Strip Poker With My Stacked Sister

My name is Kyle, and I live in Ohio. I’m eighteen and I live with my mom and twenty year old sister who goes to a college nearby and lives at home with us. I’m five ten, my sister is five five and my mom is five six. My sister has long red hair and fairly pail skin, which she gets from our Irish ancestors. But don’t get me wrong, she is really hot; blue eyes, big red lips, and 36 DD tits that bounce around when she walks. She loves to wear tight fitting tube tops and very low cut v-necks, which give me a great view whenever I sneak glances. My mom is similar, except that her breasts are 38 E’s.

Anyway, as I was saying my sister goes to a nearby college, but it’s cheaper for us to have her live at home. That doesn’t stop her from having fun though. She often comes home really drunk, but she never brings a guy. My mom is cool with it as long as she handles herself and doesn’t do anything too bad.

So one night at around midnight I hear a car pull up outside. There are people laughing and then a chorus of goodbyes. My sister walks in the house and nearly falls over herself just getting to the couch, she must be really drunk tonight I think.

She sits up, “Hey bro, what’s up,” she says sort of slurred.

I am sitting in the comfy chair next to the couch, “Just watching a movie. Have fun tonight?”

She smiles and throws her head back on the couch. She is wearing a pink tube top with flowers on it and black short shorts, so when she leans back her breasts are nearly bursting out of the top.

“Oh yeah, totally crashed that party. Only I wish it wasn’t over, I could go all night,’ she said. She giggles a little, her breasts swaying as she laughs, then she sits up.

“Hey, bro, you want to do something?” she asks me.

“What do you mean?” I ask.

“I mean we don’t hangout anymore, you want to do something? I’m not ready to go to sleep just yet,” she says, not really articulating her thoughts.

“Sure sis, what should we do?” I asked her. She looks around a bit, then giggles and runs into the next room, then comes back with a couple beers and a deck of cards, “lets play.” So she cracks open the beers and we begin to play, but she quickly gets bored.

“This is not as fun as I thought it would be,” she says.

“Well that’s cause we aren’t betting real money,” I say, still watching her silky white breasts.

“Hey yeah! How much you got on you?” she asks.

“I got forty bucks in my room, you?’

“I got sixty in my pocket, lets up the ante!” So I go to my room and grab the cash. When I get back she has two more beers out and is working on hers with a passion. We begin to play and the game is going pretty evenly until my sister starts taking my money. I realize that I can’t lose this cash, the only reason I had agreed was cause I wanted to ogle my sister’s chest some more. Then I get an idea.

“Hey sis?”

“Yeah?” she looks my in the eyes, and I can tell she is still really drunk.

“You want to make this really interesting?” I ask her.

“Sure! How?” she asks excitedly.

“Lets play strip poker. It makes it harder to focus and keep a poker face if the other person is wearing less clothes, as well as your wearing less clothes,” I tell her, trying to keep an honest face.

She giggles a bit then says, “sure, how do we play? I have never played strip poker before.”

“Well it’s simple, if you win a hand you take the pot and the other person has to take off a piece of clothing. You can sell clothing too, but you can’t buy it back,” I explain to her, wondering all the while if she will buy this.

She laughes, “Okay, lets do it. I’m gonna take your money and your clothes.” She we start again and she wins, so I take off my shirt. I am not the most muscular guy out there, but I keep in shape. I catch her eyeing my pecks as we keep going.

The next hand I get two pair, and take back almost all of my forty bucks. She takes off her shoes, which I hadn’t noticed she still had on. Oh well, I think to myself. We keep going, and I win again, taking ten more of her forty bucks (we agreed to start with the same amount at the beginning), and watch excitedly as she, still giggling, takes off her short shorts, giving me a view of her black thong.

She laughs as she sees me eyeing her, “Don’t get too distracted little brother.” We play again and this time she gets three kings and takes back some of her money. She looks at me with anticipation and I sigh and take off my jeans, showing her my tented boxers. My cock is average length, about seven inches.

