The Tight Bikini

“Your father will collect you at eight o’clock.” Jenny’s mother told her sharply as she shut the car door. Jenny stood waving as the car drive off before she turned into the driveway of her Uncle’s house. She was spending the afternoon with her Uncle and Aunt whilst her parents went to a wedding.

Her uncle Cal was waiting for her. He hugged her tight to him and patted her bottom. “Hello darling, your grow prettier every time I see you.” He smiled down at her. “Your Aunt is waiting by the pool. I hope you’ve brought your bikini with you.” She nodded happily and ran lightly up the stairs to the room she considered her own when she came to stay.

Tugging off her shift dress and panties, Jenny pulled on her new bikini and stared at her reflection in the mirror. Her gold and white bikini, new about a month ago seemed to have shrunk. Where it had covered her breasts with ease, the material was now barely holding them in and had also given her a deep cleavage. Despite her pulling the material this way and that it still didn’t cover a great deal.

The bikini bottom was a thong-type and therefore left her butt cheeks bare. She knew that she was showing more flesh then was acceptable for a young girl her age, 18. Jenny turned this way and that admiring her voluptuous figure in the scarcely there two-piece. She decided she liked the way she looked but whether her aunt and uncle would be as tolerant of her near-naked state was another thing.

“Come in!” she called at a sharp knock at the door. Her Aunt Greta peeked around the door.

“You alright up here, honey?”

Jenny decided to go for the sympathy vote. “My bikini’s too small!” she wailed. Her aunt closed the door. She was wearing a bikini bottom and loose shirt. Jenny noticed her aunt’s breasts were naked under the filmy material. She tried not to stare.

Her aunt walked over to her. “No it isn’t too small, it’s perfect for you darling.”

Jenny pulled fruitlessly at the material. “It isn’t, it doesn’t cover my boobies like it did in the store.” She pouted prettily at her aunt with slightly moist eyes.

Greta laughed and hugged Jenny to her. “Darling, don’t you want to wear it today?”

“Well, yes I do because Daddy chose it and he’ll be annoyed if I don’t wear it. But it feels a bit tight now and it might be uncomfortable to wear all day”

“Well, you can always take the top off, darling.”

“Uncle Cal might not like me doing that.”

“Oh I think you’ll find your Uncle won’t have any objections whatsoever if you want to take it off.” Greta had a hunch that her husband would be highly satisfied if his niece unwrapped her melons in front of him.

Greta kissed her niece and patted Jenny’s bare bottom exposed in the thong. “You don’t mind your butt being exposed though?”

“No, Daddy wanted me to have a thong bikini.” Jenny was a confirmed Daddy’s girl and what he liked she liked.

Greta kissed Jenny again and thought she was so perfect with her long limbs and full firm breasts. Her long blonde hair was like a silk waterfall down her back, her blue eyes large and lustrous. She would be a real handful if she weren’t taken in hand. Greta would have to speak to the girl’s father about it.

Uncle Cal was fixing some drinks on the deck, he handed a large coke to Jenny and a gin to his wife. Greta patted the sun lounger for Jenny to sit on. Jenny sipped her drink and tried not to look at her Uncle’s swimming briefs. They were very small and just covered what they needed to. She could see a slight bulge in the material where his manhood was and wondered if they would see-through when he came out of the pool.

Cal looked after himself and was trim for his age. Her aunt and uncle were relaxed in each other’s company. Unlike her own parents who always seemed to be arguing. Her mother went away on business a lot and Jenny liked the time spent with her father on her own. She and her mother had never really got along together very well and this distance intensified as Jenny grew up.

Jenny and her father loved to cuddle up on the sofa every evening after their showers and watch TV for an hour; they couldn’t share these times when her mother was there. Sometimes Jenny laid her head in her father’s lap, and he slipped his hand inside her robe and rubbed her back. She had stopped wearing a nightdress so he could rub her back more easily. He had started leaving his shorts off so she could rest her head more comfortably on his thigh.

Uncle Cal came over and kissed Jenny and hugged her. “How’s my favourite niece? I swear you get prettier.”

Jenny giggled. “You already said that Uncle Cal.”

