Step Sister Clare

This is a true story based on what I used to get up to with my step sister and the follow up story is how we seduced her friend who worked behind the bar with her at a local pub, Obviously I can’t remember all the conversations and exact details so I have filled in with something suitable

I have know Clare since I was about 12 years old, she has two elder brothers with whom I was good friends with, over a period of time our families became good friends and eventually my mum ran off and married Clare’s dad, hence she is now my step sister. Clare was always a slim girl with fair hair, we had always had an attraction to one another and as kids we would sometimes explore those areas which kids do at early teen years.

I lost contact with Clare when I moved away, she must have been about 14 at the time and I didn’t see her again until about 4 years later when I attended a brothers engagement party. I went with my partner of the time and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Clare again. My girlfriend Julie got upset with me because I was giving Clare a lot of attention but I couldn’t help it, she looked so different to when I last saw her and at 18 years old, she had the best tits I think I’d ever seen. She had longer hair and was wearing a little black dress which barely held her tits in and hid nothing of her legs and crotch, she looked a picture of pure sex to me and she knew exactly what I was thinking and made it pretty clear that she thought the same. We flirted all night long and I knew there and then that I wanted to fuck her and get those tits out. She was living in London as a hotel receptionist and was resident at the hotel so I knew it would be difficult to arrange something but that didn’t stop me following my dick and sorting something out. She was due home few weeks later and so I just happened to be in the area when I dropped in on her mum for a cuppa, she was telling me that Clare didn’t have a date for another party and as she couldn’t drive at the time she would have to miss it. I offered to drive her there if she wanted and told her mum to get her to ring me if it suited her.

By leaving my number I knew that if she didn’t ring then she’d had second thoughts but if she rang then it was a pretty good bet that she was thinking the same, she rang! We arranged for me to pick her up early and I remember thinking that being mid summer she wouldn’t have too much on in the way of clothing, the party was in Rugby which meant a drive of some 50 minutes or so which would give us plenty of time to talk and flirt in the car. She indeed only wore a light summer dress and had a cream cardigan with her; she didn’t look as stunningly sexy as the other night but looked more summery and relaxed. I instantly noticed the buttons which ran all the way down the front of her dress and that the top couple were undone. Her white bra was visible and her cleavage was there for anyone wanting to take a look.

I remember the journey over was a little like cat and mouse and she seemed to be playing a little hard to get, I thought it best to let her have a few drinks and as the evening progressed she began to flirt with me more and become more suggestive, we talked of how as kids we would show each other our private parts and we laughed at how different thing were now. All night I couldn’t keep my eyes from Clare’s tits and I remember being excited about the thought of fucking her in the back of my car on the way home; my dick must have been hard for most of the evening and by about ten o’clock Clare was tipsy and really coming on strong, she would bend to pick her bag from the floor and so giving me a flash of her boobs, also she would part her knees slightly giving me a look at her thigh and legs.

We left soon after and got in the car to go home, I was really tempted to kiss her there and then but for some reason I didn’t and set off home taking the scenic route with the view to stopping somewhere for some fun. We continued to flirt and I put my hand on her right knee as I laughed and said something about her flashing her legs off to me, she didn’t push my hand away and if I remember rightly she relaxed a little and her legs parted slightly. Her dress was thin and light and as I caressed her knee and progressed slowly up her leg it revealed more of Clare’s naked thigh’s to me and within a few minutes my finger tips found the front of her silky knickers.

The higher up her thigh I caressed the wider Clare opened her legs and within a few minutes of me first touching her knee she was sat beside me with her legs wide open and her knickers on show. She looked fucking horny sat there and seemed to be enjoying the attention, her head was leaning against the head rest and she didn’t say very much, her eyes were closed for most of the time and she placed her hand on my thigh. She was wearing silk camisole type knickers which are useless at covering anything and a few moments later I felt the soft pubic hair of her pussy, her pussy lips parted easily and were already wet as I probed her crotch and in no time at all I had my middle finger deep her wet cunt, I remember having to change gear every now and them and every time I returned to Clare’s pussy I slipped my finger into a wetter hole, I mentioned something about stopping somewhere

“The sooner the better” was the consensus of opinion.

