Wedding Night

“I LOVE YOU!” My husband, of 9 hours, slurred, as he proceeded to drunkenly slide down the leather sofa, and fall asleep.

My wedding day had been everything that I had ever wished for; it was my 19th birthday, the weather was warm and dry, my dress made me feel like a princess, and the flowers in the church looked absolutely wonderful.

Pete’s dad, Roger, held me, and said, “we’ll take him to bed, for you.” “Keith, grab an arm!” he shouted to his brother. They then dragged my husband through the hotel lounge, leaving me to say goodnight, and apologise, to the last few of our guests.

Pete had been drinking since breakfast, and the champagne, wine and beer had finally taken its toll. When he was this drunk, Peter, would sleep like a baby, until 10 or 11 o’clock in the morning.

“Where do you want him?” Roger asked, as we entered the bridal suite. “On the bed, I suppose,” I replied.

After they had, unceremoniously, dropped him onto the bed, Keith asked, “should I undress him?” Again I replied, “I suppose so.”

Roger was divorced from Peters’ mum, leaving Peter to be brought up by his domineering mother, Linda. Peters’ dad and uncle are both six feet tall, with rugged good looks. Peter looks more, like his mother, small, thin and very pretty.

I was sitting on the sofa, feeling very sorry for myself, when Roger said, smiling, “I’m sorry, my dear, but, you’re going to be disappointed, on your wedding night.” As he handed me a glass of champagne, from our bottle, next to the bed.

“Looking at the size of his cock, she’s going to be disappointed every night!” Keith shouted, as he pulled down his nephew’s pants.

“Jesus Christ! My balls are bigger than that!” Roger laughed, as he bent over the bed for a closer look, at his son’s private parts.

Keith was; now, flicking Peters cock, from side to side, with his middle finger. I chuckled at the sight.

“I hope that he’s good with his tongue, ‘cos a little thing like that won’t satisfy a beautiful girl like you.” Roger said, looking me straight in the eye, smiling. “What do you mean?” I stammered. “You know…” and he wiggled his tongue. “Oh, my God no!” I gasped, and held my hand up to my face to hide my embarrassment. By now he was sitting next to me. “You mean he’s never tasted your nectar, and made you scream like a banshee?” he quizzed me. I shook my head. “Never?” Again I shook my head.

“I don’t believe it,” he addressed Keith, “If he doesn’t go down, on a gorgeous young girl like this, and that’s all he has,” pointing to Peters sad little cock, “, she’ll be fucking anything that moves, before Christmas, girls like this have got to be kept satisfied.” “Next, you’ll be telling us that he’s the only man that you’ve ever been fucked by.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, and took another gulp of champagne, and nodded. “You don’t think that all men are that size, do you?” They both laughed. I shrugged my shoulders.

It was true, Peter was my first real boyfriend, I had met him four years previously, when I was 15 and he was 19.

Roger had reputation with women, usually with young barmaids, which caused the breakdown of his marriage, 10 years ago, he had one, too many affairs. Unusually, his ex-wife still had a soft spot for him, letting him stay at her house, for long weekends. I’d only met him four times before today, as he lived at the other end of the country, and had always found him to be very friendly, but a little bit flirtatious.

Turning to face me, he started to unzip his fly, and pulled out his massive penis, it was about 7 inches long and as thick as my wrist. My eyes nearly popped out, and my jaw fell open. “You can touch it, if you like,” he said as he winked at Keith.

Tentatively I stroked it with one finger, then it jerked, and I pulled my hand away. As I was staring at this magnificent object, it grew larger and harder, before my very eyes, until it was about 9 inches long. “Get a proper hold,” he whispered as he placed my hand back onto his cock. Again, I stroked it, and the feeling was wonderful, as I had my whole hand wrapped around the shaft, and began to rub up and down, “grip it tighter and rub it faster,” he commanded, I did as I was told.

“What do you think?” Roger asked. I couldn’t stop myself, “It’s so big, it’s wonderful.” I continued wanking him. “If you think this is big, you should see his!” Both men laughed.

When I looked up Keith had removed his trousers, and was walking towards me, his cock was jutting out like a large cigar, dark in colour, and about 10 inches long, instinctively, I put my other hand out to hold it. Keith was longer, but slimmer than his brother was, and I immediately began wanking him, too.

My head was spinning, it was my wedding night, my new husband was naked and snoring on our bed, but here I was wanking my father in law and one of his uncles.

Keith moved closer, “Put you tongue out,” I did, and he rubbed the tip of his cock along it, then around my ruby red lips. “Open wide!” He said, laughing. I complied and gently, he slipped his cock into my mouth. I was surprised that there was no taste or smell, but the action of having a cock in my mouth, had my fanny tingling.