“It doesn’t seem five minutes since you and you cousin Tag used to frolic in pool. How old were they, Greta?”

“I can’t remember but I think Tag wouldn’t mind frolicking now with Jenny.” Tag worked in Boston and Jenny hadn’t seen him for a while. “Especially if you wore that bikini.” Greta smiled indulgently as Jenny went red.

Uncle Cal stared intently at Jenny’s breasts bursting out of her top. “Watch when you bend over, honey one of those ripe melons might pop out, we hope.” Jenny felt a hot damp tingle between her legs at his comment. She liked the fact that her Uncle had noticed how her breasts were barely covered by her bikini top. She just wished her Dad had been with them, she would have liked him to seen her in her too-small bikini top. Then a familiar figure appeared and walked across the garden.

“Daddy!” Jenny put her drink down and flew across the deck and ran down the stairs into her father’s arms. He hugged her close and rubbed her bare bottom for a few moments before letting her loose.

“Your mom and I had a fight. She’s making her own way home.” He linked his arm around his daughter and they walked up for the steps together. “She’s frigid with me and comes onto another guy at the hotel.” He made a face, which showed his disgust and smiled down at his daughter. “You having a nice day princess?”

“It’s ok, but better now you’re here.” Cal and Greta welcomed him and when he sat down, Jenny plonked herself down on his lap. He smiled gratefully when Greta handed him a drink, which he downed in one go. He looked a little preoccupied and Jenny linked his arms about his neck to bring his attention fully back to her. “Do you think my top’s too small Daddy?” she pouted, bending over a little so he could see her breasts better.

After looking down at her overflowing bounty, Justin pushed her away a little and squinted at her. “Nope, it looks just perfect to me, princess.” He had looked at his daughter’s large firm breasts feeling the usual desire eating away at him. He would have to be careful in front of his brother-in-law. He wasn’t too sure how Cal felt about these things.

His sister was another matter they had no secrets from one another. Brought up by their grandfather they had shared a bed with his blessing. As long as their grandfather could fuck Greta when he had wanted he didn’t mind what the brother and sister did.

Greta watched her niece and brother together. She felt strongly her husband wanted to fuck Jenny as well. She decided it was time the young girl felt a couple of large firm family cocks inside her young tight fuck-hole. She undid her shirt and pulled the front apart then shouted across to Justin. “Hey, seen my birthday present?”

Cal smirked. “She was getting a bit droopy so I had them lifted. The surgeon says she’s good for a couple of cup sizes yet.”

Justin nodded approvingly “Very nice indeed. I like to see a well-stacked woman, even my own sister. Though it looks my daughter’s getting all the help she needs from Mother Nature.”


Greta smiled. “Well, Jenny did think her top was too small. I’ve told her she can take it off if it gets too tight.”

Justin hugged his daughter. “Of course you can darling. I’d want you to be comfortable.”

Jenny bit her lip and then looked at her father with huge lustrous blue eyes. “You wouldn’t mind? It is hurting me a little.” She turned in towards him. “Will you take it off?” She held her long hair out of the way. He smiled widely and reaching around unclipped her top. It fell away to reveal her full ripe breasts.

He reached out and touched them lovingly, thumbing her puckered erect nipples. Jenny shut her eyes. “Oh, that’s lovely Daddy. Is that what you do to Mummy?”

“Sometimes, when I’m allowed to. You mom doesn’t allow me much nowadays.”

“Oh poor Daddy, well you can do that to me whenever you want. Love me the way you used to Mummy.”

Justin looked across at his brother-in-law who nodded back at him. Cal had always turned a blind eye to his and Greta’s occasional fucking session over the years but knowing he was doing it with his own daughter was another matter. But it seemed Cal was all for it.

“Well honey, the community at large doesn’t always readily accept family love like we’d like to show you so you have to be very quiet about it ok?”

Jenny nodded, she knew what was going to happen was a taboo in society but she loved her daddy very much and wanted him to love her back. She was good at keeping secrets especially from her mother.

“Can I really love you like I used to love Mummy? Can Uncle Cal do it as well?”

Jenny turned to her Aunt. “If Aunt Greta doesn’t mind.”

