Poker Night

It was my turn to host the boys for the night, what started out as a poker night has turned into group orgies. Tonight though, I have a treat for them, rather then the usual wives or girlfriends I am going to share with them Kelly, she is my princess, my 21 year old daughter. Kelly is an absolute knockout at 168cm and 52kg, her 34c bust suits her body type. The long wavy dark brown hair and large hazel eyes and thick dark eye lashes contrast perfectly with her light skin colour. Kelly oozes sexuality from her plump red lips begging to be kissed, to her smooth skin.

Kelly is aware of what is going to happen tonight, she has watched her mother being shared amongst the guys and approached us seeking approval to be a fuck toy, she begged to be used by the guys, and explained how much she wants to feel a hard cock filling her ass, while another fucks her mouth, she wasn’t deterred when I told her that all three holes will be fucked at once, I think she may have had an orgasm from that very thought.

As per the usual routine when I host, I sat in the lounge room naked waiting for Jason and Garry to arrive, we have been friends since high-school and regally get together for these fuck sessions, Kelly waited in her room naked waiting for the guys to arrive, the plan was that she would walk down into the lounge shortly after they arrived.

“Hey James,” both Garry and Jason called as they walked in the house.

“In here guys,” I responded.

Both Jason and Garry joined me the lounge, they removed their cloths and sat watching the porno I had playing on the telley.

“Where’s Lisa?” Jason asked looking around the room.

“Lisa’s not here tonight,” I held back my grin.

“What?” Garry asked.

On queue Kelly walked down the stairs, I could see her but neither Jason nor Garry could. I simply pointed up to her; both guys swung their heads around and watched as Kelly slowly walked down the stairs. Her nipples while erect looked tiny inside her large dark areolas; Kelly trimmed her pubic hair to leave only a thin strip of hair. Both Jason and Garry looked to me for some guidance.

“Kelly has kindly offered her services for the night boys,” I couldn’t hold back my joy.

“Fuck me!” both exclaimed.

“No, fuck me,” Kelly responded as she walked right into the room.

“You’ve out done yourself James,” Garry added.

“Come here and give daddy a blowjob sweetheart,” I motioned to Kelly.

Both Garry and Jason watched in ore as Kelly dropped to her knees right in front of me, without another word, reached out and gently stroked my cock, we watched as she kissed the tip of it, the sensation of it being kissed gently sent tingles up my spine. Kelly then slipped my cock inside her mouth, the warm saliva and her broad tongue swirled around my shaft and the tip of my cock. I nearly lost my load as Kelly gently stimulated my balls while still sucking my cock.

“That’s it, suck daddies cock baby,” I moaned.

Kelly moaned in acknowledgment, while Jason and Garry stroked their cocks watching us.

“Baby, I think Jason and Garry need some help,” I remarked.

“Sure thing daddy,” Kelly responded as she removed my hard cock from her mouth.

Kelly positioned herself on the knees between both men, with one hand on each cock she gently stroked each cock, then swapped between them sinking them deep in her mouth, Kelly looked like a real pro at this, but that’s expected, she has watched her mother do much the same thing. Kelly stopped short of letting them cum; she certainly knew how to work us up.

“Are you ready hun?” I asked.

Kelly nodded then got on her hands and knees, Jason moved to continue getting a head job, while I positioned myself to be behind Kelly, looking at her round ass and tight pussy, Garry stood to the side and continued to stroke his cock. Kelly took Jason deep inside her mouth, while I contemplated which hole I wanted to fuck. I rubbed my fingers across her clit, Kelly let out light giggles as I stimulated her, I could feel her juices running down my fingers, I rubbed them into my cock head.