Keith put his hands along the side of my head, and stroked my hair, and wedding veil, as he moved his hips, gently pushing himself in and out of my mouth, “Suck it like a lollipop” he whispered, I did.

Roger moved my hand off his own cock, and began pulling the zip down, on my wedding dress, and unclipped my bra. While I continued sucking Keith, Roger pulled my dress down to expose my breasts. With both hands he began stroking my small breasts and nipples, which felt like bullets.

“That’s enough,” Keith said as he withdrew his cock, “any more of that and I’ll shoot!”

“Stand up,” Roger told me, as I did so, my wedding dress fell to the floor, leaving me in my shoes, seamed stockings and matching silk knickers and suspender belt, which had small pink bows on.

“Wow! She looks fucking lovely,” Roger said to Keith, “When was the last time that you saw tits that pointed up like that?” I picked up my glass and smiled as I took a sip, revelling in my sexiness, while the two men stared at my body, and discussed it in the crudest of terms, as they undressed.

As both were in their fifties, their bodies were quite soft, but they looked fantastic, as their long cocks pointed at me from their neatly trimmed, grey pubic hair.

Moving my dress to one side, Keith ushered me back onto the sofa, were I sat between them. Roger kissed me, then guided my head down to his thick and bulbous knob. I gripped onto the shaft as I opened my mouth to take the first couple of inches in, I felt like a whore as I began bobbing my head, forcing as much lovely cock into my mouth as I could take, sucking like my life depended on it. I felt Keith stroking my tits, then, my nylon clad legs. He pulled my left leg onto his lap, which left my legs wide open, giving him unhindered access between my legs.

His fingers gently stroked my crack, making me shiver, with excitement. “Fucking hell, she’s pissed herself!” He laughed, as my moisture had saturated my knickers. “You’d better take them off, then,” his brother replied. Still sucking on Rogers thick cock, I moved my hips and bottom, so he could slide them off. When they were off, I immediately replaced my leg back onto his lap, I had never felt this horny before, and my fanny was throbbing, to prove it.

“Roger, look at this, her cunt’s winking at me!” Keith said as he slid one, then two fingers into my dripping love box. Their dirty talk was turning me on, as much as any of their other actions. His fingers were now going in deeper than Peters cock had ever done. It felt so good I had to take the cock out of my mouth, as I was struggling to breathe. As Keith continued jamming his fingers into me, he moved his other hand through my forest of pubic hair, until he found my ‘special button’, with only two or three strokes, I was screaming ‘like the banshee’ that Roger had promised.

As I flopped across their laps, Roger and Keith took swigs from the champagne bottle. “Now it’s our turn,” Keith said, as he knelt at the end of the sofa, opening my legs, and aiming his monster at my entrance, “No, no, no, I shouldn’t,” I whimpered, but my fanny was screaming, “FUCKME! FUCKME! FUCKME!”

“It’s too late too worry about your reputation now!” Roger chuckled as he played with my tits, and I played with his heavy balls. Keith nudged his cock against my hole, then slid it inside, in one long go. I groaned with pleasure, as it filled my body, like it had never been filled before. With my legs so wide apart, Keith was sliding in and out with the greatest of ease. Roger then turned my head and placed it back onto his lovely cock, “Don’t worry it won’t take long now,” he whispered as I began sucking and wanking like a woman possessed. With Keith increasing his speed, I could feel my tits shaking like jellies, then he stopped, and with one final thrust, I felt my womb get hotter and hotter as his spunk flooded inside me, I immediately clasped my legs around him, so as not to lose a drop.

Enjoying the moment, I stopped sucking on Rogers cock. So he took over, with a hand holding my head in place he wanked himself, firing jet after jet of hot spunk into my mouth, I tried to pull away, but he held me in place, making sure every drop went inside. It was hot, sticky and very lumpy as it slid down my throat.

Keith slowly withdrew from me, but kept my legs open, “I love to watch my spunk drip out of a freshly fucked cunt,” he told me. As I was savouring the taste of Rogers’s spunk, I felt two of Keith’s fingers touch my clitoris, slowly making circles, then he increased his speed, and again, I was panting and groaning as an orgasm tore through my body.

Roger and Keith, gathered their clothes, and got dressed, as I lay curled up on the leather sofa, glowing with sexual satisfaction, as I looked at my husband snoring on our bed.

As they left, they gave me deep and sensual kisses, fingering me at the same time.