She giggles some more, and opens another beer, “Someone’s excited.” We start again, and this time I get a full house, but before I play it I say,

“Come on sis, enough of this weak sauce stuff, put your money where your mouth’s at.” Now normally anyone could tell I was just egging her on, but in her intoxicated state she just thought I was calling her a chicken. She put down all but five dollars of her money, and then I showed her my hand.

“Hey! No fair! You just took all my cash!” she said in a cute, whining voice.

“I played fair, now your choice, lose the top or the thong,” I said as I swept the money over to me. She pouted but I just kept my face and finally she reached down to her top and pulled it over her head. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and as the last bit of fabric let go her breasts bounced down right in front of me. My jaw dropped, this was the first time I had ever seen them. The areolas were the size of silver dollars and a nice pink color. Her nipples were hard, so I knew she was excited, and they stuck out a centimeter each.

“This sucks, I have, like, no money left,” she says, her breasts swaying in front of me.

“You can sell your thong if you want,” I say, still staring at her milk white breasts.

“Forty bucks,” she says, not even thinking twice.

“Thirty,” I counter.

“Done,” and with that she slid her thumbs under the sides of the thong and pulled it over her legs. I stare at her vagina, shaved with smooth pink lips, and she just laughs at me.

“My little brother can’t take his eyes off my pussy!” she giggles. I turn red and had over her cash. We begin again, but it’s hard for me to focus with my naked sister right in front of me. She wins, and I swallow hard as I take my boxers off and my huge boner springs free. She just looks at it, mesmerized. We start again and play five more hands. My luck holds out and she is down to five dollars again.

“Aww, looks like this game isn’t going to last much longer, and I was starting to have fun,” she giggles again.

“Well… I could let you make some of your money back…” I trail off.

“Yeah, How?” she asks curiously.

“Ten bucks for a lap dance,” I say, smiling.

“uhhhh… you’re a naughty boy,” she giggles as she bites her finger and stands up. Next thing I know she is swinging her hips and pressing her breasts together. She walks around raising her leg here and flicking her nipples there, and I get really turned on. Then she goes up to the wall and leans against it with her chest, and reaches back with her hands and spreads her smooth white ass out for me. I can smell her pussy, and it’s too much for me. I get up and go up behind her, the whole time she watches me with her face pressed against the wall. I reach down and press my hand against her vagina lips.

“Uhhhhh… now now, touching costs extra,” she moans back at me.

“How much,” I ask, keeping my hand left hand on her pussy and my right one on her ass.

“Double,” she says and bites her lip, slowly moving her hips up and down on my fingers.

“Done,” I say and she looks away towards the wall. As she does so I slide my cock along the lips of her pussy. She moans more, but I don’t think she realizes it’s my cock she is feeling. I slide faster and harder, and she becomes very wet and mixes her pussy juices with my precum. I reach forward and grab her big tits and massage them.

She moans more and slids faster, the heat she is giving off is burning my cock.

“Uhhhh…” she says, as my cock slips up her pussy and is thrust into her. She realizes that it is my penis now, but does not stop me. She moves her red hair out of the way and looks back at me with a loving look in her eyes, smiling. I pull back, and then thrust in. She moans loudly, her pussy is so hot, wet and tight, like a vacuum.

I thrust again, and again, and now we are moving steadily. The room files with her huffs of air and the slick sucking sound of her pussy.




She moans and I groan as we pick up pace. I pinch her nipples and she lets out a squeal, and I know her breasts are her sensitive area. We go faster and faster, then I grab her right leg and lift it up over my shoulder. Now I can see myself enter her and her breasts bounce with each thrust. She moans louder, barely able to hold herself against the wall.




I lean forward and kiss her on those big red lips. She squeals into my mouth, not used to being stretched like that. I stick my tongue into her mouth and we kiss hard, then she does something I’ll never forget. She sucks my tongue with her lips, and it’s the most erotic thing I have ever seen. She is breathing very heavily now, her face red and her body covered in sweat.

“OH KYLE!” she yells as she clamps down on my penis and orgasms. I can’t handle how tight she is and explode inside her, spewing rope after rope of hot, white, sticky sperm into her vagina. We stand there for a minute, then fall to the floor.

She looks at me, then smiles, sweat dripping down her chest, “We have to do that again some time.”