Sister and I Have Pool Fun

I am a 19 year old bloke, and I have a younger sister, Ana, who’s just turned 18, and I have to tell you about what happened one summer day.

My father is from a Chinese background and my mum is from Australia, so both Ana and I have a mid dark complexion. And a bit more about Ana, she’s about 5″ 7′, curly black hair, very smooth skin, athletic body, and has very recently grown 32 C tits, which have so quickly come to my attention.

Ana and I were very close as kids, being only a year apart, as well as being the only kids to our parents. We used to do everything together. We were both involved in heaps of sports like swimming and football, so we kept quite competitive and coincidentally fit.

My parents and I had gone to visit my grandma’s for the day, leaving Ana by herself at home, although just before my parents picked me up from football to go to my grandma’s, I decided that I wasn’t really in the mood to go anywhere that day. So my parents dropped me back home, and they left straight after. I walked through the door, and couldn’t see or hear Ana, so I assumed she had gone out to see her friends.

As I walked out the back, I could see Ana lying on her back sunbaking on a pool chair, and to my astonishment and delight, she was topless! She seemed to be resting with her eyes closed. It was a beautiful sight. I had thought about my sister many times before, but I had never even seen her half naked before. I just stood there, staring at my sister’s goddess-like body like a cow would to an oncoming train. I pertinently scanned her entire physique, making sure she wasn’t awakening.

Her legs were very smooth and freshly waxed, and her golden skin glowed in the sun, with the assistance of what must have been some body lotion she had previously applied. The only thing preventing her from complete nakedness was her tiny red bikini bottom, which her tight, round ass was desperately seeking its way out. Her flat stomach contrasted immediately with the large, round breasts, which she had accrued from her mid stages of puberty. I could tell her breasts hadn’t seen much of the sun, by their slight paleness. Each of her perfect breasts slightly parted outward, resting on her slender arms, which lay beside her. Her nipples were larger then I imagined they would be, protruding about half an inch.

As I continued searching her body with my sinful eyes, I delighted upon her curly black hair, which was still quite wet from when she must have swum previously. Her hair draped across her chest, hugging the curves of her large, natural boobs. The sight was quite magnificent, even though she was my sister, I couldn’t deny that she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen.

After seeing my hot sister half naked on the pool chair, I was getting quite aroused, and my cock was rapidly growing in my thin football shorts. I thought I better leave, just in case she woke up and saw me standing there with a massive 8 ½ inch erection. I felt like taking a photo, she was so damn hot! If only my parents hadn’t taken the camera. So I decided to head back inside, and not embarrass my little sister and myself. I was so excited from the fact that my sister was half naked, and was still in awe of how beautiful she was. I decided I needed to cool down from my football game, and I got ready to go for a swim, next to where my sister was. So I got my speedos, and put them on, and noticed my cock was still half solid, so it was still about 7″ long and quite thick, as my cock had to curl up in my tight speedos.

I started to head to go out the back again, and was thinking how I would approach the situation and wake her up. To my relief somewhat, she had gotten up off her seat, and was standing there drying her hair with her towel, and her tits were flying and bouncing side to side as she swayed her body to dry her hair. When she stopped, she saw me, and I stopped as well, pretending as if I was completely surprised. She made no effort to cover her boobs and instead, converted her surprise into asking me why I was home. I said that I changed my mind and decided to come home. As I spoke to her, I made my best efforts to look up from her perfect breasts and into her eyes.

After I explained why I was home, she accepted it and said, “I didn’t know you were going to come home, so I thought I could sunbake without anyone seeing me.”

I said, “Look, don’t worry about it, you know I don’t care. Now, do you want to go for a swim with me, sis?”

My sister seemed to let it pass her, and she gave me a big smile and said in her sweet little voice, “Sure!”

So she ran over to where her bikini top was hanging and put it on, and I got a good eyeful of her boobs bouncing around.

