Step Daughter Delights

I work in Information Technology and it’s not uncommon for me to work long hours, late nights and also work from home. A few nights ago, I was working from home in my office, and while waiting for some scripts to run, my step-daughter came into my office because she couldn’t sleep.

This is not uncommon when I am working from home, when she was younger and still living at home, she’d often come in and chat with me then eventually fall asleep on the couch in my office. She was over visiting from college and this time was a little different…

Tonight was a particular boring night and I happen to be surfing some porn while waiting for some scripts to run (not on my work laptop of course). I had my cock out and was playing, but not full out wanking at this point, just enjoying the videos and feeling good. My step-daughter happened to have one of her sleepless nights and came into my office at this point. I was really into the video and didn’t hear her come in, so imagine my shock when I felt her hands start rubbing my shoulders and asked if I was having fun…

I figured, what the hell, I’m busted anyway… So I swung my chair around, with my cock hanging out and said ‘Yeah, just passing the time, can’t sleep’? My cock was rock hard and pulsing at this point, seeing my step-daughter standing there in nothing but a t-shirt and panties was making me even harder.

She smiled, eyes locked on my cock, and to my surprise and delight, she wrapped her hands around my cock and started stroking me. She could not seem to take her eyes off it as her hands moved up and down my shaft. Suddenly, she lowered her head and took the whole thing in her mouth in one motion. I just about shoot my load right then and there, but I was determined to make this last as long as I could. If this never happened again, I wanted to make sure I got all I could out of it.

Next thing I knew, we were on my couch, her panty covered crotch just inches from my face. Oh man, I will NEVER forget the sight of that tight pussy and ass hanging over my face like that. Slowly, I grabbed her ass and lowered her crotch to my face. I kissed and licked her through her panties as she moaned on my cock. I couldn’t help it, I thrust my hips up, jamming my cock in her mouth and let the most intense orgasm go that I have ever felt. I almost passed out it was so powerful!

I wasn’t about to let it end there! I pulled her panties off her sweet ass and dug my tongue into her tight pussy with abandon. I massaged her ass as she ground her pussy onto my face and I could hear, no feel her moaning as she still had not let my cock fall out of her mouth. Her tongue kept working my cock as my tongue kept working inside her pussy. Just as I was getting hard again, she shoved her pussy into my face even harder as she shook with a powerful orgasm. I felt her entire body shiver as she let it roll through her. Soon, she was back to work on my cock, sucking and toying with it until I was harder than before.

Suddenly, she stood up, pulled off her t-shirt and straddled my hungry cock. I looked up at this beautiful creature standing above me and just melted. The love in her eyes and innocence of her smile just took my breath away. I didn’t think it could be any better. Thankfully, I was wrong. With her eyes locked into mine, she slowly lowered herself onto my cock.

I can’t even begin to describe the feeling. She was so wet from her orgasm and my tongue play that the head of my cock just slipped into her without much resistance. However, the rest of my cock is much thicker than my head. When she used her body weight to push herself down into me, the warmth, tightness and pulsing of her pussy was almost too much for me to take. It took every ounce of control I could muster to not just explode then and there.

Slowly, she was able to get almost all of my cock into her. She rested for a bit to let her pussy adjust to my size.

Smiling, she started moving her body up and down on my cock. The intensity of her young tight pussy was almost more than I could handle. I managed to look away from her eyes and down to my cock, wrapped in that beautiful, young, tight pussy. That was a mistake. Seeing my cock get swallowed by her pussy sent me over the edge. Somehow I managed to flood her pussy with a bigger load than I shot off in her mouth. As she felt me shooting off inside her, she shoved my cock into her as far as she could and sat there. I looked back up and her and pulled her close. Kissing her passionately and lovingly.

Her pussy managed to keep my cock hard, even after 2 loads. She laid down on my chest and started to move her pussy over my cock again. My cock had a mind of its own at this point. I wasn’t in control anymore. She owned me and my cock. I felt her shudder as she ground her pussy on my cock, harder than before and whimpered quietly as she had several small orgasms riding my cock.

She kept going and going. Her pussy milking my cock for everything it could and my cock pounding into her pussy. Orgasm after orgasm filled her young body as I took control and took her body. I locked my hands on her ass and rode her on my cock fast and hard. She moaned and shuddered as another orgasm, this one bigger, wracked her body. Suddenly, she sat upright and shoved my entire cock into her pussy. She sat there as she dug her fingers into my chest. Biting her lower lip to keep from screaming. I felt her have convulsions as a powerful and intense orgasm wracked her body without restraint. The sight of her pussy on my cock, her breasts shaking with her convulsions was enough to send me over the top for yet a 3rd orgasm. Her orgasm seemed to intensify as I shot another load deep into her pussy.

We must have blacked out. I awoke to her laying on top of me and my still hard cock inside her. I went to gently move her so she could rest, but as I shifted, her arms wrapped around me and kept me from moving. Smiling and looking into my eyes, she kissed me and pushed herself onto my cock even deeper and fell asleep.

This was a beginning of a fantastic relationship with my step-daughter. Ever since this night, she comes home more often to visit and we hang out more and more. We have had some pretty interesting sexual encounters since then. Little did I realize how much she loves to do it in more public places.