Greta smiled and shook her head. “No, I don’t mind but I’d like to love you myself Jenny, is that ok with you?”

“No, I don’t mind if Daddy doesn’t.”

Justin shook his head. “No, I’ll be there to see that your Aunt makes you happy, darling. Now, shall we have this thong off?” He reached over and pulled the garment down and tossed it away.

Once everyone was naked, her father gently pressed Jenny back on the deck table. He and her uncle stood in front of her their cocks were rigid and dripped some juices she longed to taste. But Justin had already told her that there wasn’t to be any cock-sucking that afternoon. Jenny had pouted but he’s told her that that was something to be saved for another occasion.

Her best friend Erin had had her cherry popped by a guy old enough to be her grandfather. Jenny had spent lots of nights quietly fingering her cunt in bed as she thought over the details of the event that Erin had told her. She was really excited to think that her own darling daddy was going to be her first proper lover.

Her father stroked her thighs whilst her uncle rubbed her shoulders. They wanted her to totally relax before they used her as a sexual plaything. Her aunt Greta was now also naked and massaging her niece’s large melons in her small hands.

“Is this ok for your princess?” asked Justin. Jenny smiled and nodded. Her aunt then lifted her arms above her head and anchored them in position while the two men continued to touch and fondle her.

Jenny’s father cupped his ball sac in one hand and stroked his cock in the other, his cock about 8 inches long. Her father’s cock wasn’t totally unknown to Jenny, as she had been watching him pee for years. Ever since she had raced into the bathroom one morning to find him already using the toilet. He hadn’t chased her away and it became a regular thing when her mother wasn’t about for him to leave the bathroom door open so she could come in if she wanted while he was in there. She hadn’t touched his cock yet though she longed to.

Justin ran his thumbs over her moist pussy lips. They were engorged and inviting. “I’m pleased you shave honey. Your mom prefers the natural look but I like to see a bare pussy.”

Jenny smiled up at her father. “All my friends do it, guys don’t like hair down there do they, Daddy?”

“No, honey, you just keep that particular place hair-free. What do you say Cal?”

Cal grinned. “Yep, you keep it well shaved.”

Justin smiled as his daughter’s clit peeked out begging for his attentions. He leaned down and touched it with the tip of his tongue making Jenny sigh. “You had that done before, darling?”

“Not really, but I’ve been fingered and stuff by some of the guys. You know, they slip their hands inside your panties and wriggle around. I liked that.”

“Well, honey that’s going to change. Your uncle and me are going to fuck you good and hard. So hard you’ll be screaming and yelling.”

Greta had been sucking her niece’s nipples to ensure they remained hard, she straightened up. “But first I’m going to prepare that delicious pussy of yours so your Daddy and your Uncle don’t have to hurt you too much.” The men stood to one side as Greta took her brother’s place.

She lowered her head and started to lick softly at her niece’s cunt, tonguing around the outside before starting on her clit. “Make her fuck-hole real wet Greta.” Justin cupped his ball-sac again and thumbed one of his daughter’s nipples. “Honey, your Uncle Cal and I are going to talk really dirty to you and we want you to talk dirty back. I know we don’t like you using naughty words at home but with your uncle and me you’ll find it real exciting, Ok?”

“OK daddy. Oh Aunt Greta’s making me feel all hot and tingly, Daddy.”

He laughed. “I hope so, you’ve got to fit two big cocks inside that tight shaven slit of yours.”

Greta licked and sucked her niece’s cunt for another minute before slipping her finger inside. “She’s all ready for you.” She then pulled Jenny’s pussy lips apart to show how ready she was.

Justin pushed the tip of his hard and erect cock into the opening of his daughter’s wet and waiting cunt. “You little slut, you’ve been begging for this haven’t you? Don’t think I haven’t noticed how you’ve been teasing me by leaving off your bra; wearing tight tops that show your titties off and make your nipples poke out. Well, you little tease you’re going to get my big cock inside that tight little cunt of yours and I’m not stopping even if you beg me to.”

Jenny wasn’t going to stop him; she wanted her father inside her real bad. “Oh Daddy, fuck me real hard. Fuck your little princess, make my tight fuck-hole take your cock please.” Jenny opened her legs as wide as she could to allow her father access to her moist centre. “Fuck me the way you would Mommy, please.”