Just as she tied the knot on her bikini top I ran up to her and picked her up, one arm under her legs, one under her back, and she screamed, and then laughed as I ran with her in my arms and jumped into the pool with her. She giggled, and playfully pushed me down under the water by my shoulders, and as she came down, her boobs passed down along my chest. In retaliation, I swam back up to her and bear hugged her front on, with my big arms tightly wrapped around her body, her boobs squashed up against my chest. I wrapped my legs around her ass, causing the bulge in my tight speedos to force into her red bikini bottom. I used every limb on my body to hug Ana, and there is no doubt she felt my large dick press onto her pussy.

There was nothing weird about it though, because I was just getting her back from dunking me, and we were both having so much fun. We were both laughing and giggling as we innocently wrestled in the water. I was loving it so much, as I was feeling every part of her body, up onto my bare skin. And it seemed like Ana was enjoying it as well, as I could see her large nipples were getting hard. They were unmistakable as they pressed through her red bikini top. I was so turned on from touching her and seeing her boobs.

After I bear hugged her, she tried to swim away, laughing uncontrollably as I swam after her. I grabbed her by her ankles and dragged her back to me, and when I had full control of her I decided to return the favour, and I playfully dunked her under the water right in front of me. As I pushed her down by her head, she sank down and her face scrolled into the ever increasing bulge in my speedos. Wow! She practically just touched my cock with her face, I thought. That was awesome!

By now, I was so horny and turned on from playing around with my 18 year old sister, my dick was fully erect and was 8 ½ inches and like steel. I noticed this as she passed by my package, and decided I should probably stop and conceal my massive erection, so I started to swim away from Ana.

She said, “there is no way you are going to dunk me without getting pay back!”

She swam after me, probably quite aware by now that I had a giant cock. Due to my exhaustion, Ana caught up to me and in order to stop me from getting further away, she grabbed at my speedos from my ass, while I was still swimming away. I continued swimming, and as I did so, my swimmers slid right off me and down my legs, in Ana’s hands. My cock flung right out of the speedos, like a spring and was throbbing as it stood there as stiff and large as ever.

To my surprise, my sister just stopped, holding my speedos, and stared at my giant cock. There was no way I could hide it now. As she stared at my cock, it felt like time had frozen, and I looked back and noticed her nipples were rock hard now, and as she heavily breathed, her large jugs would rise and fall in the water, only suspended by her red bikini top, which she must have owned before she had even developed breasts, as they were obviously 1 or 2 sizes too small for her, as her breasts squeezed out the sides of the thin material preventing her from nakedness.

After she’d gotten a good look at my cock, time started ticking again and she started laughing hysterically.

She said “Haha, what are you going to do now, Mr. Erection?”

What was originally embarrassment and shame, turned into arousal, particularly due to the fact that my little sister was intrigued and excited about the fact that we were sexually flaunting ourselves to each other. I soon realised that my sister had no shame at all, and was having the time of her life.

From that, I mouthed to her, “you are going down…”, I looked at her, gave her a wry smile, and instantly jumped and swam after her.

She squealed and started to swim off, still holding my speedos. Just as she was about to jump out of the pool, I had caught up to her and enveloped her from behind as my long arms reached around her torso, just under her boobs. As I did this, my still hard 8 ½ inch cock punched itself in between her thighs. She tightened her legs as the top of my dick met the underside of her bikini bottom, and my pubic region slapped onto her round and firm butt cheeks, which were still hidden behind the thin red material. I playfully twisted and shook, attempting to grab my speedos from her, although I didn’t really want to get them back (and I don’t think she wanted me to get them back either).

As I twisted, my dick, which was still lodged between her thighs was pulling out and pushing back in as I lunged with my hands to get the speedos from her firm grip. As my hands fell down from lunging, my right hand fell right on top of Ana’s right breast, and my hand impulsively ripped off her bikini top, causing her right tit burst into full close-up view as she rotated to her right to see that I had snatched an item of her own apparel. As she rotated a full 180 degrees, I noticed she was trying to grab back her bikini top while still laughing her head off, while I was still trying to repossess my speedos.

She didn’t seem to care at all that my enormous penis was poking right into her pussy mound. Had she not worn the thin, red bikini bottom, my cock would have surely gone straight into her. This time, Ana was stretching out over me to get her bikini back. In doing this, Ana’s right boob slid along and up my chest, and her boob went so far as my face as she lunged over me to grab her bikini top. Her boob completely smothered my face, and it was the best feeling I had ever had. The nub of her hard nipple flickered along my sensitive skin. Her pale, wet breast was so soft, young and untouched, while being so newly large. Her virgin body was lathering itself upon me, as I used her bikini to lure her over me.

