on her hands and knees in the doggie position, the guy slid his prick into her and quite brutally fucked her, hard and deep – no passion just pure lust, he grabbed her tits as they swung beneath her.

I could see him squeezing on them as he fucked his big prick into her cunt, then he pulled out, pulled Kelly up to her knees in front of him and wanked his prick in front of her face until he cum, shooting his spunk over her face, hair and tits, the crowd cheered as he wiped his cum over her face with his prick then the stage went dark – I guess the show was over. The guys I was with wanted to visit another club but told them I was tired and I would make my own way back to the Hotel where we were staying. We left the club, I wanted to hang around, and I wanted to talk to Kelly.

There was an alley at the back of the club; I guessed there would be a back entrance so I waited, about thirty minutes later I saw some people leaving, as they got nearer I recognized Kelly, she was with the other two strippers I had seen, I walked up to her, “Hi Kelly, what are you doing here?” I asked, she looked shocked at seeing me.

“Peter, you startled me! More to the point, what are you doing here?” She asked.

“We should talk Kelly,” I said, “Let’s go for a coffee”

Kelly looked nervous, “Ok Peter, there’s a place around the corner,” she told the other girls it was ok, she knew me and she would see them later and went with me.

As we walked down the alleyway in the dark I stopped, “I saw your show Kelly,” I told her, “Why? Kelly, tell me, how long have you been a stripper?” I asked.

“It’s no big deal Peter, with the money I get paid I can get that car I wanted, you know – the one dad said he couldn’t afford to buy me”

“But having sex with strangers, don’t you realize the risk you’re taking?”

“Who do you mean? That guy you saw? He’s no stranger” she laughed, “That guy was David, he’s the owners son – part of the deal for working there, every now and then he fucks me, he gets his kicks by doing it in front of the audience, he gets turned on that way!”

“What about Mom and Dad?” I asked, “What if they found out what you were doing?”

“Fuck them!” Kelly said, “I don’t give a fuck what they would think, I’m thinking of staying here anyway, what do I have to go home for?” Kelly looked at me, her attitude suddenly changed “Anyway Peter, seeing me strip – did I look good? Did I make you hard? Did you enjoy seeing me fuck that guy?”

I was stunned by the way she was talking, she had changed so much in such a short time, “Well Peter, I reckon you would be lying if you said you weren’t turned on, did your kid sister make you hard Peter?” It seemed she was now trying to tease me, how could I tell her that ‘Yes, I did get turned on, Yes she did make me hard, and Yes I wanted to fuck her!

She seemed to read my mind; it was as if she knew what I was thinking. “Do you want to fuck me Peter? Do you want your little sister to suck your dick? Is that what you want Peter? She goaded me, I forcibly pulled her into a dark doorway and kissed her, at first she put up a token struggle but quickly responded to my probing tongue, she kissed me deeply, at the same time I slid my hand under her coat and grabbed a handful of young, firm tit, I squeezed hard, she seemed to enjoy being treated roughly, she broke away from kissing.

“You’re just like the rest aren’t you, you all want only one thing, you’re just like dad!” she spat out.

“What do you mean – just like dad?” I asked, she quickly told me the reason she had left home in such a rush, it seemed one night dad had made a pass at her, she told me he grabbed her and he tried to force her into having sex, she said that after a struggle she managed to get away from him, then she waited till mom came home then Kelly packed her bags and left.

I was shattered by what she told me, if anything it sobered me up enough to realize that what I had wanted from her was wrong. “I don’t care anymore Peter, to me sex is no big deal, just like fucking with David tonight, tomorrow it will probably be someone different, I don’t give a fuck!” she looked at me with a very sexy expression on her face. “So, do you still want to fuck me brother?” she reached out and grabbed hold of my prick through my pants.

I was still semi hard, “Yes Kelly, yes I do!”

“Ok, you can come back to my apartment, I share with the two girls you saw me with but they don’t mind, you never know – they might want to join in later” she laughed. When we arrived Kelly simply introduced me as Peter, she didn’t mention the fact that I was her brother, she took me into her room, I sat on the bed while Kelly slowly and seductively stripped off her clothes, naked she looked fantastic, her tits were firm and fairly large, I found out later she was a 34c, she had lovely dark brown nipples that jutted out, her pussy was crowned with a tiny strip of dark hair, apart from that she was shaved smooth, she came over to where I was sitting on the bed, knelt in front of me and proceeded to undo and pull off my trousers and boxers, she gently took hold of my semi hard prick.

“Tell me Peter, did you ever think about me sexually, did you ever dream about fucking me? I know that I sometimes fantasized about you, I saw you once – you were downstairs with one of your girlfriends, on the couch – I saw you kissing and playing around, I was 13, a virgin – you were supposed to be ‘baby sitting’ me, I went back to my room and played with myself, I imagined you and me on that couch Peter!”

“Kelly, I can truthfully say that before tonight I have never felt that way about you, I wish I knew how you felt though, I sure would have liked to…you know!” she stopped talking and lowered her head, she licked up and down my now very hard prick, she licked around the tip before taking it into her mouth and sucking on it, I lay back on the bed, it felt so good, I lay there in ecstasy as she gave me the best blow job I had ever experienced, perhaps it was because it was my sister doing it, I don’t know but it was great! “I want this dick inside me” she said, climbing up on the bed and straddling me, taking hold of my prick she lowered herself down, slowly impaling herself on it, she felt very tight as my prick slowly entered her wet cunt, then leaning forward so that her tits were hanging over my face – just ready for sucking, she started to bounce up and down taking the full length of my hard prick inside her.

I sucked hard on her nipples which grew in my mouth and matched her bouncing with upward thrusts making sure I fucked her as hard and as deep as I could, “Fuck me brother, Oh it feels good, yes – suck my tits deep” she cried out, after a few minutes I flipped her over on to her back, my prick stayed inside her, she wrapped her legs around me, pulling me deep inside her cunt as I fucked her, looking down at her I no longer saw my sister, I saw a very sexy girl that I wanted to fuck, I didn’t feel any remorse or emotion as I felt my prick start to throb and twitch, I quickly decided I wanted to cum over and inside her mouth so pulling out I straddled her chest as I wanked my prick.

“Open your mouth!” I told her, “I want to cum in your mouth, I want to see you swallow it” I said, she did as I asked and as it started to spurt out I aimed the stream inside her mouth, I saw it filling her mouth, I saw her swallowing my cum! Then I slid my still oozing prick into her mouth and felt the sensation of her sucking the last drops out, drained I collapsed onto the bed next to her, she wrapped her legs around me, pulling me close to her, cuddling me, kissing me, she felt so warm and soft.

“I love you Peter” she told me.

“And I love you too Kelly, I always have” I replied. We fell asleep cuddling into each other, she woke me next morning with another blowjob, I fucked her again before I left, this time we took it more slowly, I fingered her cunt and ass hole, I really loved the sensation of going down on her and licking out her cunt, she was great at oral sex, I fucked her cunt, ass hole and she finished me off by sucking my cum out of me. I told her I wanted to see her gain and arranged to return the next weekend. That was six months ago, when I returned the following week she was gone, she left a note with her friends for me –

Dearest Peter,

It’s best If we don’t see each other again, I don’t want you to screw your life up because of me – I’m not worth it! You have a great wife and a beautiful daughter. What happened between us was great, I hope you thought so too, Please don’t try to find me.

take care and lots of love from your sister,

Kelly xxx

Of course I tried to find her, the girls she shared with said they saw her passport, they thought she would probably visit Europe, apparently she had mentioned something but they couldn’t be sure. I’ll keep looking though, hopefully one day…