We stopped at a place I knew which was down a dark lane beside the motorway; it led into a field and so was going to be very quite at that time of night. As soon as we stopped our seat belts were off, the light went on and we kissed passionately, my hands instantly rose to Clare’s tits and she went straight for my belt buckle, we climbed over the seats into the back and I knelt between her open thighs as she lay with her legs parted. Kneeling over her she looked so fucking sexy and she was clearly not shy as her wet knickers were in full view for my enjoyment, I got my first look at her blonde cunt and to my surprise she was very hairy, hairier than most women I’d seen with blonde hair she continued to remove my belt buckle and soon had my old man out whist I began the wonderful task of undoing her dress buttons. We continued to kiss passionately but both of us seemed more interested in looking and watching rather than kissing, that was fine by me.

I worked upwards as I undid her buttons and kept pushing the two side of her dress apart to first reveal her flat stomach then her covered tits and then it was completely off. Clare was now lying in the back of my car in only her bra and pants and I was soon to be in a similar position, my trousers had been undone and pushed down to my knees so it was more comfortable for me to push them off which I did, I removed my shirt and remember Clare commenting on my hairy chest as she ran her hand over my body and back down to my rock hard dick. I remember the smile on Clare’s face as she looked up at me and her saying something about knowing this would happen tonight and how much she wanted it to happen the last time we met. We laughed about my reaction to her at Andy’s party and I said something about her looking so fuckable in that dress (later she admitted that she wore it because she knew I’d be there and she wanted to make a good impression). All the time she spoke she slowly wanked my hard shaft and I gently caressed her fleshly tits,

“I want these out” I said as I lent forward to reach around to undo her bra and we kissed as I unclipped her bra straps and pushed it off either arm.

Sitting back up I got my first look at her full breasts and the hard dark nipples which topped them, I ran my fingers under each breast and watched Clare’s face as I gently worked up to her nipples.

I was soon playing with Clare’s nipples and discovered just how responsive they were, every little touch would generate a little gasp and they visibly grew with my every touch, it wasn’t long before she was breathing really heavy and rocking her hips in response to my touch. I pushed her heavy tits together and leant forward to kiss her nipples in turn, she took my head in her hands and guide my mouth to her right nipple, again she gasped as I gently sucked her into my mouth and simultaneously she ran her left hand down over her breast and on to her other nipple

“God that feels good, your making me so wet”

She continued to move her left hand down to her pussy where she slid a couple of fingers in and began to work herself up towards her first orgasm. Occasionally she would wrap her wet finger around my hard-on for a few moments but we both knew how desperate she was to cum and I continued to suck on both her nipples. Clare was now panting rather loudly and it was becoming clear that this girl was going to be one hell of a noisy fuck, the closer her orgasm came the louder she began to moan, her hips began to buck violently as she reached out and rubbed my cock between her wet swollen lip, I couldn’t have entered her from my position but as I continued to squeeze and suck on her tits she rubbed my hard swollen knob against her clitoris and that was it, she began to shout out, saying things about wanting to suck me dry and fuck my hard and about how I was a dirty bastard (which made me laugh!), she was almost crying when it arrived but when it did I knew about it, she came so hard and loud she dug her nails into my arm and made me bleed.

I remember thinking that this was going to be great sex because Clare was so hot and out of control that as long as I didn’t shoot my load too early I was going to make her come a few more times before the night was over. There were a few moments of calm as she came back down from her orgasm and she returned to playing with my dick, I knelt back up to watch as she pumped my dick and took a good long look at Clare lying there beneath me. I can still picture her now, legs wide open, still got those silly knickers on and her cunt dripping with pussy juice, her pubic hair was wet and stuck together and her crotch and her knickers were also wet, VERY WET!

Her tits jutted out beautifully and her nipples still stood to attention, she looked flush with her face glowing red and certainly looked liked she’d been enjoying herself. We played and touched for a short while but I knew that if I allowed her to continue tossing me off I wouldn’t last long when it came to fucking her, I again knelt forward to kiss her but this time moved my knees backwards so I could get closer between her open legs, I rubbed my erection over her wet pussy lips before finding my target, I slid in easily and paused when I’d got just the hard bulbous knob of my dick in her, I rhythmically rocked out and back in her pussy for a few minutes and again Clare began that now familiar upwards road to her next orgasm. She was panting every time I pushed in and would push her hips up to try and make me go deeper inside her on my forward strokes but every time I held her down and revelled in the look on her face.