Meanwhile, Ana was not in a state of anger or embarrassment, but was rather laughing and enjoying the competitive challenges of getting one another’s clothes.

My cock was so hard, it was beyond belief. It must have grown an extra inch. It continued to pound and press into Ana’s lower region as she persistently roped herself on me. I couldn’t take much more. I was so sexually aroused and excited I was literally about to ejaculate and probably pass out and drown then and there in my own pool.

So with my final ounces of power, I leant back into Ana, and put my arms around her once more, this time around her waist, just resting atop of her perky butt cheeks. The time we connected this time was different from the earlier embraces. This time, Ana and I weren’t laughing. We were both in each other’s arms, I being naked, and she being nearly there. It was completely silent, other than the slapping of the water on the pool edge. The laughter had ceased. We looked each other in the eyes. We explored each other’s feelings. I could tell she wanted me by the way she looked at me, with her innocent, hazel eyes.

I leant in to kiss her. She remained completely still as she received the innocent peck on the lips from yours truly. We both paused again…

I was afraid. I was afraid that she might have just treated this as a game, and now that the laughter had subsided, she would return to a neutral state of her being the sister of me. I was afraid she would foully negate the kiss that I had just given to her.

We remained still…

Until she smiled, leaned back into me, lifted her hands up around my broad shoulders and kissed me right back. Right then I knew she wanted me! ME! The hottest girl I had even seen, wanted me! Sure she was my sister, but I was so aroused by what we’d just been doing, that I would happily agree to go to hell for eternity as long as I would have my way with my sister.

As she leant in to kiss me, I met her halfway, and this kiss was more passionate, because we both knew that we wanted each other. We both pushed aside the prejudices that a brother and a sister should not relate sexually. We were both love struck. She tilted her head sideways, allowing our mouths to connect, and our tongues to meet each other for the first time. We both had our eyes closed as we exchanged fluids from our mouths. As I said, her arms were draped around my shoulders, as her curly black hair curtained the tunnel where our lips met for the first time. My arms explored her back, and then her sides. I now no longer felt cautious that I would freak her out that I was touching her. We both had come this far. We both wanted each other so much.

I then moved my hands down to her holy ass. It truly was an amazing thing. Her butt cheeks perfectly filled out the space in her red bikini. They were perfectly round and bubble-like. As my hands trekked to this un-ventured part of her body I squeezed her ass, and Ana responded in turn.

While still pashing me, Ana removed her hands from around my neck and immediately found my still bulging cock (which wouldn’t have been too hard to find). She used both of her small hands to circumnavigate the girth of my penis. She then broke free of the kiss, and led me over toward the large step in the pool, by dragging me there by tugging on my cock.

When we reached the large step, which was only about 6 inches deep in water, she lay me down on my back, and examined my cock some more, considering she hadn’t really seen one before. I looked on as she knelt down and started using both her hands to jerk me off. I can tell you now, it is so much better having a girl do it for you. Her little hands couldn’t even wrap around my penis, it was so hard. She slowly gave me a tugjob, as she slid her hands up and down my long, thick shaft. I was in heaven. My foreskin rolled up and down, as the water helped lubricate the movement she was applying on my cock.

After about 6 minutes of that, Ana got up and walked over and sat on my chest, facing my pulsing dick. Just having her ass touch me was so nice, even though it was still hidden underneath her red bikini bottom. After sitting on me, she leant forward, holding my cock, and put her lips over the head of my penis. She started to kiss it, and then her virgin lips slid down my cock. She could barely fit it in her tiny mouth, and could only manage to handle about 2 inches of it. Needless to say, it was amazing, having my sister’s mouth envelope my cock. While she was doing this, her ass was right in front of my eyes, and would present itself each time she would lean down to suck my dick. It was a glorious sight. I decided to use my hands to remove the barrier which had been preventing Ana from being naked until then. I slowly pulled down her red bikini bottom, while she was sucking me off. Her bare, smooth legs were straddling either side of me.