“You fucking little whore!” he sneered as he pushed his cock into his daughter’s cunt. He was pounding into her so hard that her aunt and uncle had to hold her by the shoulders so she didn’t slip of the table. Justin grabbed her legs and wrapped them around his waist so he could get into her deeper, his balls slapping against her.

“Oh, God Daddy, fuck your little slut-daughter hard, really ram your big thick Daddy cock home into my tight pussy. Oh God that feels so good…”

Cal watched his brother-in-law fucking Jenny. Personally, he would have liked to spank his niece before fucking her, but he’d better leave that pleasure to Justin for the time being. He didn’t want to push things too far.

“Leave some for me, Justin,” he smirked, “I’ve got to fuck her yet.”

His brother-in-law smirked back and leaned over to pinch his daughter’s nipples. “This little slut-whore will be able to take her Uncle as well, won’t you honey?”

“Oh, yes Daddy. Oooh, that was nice. Please hurt my titties again.” Justin readily obliged. As he continued fucking Jenny he pinched and twisted her nipples revelling in the fact that with a little persuasion she might like to be tied up sometime.

“Oh, Daddy. Your huge thick, Daddy cock is making your little girl cum…” Jenny started to shudder as she came and shouted out. “Oh, Daddy.” Justin pulled out and shot a stream of hot semen all over his daughter’s face and tits. He didn’t want to make her pregnant just yet.

Before she could recover, her Uncle was sliding his cock into her. “Come on you little whore, let your Uncle fuck you now. Open those legs wide for me”. Jenny still full of pleasure from her father’s fucking, eagerly parted her legs for her Uncle. His cock wasn’t as large as her father’s but it was still satisfyingly big.

“You fucking dirty little slut, letting your Daddy fuck you like that. What are you?”

“A fucking dirty little slut” she giggled. “Are you going to fuck me as good as Daddy?”

“Better.” He signalled for his wife and brother-in-law to hold his niece by her legs as he rammed home his hot cock into her willing cunt. Soon Jenny was shouting out again as she came. Cal spewed his cum all over her face and tits watching as it mingled with his brother-in-law’s sperm. Jenny lay for a moment getting her breath back and then sat up and gleefully rubbed the mix onto her large tits.

Justin stroked his cock again and said. “I’m still hard for my slutty daughter, let me fuck you doggy-style. Kneel on that chair you fucking little whore.”

She slipped off the table and kneeling on the chair wiggled her ass invitingly at her father. Her tits were hanging down over the back of the chair and she started playing with them as her father slid his cock into her hot wet messy slit. “Fuck my hot cunt so hard daddy, so that your little slut-daughter can’t stand.”

Her father grabbed her hair firmly and started thrusting into her from behind. “You little whore letting boys finger you. Did you let them play with your huge titties as well?” When she nodded, Justin slapped her hard across the bottom.

“Ow, that stung Daddy!” she cried out.

“Well that’s what little fucking whores get for letting boys feel them up. Now, I’m going to ram my cock into your little whore-cunt so hard you’ll be coming for a week!” She cried out as he pumped into her harder and faster then before. As he came, he pulled out and shot hot semen across her back and hair. Jenny cried out little mewing sighs of pleasure before collapsing over the chair. Justin picked her up and hugged her close to him as she recovered.

“Me, and your uncle didn’t hurt you honey?” he asked with concern.

“No too much and it was a nice hurt” she admitted snuggling into his hot, sweaty body, “I liked what you did and I want you to fuck me again lots of times, Daddy.” She had enjoyed everything that had happened to her even when her father slapped her. He hadn’t done that for a long, long time and she missed it.

“Well, we’ll see that happens, darling. But only as long as you’re comfortable with it.”

Greta and Cal lay naked and entwined in each other’s arms as Justin put Jenny to her feet and stood up. “Can we use your shower?”

“Everything ok?” asked Greta.

Justin smiled and squeezed one of his daughter’s tits, which was crusted and sticky with his and Cal’s cum. “Perfect but I think its time for a father and daughter shower don’t you Jenny?”