While I was kissing Keith, Roger ran his hand through my pubes, ” When we fuck you, next time, this will have to go,” He whispered into my ear and winked.

I was constantly, on heat for the whole week of my honeymoon. All I could think about was my wedding night with Roger and Keith. Every time Pete and I had sex, I was thinking of his father and uncle. Sadly, Pete being Pete, we only had sex three times, each time, very quickly, with him on top. I was desperate to show him my ‘new skills’, but never had the courage to try, so I had to content myself with masturbation in the bathroom.

I couldn’t stop thinking about Rogers ‘goodbye’ –”When we fuck you, next time”, what did that mean?

I got the answer the day after we arrived home, the phone rang, I answered, “Did you have a nice time?” I recognised the voice, it was Roger, my legs turned to jelly, and my heart started thumping, “Yes thanks,” I stammered. “Does he know?” He asked, “No, of course not,” I whispered. “Has it gone?” was his next question. “Has what gone?” I returned the question, he laughed, “Never mind that, Keith and I want to visit this weekend, have you got room for two little ones?” I got the giggles. “Yes, of course.” We made arrangements for their arrival, for the Friday night, his last words were, “Wear your stockings.” Then he put the phone down.

Pete was pleased that his dad was coming to visit, but I spent my time planning to get rid of him for a couple of hours!

At 7.30, the door- bell rang. Pete answered; it was his Dad and Uncle Keith. The men shook hands, but Roger and Keith both kissed me on the lips, and Roger squeezed my arse, ” Good girl, you’ve got them on!” he commented. I had put my wedding stockings on, under a loose skirt, with a nice fitted blouse, that emphasised my small breasts. When Pete had commented, on my stockings, earlier, I told him that I had a special treat for him later.

After a nice meal and a few drinks, we went into the living room, “Come here and sit next to your father in law,” Roger patted the middle cushion on the sofa. I felt my nipples stiffen as I sat between him and Keith.

Pete brought more wine and beer.

“Son, you were a bit of a disappointment, on your wedding night,” his father told him bluntly. Pete started to make excuses, “It’s a good job, your Uncle and I were there to uphold the family reputation.” I blushed, madly, as Pete looked confused. As one put his arm around me, and stroked my tit, the other lifted my skirt, exposing the lace top, and stroked my leg, I was helpless, to stop them.

“After seeing your small cock, and Katie here, telling us what a boring bastard you are in bed, your Uncle and I have decided to service her, to stop her fucking about and being unfaithful, to you. Keeping it in the family.” Pete began to speak, but his dad continued.

“When you were asleep, pissed, we had to give her the fucking that a bride deserves on her wedding night.” Pete looked shocked, “No, don’t thank us, it’s what families are for.” Keith told him firmly, then, they began to laugh.

Pete sat, on the floor, against an armchair, unable to speak.

Pushing me by the arm, Roger commanded me, “Stand up, and show us your knickers.” Unable to wipe the grin from my face, I jumped up, stood in front of them, lifting my skirt, showing my stockings and transparent knickers.

Like connoisseurs, they studied me, “Take the skirt and blouse off,” was the next command. Laughing, I unbuttoned the skirt, and kicked it towards Pete, I slowly lifted the blouse over my head, and threw this at Pete, who was now smiling, and I could see his hard on straining against his jeans.

“Come here,” Roger said, as he curled his finger, in my direction.

Sexily, I walked toward my father in law. When I stood in front of him, he ran his fingers over the front of my pants, scratching at my pubes, ” I thought so, it’s still there. I told you it would have to go, before we would fuck you again.” Just like my wedding night the ‘dirty talk’ was turning me on.

“Peter, get me a towel and hot water, some scissors and your shaving tackle.” Roger sent his son out of the room.

My God, they wanted me to shave my pubes! The idea was exciting.

When Pete returned, I was made to take my bra and knickers off, and lie back, over the sofa arm, where they had spread the towel, with my legs wide apart.

The three gathered around, Roger and Pete, swigging from their cans of beer. Keith combed my pubes, making them stand proud, then gently began cutting the hair, brushing the loose curls into a dish, “Open wide, we don’t want any accidents,” he joked. I spread my legs as wide as they would go, exposing my steaming fanny to them. As he trimmed between my legs, he kept telling me ‘what a pretty little cunt I had’, and ‘how stretched it now looked, since he had fucked me’. I was on fire and needed some cock urgently.

When he was satisfied, he produced the shaving brush and after lathering it, rubbed the warm soap all over my private parts, I was squirming, with desire now. Then, with short, careful strokes he glided the razor over the wet stubble, paying special attention, between my legs, slowly, gently, cutting the last of my pubic hair, only leaving a two inch strip, above my clit, it was, to be, my ‘porno strip’, he said.