I managed to finally slide her red bikini bottom off her legs, and I almost came from the sight of her juicy ass. At this time, I couldn’t see her pussy, but I could feel it on my chest. Every time Ana thrust down, I could feel her smooth, shaven, 18 year old pussy lips slap my chest. It was so warm, and I could feel her vaginal juices dripping out of there, and running down onto my stomach, which is where Ana’s heavy boobs would keep slapping on.

I was so close to exploding from all the pleasure I was receiving, but I desperately wanted to explore the pussy which I had dreamed about all these years. I started rubbing Ana’s clit with my palm as she devoured my cock. Her legs started quivering as I did this and I could tell she was enjoying it. She started to breathe heavier and began to moan softly, in an innocent high pitched voice. I had taken control of Ana. She told me to finger her, so I slipped two fingers in her tight cunt. I began to slowly pump my fingers in and out of her, as torrents of fluid came dribbling over my hand. She started trembling and moaning very loud, and I was starting to laugh from how much she was enjoying it.

With myself on the peak of exploding, I told Ana I wanted to fuck her. The new vibrancy of Ana that I had never seen before was unleashed and she stood up, turned around, facing me, gave me a devilish smile, while holding my massive cock in her hands. She gave me a look as if to say, I want you so bad, but I don’t know if I will be able to take your cock.

With that, she slowly lowered her virgin pussy onto my steel rod in the missionary position. She only got so far as the head of my penis spreading her pussy lips before she squealed in pain. She jumped back up. I realised that this was not the best position for her first time. So I got up. I got her to lie face down on the step with her legs together. I knelt down around her legs and placed my cock between her thighs, my cock being as big as Ana’s entire forearm now. I slowly entered her pussy from behind, having to force my monster between her legs and between her pussy lips. She was so tight, this was no easy task. I began forcing my cock in very hard so it would slide in. I finally got a couple of inches in her. Her ass presided above the water line, as the water would flow over it. It was so sexy. I leant forward and began to fondle Ana’s large, natural boobs. I was tweaking her nipples, while progressively working my way into her pussy. I began to squash her boobs back into her, as my body made full contact with hers. My penis was about 4 inches in before I reached her unbroken hymen. With a quick, hard thrust, it broke, and Ana gave a sharp squeal, and a tear rolled down her sweet cheek of mid-dark complexion.

But she was overridden with pleasure as I now began to drive my cock in further. 6″, 7″, 8″. She was screaming and moaning now. My balls lapped up against her firm ass cheeks and my entire cock was buried in her tight virgin pussy. She was clearly in pain, but I knew at the same time, she was experiencing so much pleasure. I started to thrust in and out. In and out. In and out. I was moving my hips, and jolting Ana every time my balls slapped into her ass. It felt sooooooo good.

While she was moaning with pleasure, ” Oooooh—a-a-a—–aaaaaaaaaaaaaah” she managed to scream out “fuck me hard baby, your cock feels so good in me. I’ve never felt this way before. I’m gonna cum.”

At this point, I was delirious with arousal, and my balls were ready to be drained. I started pumping into her furiously. And the sound of my balls slapping against her hot ass was so sexy. I couldn’t believe she was taking my whole cock in her pussy. Here I started to grunt and moan. I was about to cum all over my sister, and it felt so good. I kept pumping in and out of her tight, virgin pussy. Madly, I forced myself into her, she was screaming with every thrust.

I yelled to her, “I’m going to cum!”

So I pulled my wet cock out from her pussy, turned her around, and exploded all over her tits. Massive streams of cum flew from my cock, onto my sister’s young, but large breasts. The amount of semen I blasted surprised myself. Now she was rubbing herself and managed to orgasm at the same time. She was squealing and moaning, while my endless, thick cum shot out rapidly all over Ana’s face as well.

I collapsed on top of her, completely exhausted. My cock just rested on her stomach, as we held each other for minutes. She eventually gave me a smile, and told me that that was the greatest thing that had ever happened to her. As she began to lick my cum off her own tits, she assured me that that would not be the last time we were going to do this.