Clare looked desperate for me to fuck her hard and the longer I waited the higher her pleasure became, occasionally I would push further inside and the reaction I got was fantastic, every deep push Clare would moan really loudly and the more frequently I did it the louder it became, soon I was pushing all the way into her cunt and Clare wrapped her legs around my back telling me that I was going nowhere. We fucked like this for a while and I was getting really close to coming, I wanted her to come before me so I lifted one of her nipples to my mouth and it was like lighting the blue touch paper, she began bucking and thrusting her crotch into mine and again she began to talk really dirty to me, she was like a women possessed and within a few minutes I could feel her pussy tighten around my knob and begin to pulsate as her orgasm arrived. Clare clamped me deep inside her as I continued to suckle on her nipple and as she came I pumped her full of my sticky come.

(I can honestly say that even to this day I’ve never had the pleasure of playing with such beautiful tits and certainly not yet met a women who’s nipples reacted like hers do)

We lay there in the back of my car with my dick still buried deep in Clare’s cunt, I was gently teasing my finger around the base of my dick and enjoying the wetness of Clare’s crotch, my balls were wet with pussy juices and she was enjoying my caresses so I slid my finger into her cunt, this was greeted with a little sigh of approval so I slid another one in, I was having difficulty in my position and had to readjust myself so we were laying on our sides facing each other, Clare’s right leg was up on the top of the back seats and I still had my ever hardening dick and two fingers up her pussy. I could also now suck on her nipples again but instead I ran my tongue around her right nipple but never allowed her the pleasure of actually touching it, it was fascinating to see how much her nipples grew when aroused and at their hardest they must have been nearly an inch long and half an inch thick, her areola were dark pink and as each nipple grew they would wrinkle up in response. Eventually Clare couldn’t take any more and wanted me to suck on them and told me to stop teasing her,

“Well who am I to disappoint a woman”, I thought

I licked and sucked her hard teat whilst she held my head firmly to her breast. Again she began to take short sharp breaths and her pussy was responding beautifully to having my stiff cock and two fingers sliding in and out of it, I remember looking down and parting her hairy lips and was surprised at just how engorged her clitoris was and couldn’t remember seeing a wetter pussy in my life, this girl was flooding the place and with ever contraction of her pussy muscles she would pump out more fluid, her buttocks, legs, my balls, it was everywhere and I hadn’t finished yet.

I began to fuck her again but this time I was teasing her clit as I got her to hold her lips apart, we both watched as again we worked towards another orgasm and the sight of my sticky hard dick sliding in and out of her dripping hairy cunt is still firmly embedded in my mind, I can remember a lot of my conquests but this first time with Clare is an image I have wanked over many times since. We continued like this for a while and once again Clare began to swear and curse at me as her climax reached ever closer only this time she reached behind her and pushed a couple of fingers in along side my dick whist mine continued to stimulate her clitty. She was now delirious and bucking like a woman possessed calling me every name under the sun, I took them as compliments of course and worked her clit harder and faster until she finally pushed her hips forwards and her cunt exploded into spasm’s of joy. I felt her inner muscles tighten and contract many times around my hard on as she screamed her way to her third orgasm of the evening.

I too was about to come and the sight and sounds Clare was making was so sensual and erotic that I knew my own orgasm was imminent, I told Clare I was ready to come and she told me she wanted to watch me shot my load, I pulled out of her slippy cunt and instantly she took a firm hold of me and pumped away, we watched as Clare told me how much she likes to watch men come and only a few moments later I felt that wonderful feeling deep inside as my cock erupted my jism all over her hot pussy lips and down her thigh, I came really hard, much harder than before as Clare continued to talk dirty and tell me that next time she wanted me to stand over her and come all over her tits. (This we did succeed in fulfilling only a few days later)

So that is how Clare and I first fucked one another, we have had some fucking good sex over the years and there are many episodes and chapters I can and will write later.