While I was lubed up ready to go, I didn’t want Kelly to be in any pain, I grabbed the tube of lube and squeezed it onto her ass and my hand, I gently massaged it into her ass and pussy, gently slipping a finger in her puckered anus, Kelly let out moans as I lubed her up. I rubbed some more lube into my cock and positioned the tip at the entrance to her ass. I gently pushed it in. Kelly gasped as the tip penetrated her ass. I held in position for a second before continuing to slide it inside her. Kelly continued to suck Jason’s cock as I inched my own cock into her ass, Kelly is not new to this form of sex, she has been in this position with her mother slipping a strap on deep inside while she sucks my cock.

I slowly inched my way deep inside her ass, and then gently rocked back and forth building a steady motion; Kelly timed this motion and matched it to how she sucked Jason’s cock. Jason’s grunts and moans only spurred me on more. I watched Jason’s face tighten as he unloaded his spunk down the throat of my daughter. Kelly’s anus tightened as Jason shot his load; she slurped away and sucked Jason’s cock clean. Garry sat stroking his cock waiting for his turn.

“My god James, your daughter can suck a cock!” Jason remarked.

“Go on Garry, you need to experience that,” he continued.

“No thanks, I want to fuck that tight pussy,” Garry responded.

By this point, I could feel the familiar felling in my balls, it wasn’t long before I would erupt, and I was fucking Kelly at full steam, grunting with each thrust. I reached around and with each thrust my hands ran across her tits, I felt them sway back and forth in time with my motion.

“Fuck me daddy, fill me with your cum!” Kelly moaned.

This put me over the edge, my balls tightened and with one thrust and a grunt, I erupted shooting rope after rope of sticky cum deep inside her tight anus. Kelly moaned and tightened her grip around my shaft, after a moan I felt her body shutter and I knew that she too had climaxed. I rocked back and forth a little more then slowly removed my cock, a trail of seamen flowed as I removed my cock.

“Here daddy, let me clean that while Garry fucks my pussy,” Kelly motioned.

All three of us were amazed as Kelly sunk my cock into her mouth straight after I had fucked her ass with it, the mere thought of it caused my cock to swell, Kelly continued to moan and slurp away at cock, and I thought I was going to cum again from this head job.

Garry moved behind Kelly and I watched as he feed his cock into her pussy, after a minute or so Kelly stopped sucking my cock and focused on fucking Garry’s cock.

“You’ve dreamed about this Garry,” Kelly moaned.

“Tell me how much you’ve wanted to fuck my tight pussy?” She continued.

“God, I’ve dreamed about this!” Garry answered.

“Who wouldn’t want to fuck his friends’ daughter?” She purred.

“I’m going cum!” Garry warned.

“Sorry babe, daddy hasn’t cum in my pussy yet, so you can’t yet,” Kelly responded, much to my surprise.

“Why don’t you spray your cum on my face sweetheart?” Kelly asked as Garry pulled out.

Garry moved to the front and jerked off, it wasn’t long beofre her shot his cum across her face, he continued to jerk more cum splashed her face and her tits. Jason and I were fully erect and pulling our cocks hard watching the scene play out in front of us.

“Oh god, that feels so good!” Kelly moaned.

“Jason Daddy, are you going to shoot over my face too?” Kelly asked in her innocent baby doll voice

Jason moved closer and picked up the pace as he jerked his cock, with a few grunts and moans he unloaded splashing cum across her face. Between these two loads, Kelly’s face was covered in cum. I couldn’t take my eyes off her as I jerked and shoot cum over her face. I collapsed on the floor joined by both Jason and Garry. After a few minutes regaining our composure we looked at the time and it was getting late. Jason and Garry collected their stuff and cleaned up before heading off.

“Your place next time Jason?” I asked.

“Not that I’ll be a top this,” Jason responded.

“What, your daughter not into it?” Garry joined in as the two continued as they headed down the driveway.

“Did I do good daddy?” Kelly asked still covered in seamen.

“Sweetheart you did great, now clean up, your mother will be home soon,” I answered.

Lisa was home within the hour, she joined Kelly and me in the room, and she didn’t have to ask how it went as she later commented that we looked cute as we slept soundly.