Watching Lisa

At the beginning part of last summer, Hubby and I were going out to meet some friends for dinner. Hubby had been pressing me to wear something really sexy, as the wife of the other couple was notorious for wearing low cut dresses and short skirts. She was a few years younger than me and carried it off rather well if not a little sluttish at times. I on the other hand was more conservative. Hubby said he loved the way I looked and wished I would dress a lot sexier. He said he loved the way men would look me up and down and besides, Joyce was going to wear something sexy, she always did.

Well, I figured why not? I was tired of his constant nagging and besides, even though Joyce was a few years younger, I thought I looked just as good as she, and my tits were bigger!

When I walked out of our bedroom, ready to go, Hubby’s jaw dropped! I had my blond hair piled up high on my head, and had put on a dark green and black floral wrap. I had bought it in Key West one summer as a beach wrap, but thought the material far too delicate to get salt and sand on. I had tied it between my breasts and pulled it down to show a lot of cleavage. The material was thin enough that my hard nipples clearly showed through. If I walked slowly, the long wrap kept me well covered. I pulled the wrap open for Hubby to flash him and let him see that underneath I had on black thigh high stockings and black thong panties! I felt very sexy and sluttish and Hubby approved as his cock was clearly threatening to burst from his trousers.

Kevin, our son had moved from home a few years earlier and moved to another state, and the only child left at home was Lisa, our 18 year old daughter. Lisa had just graduated high school and would start college in the fall. As we went to leave I could see Lisa sitting out by the pool sunning and reading a book.

Hubby and I went to a supper club to meet our friends, but after a couple of drinks later waiting for them, Hubby’s cell phone range and our friends were canceling, an unexpected problem at work would force a change in plans. It was still early, only just 7 p.m., and neither Hubby nor I was particularly hungry. Hubby loved showing me off in my wrap, but I was tired and wanted to just go home and order pizza and relax. Hubby very reluctantly agreed and for home we went.

Hubby was first in the house and stopped suddenly in the den. He was staring out our patio door and as I came up behind him I could see what stopped him dead in his tracks. Our daughter Lisa was now joined by the pool boy, a young black man, and they were doing some very heavy kissing. Hubby and I stood there and watched for what seemed several minutes, then the young man fished one of Lisa’s ample breasts from her bikini top and Hubby and I both sort of gasped as we watched that black hand caressing our daughter’s white breast. In a matter of moments Lisa’s top and bottoms were completely off. I found myself getting very aroused as I watched my young daughter enjoying the kisses and caresses of this black man. Hubby finally was able to break out of his trance when the young man was sucking one of Lisa’s nipples and had begun fingering her pussy.

‘I better get out there and break this up, before he hurts her’. Hubby said.

I held him back by placing my palm against his crotch and pressing his cock, which was fat and hard!

‘He’s not going to hurt her silly, he’s going to fuck her.’ I said. ‘If you go out there now you will only humiliate her, and besides, she’s 18 and on birth control pills.’

Hubby said nothing, so I continued. ‘We should just go on back to the restaurant and have a nice meal as we planned…or we could stay and watch a while?’

Hubby continued to watch out the patio door, as I unzipped his trousers and pulled out his hard cock. I got down on my knees in front of him and took him in my mouth. Hubby groaned as I sucked him, and later he would tell me what a turn on it had been to have me sucking him as he watched Lisa sucking the pool boy’s cock.

As I sucked Hubby’s cock I was rubbing my very wet pussy. Slipping my hand inside my panties I began to finger my clit, but what I needed and wanted was a hard cock buried in my pussy! I stood up, pulled off my wrap and panties. I leaned over the back of a chair facing the patio door. Hubby came behind me and sank his cock into my pussy while I watched Lisa on the lounger, spread her legs wide and see that big black cock sink into my daughter’s pussy!

With much grunting and thrusting, and my titties slapping against the chair back, I came very hard, and Hubby nearly screamed as he flooded my pussy with his sperm. After a few moments to catch our breath we dressed quickly and walked out the door to our car. There was something very sexy about eating our dinner that night, feeling my husband’s cum leaking from my pussy!

I began to have some very wicked thoughts. I had been lusting for my son for years and I knew that he lusted for me. What if Hubby lusted for Lisa? Now wouldn’t that be something? Then maybe Kevin and I could bring fantasy to reality, after all, what could Hubby say about me fucking Kevin if his cock was buried in his daughter’s pussy?