“Now, isn’t that the cutest cunt that you’ve ever seen,” he asked the others, they agreed, even Pete, who looked like his cock might explode any moment.

Keeping me in this position, Roger knelt before me, “Watch and learn, this is how you pleasure a woman.” He told Pete. He buried his face into my sopping wet hole, and I let out a loud moan, as he ran his tongue along the lips, this was the most fantastic feeling that I had ever experienced, even better than fucking. Roger was lapping at my fanny like a puppy, then flicking my clit, with the tip of his tongue. I was going wild. When he slipped some fingers in, and licked my button at the same time, I howled, as the orgasm ripped through my entire body.

Panting for breath, they pulled me onto the sofa. Roger pushed his fat cock into my pulsating fanny, stretching it, just like my wedding night. I wrapped my legs around his back, and met each of his thrusts with one of my own. Our bodies were squashed together, as I hung on while he fucked me. Within a couple of minutes, he was unloading his come into my belly; shaking like a leaf, I needed more cock.

As they changed over, I looked down at the strip of hair on my fanny, to see a stream of spunk running out of my hole, and onto the sofa.

Without any ceremony Keith lifted my ankles onto his shoulders and slid his cock in, the length took my breath away; the angle that he was kneeling at was fantastic, for me, as his long thrusts, again filled my belly. Roger knelt beside me, and offered his sticky, spunk-covered cock, for me to suck, I took it willingly. The smell and taste were wonderful, pure sex, obviously he was only semi-hard now, which meant that I could get more into my mouth, and he knew it, as he tried to get it into my throat, as I caressed his big balls.

“Look what you’ve been missing, son.” Roger laughed at Pete who was now wanking onto my tits for the third time, watching me suck his dad’s cock as his uncle fucked me.

“Fucking hell Roger, you’ve stretched her cunt so much, I’m not touching the sides,” Keith, light-heartedly moaned, “if I’m going to come I need something tighter than this.”

Both men pulled their cocks out, and Keith told me to get on my knees. I complied, holding onto the top of the sofa, and spread my legs, for better access (or so I thought). Keith roughly shoved two fingers into my fanny, which was soaked with my love juice and Rogers come, and pulled out some goo. He smeared this between my bum cheeks, concentrating on my other hole. The feeling was quite sensual, as it was the first time that I had ever had this touched. Suddenly, he pushed a finger into my tiny, arse hole!

The sharp pain was wonderful, but it didn’t prepare me for what came next. He gently probed the hole with the tip of his cock, then slowly pushed it in. “No! No! No!” I screamed, as the first inch penetrated me, he then pulled it back a little bit, which was just as painful, then in a couple of inches, repeating the exercise, until most of his cock was in my tight, virgin, arsehole. After a couple of minutes the pain subsided, my hole was still stinging, but I was stretching to accommodate this long thin cock. His fingers slid underneath, sliding unaided into my fanny, “Come and feel her cunt, she loves it, she’s soaking!” He shouted to Roger, who joined him, inserting his own fingers in me. I was rocking backwards and forwards with each stroke, in my arse, as he increased his speed.

As they fingered me a thumb brushed against my clit, sending me into orbit again. As I did this, Keith picked up speed, again, as he was now sliding into my arse hole with ease. With a huge groan, he gripped my hips, and rammed into me, filling my arse with spunk. When he pulled out, my hole felt as if it was on fire, but it was a wonderful feeling as I felt the come ooze out, onto the sofa.

I lay on the sofa, getting my breath back as the three men, sat opposite drinking beer, telling me how good I looked, and how ‘good’ I was. I stroked my freshly shaved pussy, it felt soft, smooth and silky, and was covered with sticky spunk. Theatrically, I ran two fingers from my stretched bum hole, along my swollen cunt, scooping out a load of goo and then licked it off like an ice cream.

We sat around, for the next hour, or so, drinking beer and wine. The rest of the weekend continued in the same vein, with me fucking and sucking, Roger and Keith, together and separately, whenever they wanted me.

When we went for dinner, on the Saturday evening, Roger insisted that I couldn’t wear my knickers, which gave them loads of opportunities to feel my fanny and finger me, in taxis and pubs.

On the Sunday afternoon, while I was sucking his cock one last time. Roger told his son, that, in future, he couldn’t have sex with me in the week leading up to their visits, and the night before their arrival, he must shave my pubes, so that I would be ‘ready for action’!

After all, it was for his own good, because with out his father and uncle ‘servicing me’, I would be out ‘fucking strangers’.