Wedding Shop With Virgin Niece

John had retired at an early age of 48. His investments had paid out and had paid out handsomely. He was enjoying his life away from the fast lane by playing golf four days per week and helping his wife Ann out with the books for her business. Ann had a small wedding shop that did a modest profit every year. John had tried to talk her into selling the business and traveling with him but she was not ready to retired just yet. 

It was their 20 year old niece Cathy’s wedding that threw John’s life into a new direction.

Cathy was the only child of John’s sister Maggie. Maggie’s husband, Paul, had left her six years ago for a younger woman. Paul had refused to pay for the wedding and the family was in desperate need for money. Maggie did not want Cathy to be embarrassed with her new in-laws so she asked for a loan from her only family member left, John.

John had enough money to loan his sister but, decided to use her need to obtain the old family estate. Their mother had recently passed away and the estate was to split evenly between the two of them. Instead of taking a loan for the money Maggie signed over her share of the estate to her brother. Everyone was happy.

It was two weeks before the wedding when Ann developed a terrible cold. She was bed ridden and was unable to take care of her business. John was the only choice to keep thing running.

“I don’t know a thing about handling your business.” John said to his wife as she lay weak on the bed. “How about your part-time employee Mary?”

“Mary, can’t…” Cough. “work because her family reunion is this week and she…” Cough. “will be out of town.” 

“Well, OK, but don’t blame me if anything gets screwed up.” He muttered to his sick wife.

“Tell me what I have to do.” John said.

“It’s not that bad.” Cough, cough. “All of Cathy’s items came in yesterday and the wedding party will be coming in tomorrow to pick them up.” Cough. “Would you hand me my water?” Ann took a swallow and continued. “Just make sure the dresses fit everyone.”

“And, how do I do that?” John asked.

“Have them try them on and see if they need to be taken out or in. It’s simple.” Cough. “You can do it.”

John knew not to argue with his wife. Especially while she was feeling bad. He arrived at the shop early the next morning and found the boxes containing Cathy’s items. Unpacking them did not take too long and he was surprised when he opened one box to find a semi-transparent white teddy. The box also had a variety of bras and sexy panties. Just looking and touching them got his fires going. He was imagining his beautiful niece Cathy wearing the sheer undies when he heard the front door of the shop open. A buzzer sounded.

“I’ll be right there.” He shouted as he quickly threw the sexy garments back into the box. 

John waited a few minutes to calm down and turned to enter the store when the curtain door opened and Cathy stood there in her jeans and white sweatshirt. 

“Uncle John! Are you taking Aunt Ann’s place? I heard she was sick.” 

“Well, I guess I’m the only choice.” John said as he watched his slim blonde niece walk up to him and give him a hug. His huge arms surrounded her tiny body and pulled her closer. He was surprised when her firm breasts crushed against his upper stomach. She was bigger up there than he thought. She hid them well.

“I am so nervous that I had to come early today. Is that OK?” She asked as she pushed back from his muscular arms. 

“Sure. My time is your time.” John replied. 

“I’m not sure what goes to whom.” John said looking back at the boxes. 

Cathy laughed and moved over to the stack of boxes. She pulled the bridal party dresses out and put them on hangers. John took the dresses and placed them on a nearby clothes rack.

The area they were in was a combination dressing room and storage area. Since Ann normally helped the young brides to be get dressed there was no need for a private dressing room. But, John being there brought up a concern. 

Cathy pulled her wedding gown out of the box and held it up in front of her. 

“Uncle John. I would like for you to walk me down the aisle.” She said with her baby blue eyes wet from the tears starting to form. 

“But, what about your dad?” He asked. 

“He’s not my dad anymore. I invited him but, since he doesn’t want to pay for my wedding I don’t want him to walk me down the aisle.” She said. Tears were now rolling down her cheeks. 

John moved over and pulled her to him again. “I would love to walk you down.” Her wedding dress was crunched between them as he kissed her on the cheeks. She turned and kissed him back on his cheek. 

“You have been more like my dad than he has.” She said while resting her face in the valley between his neck and shoulder. Her lips were lightly brushing against his sensitive skin. 

“I’ve always loved you like my own daughter.” John said as his hands moved up and down her narrow back. He could feel she was not wearing a bra under the sweatshirt. The thought of her being braless caused an excitement in his trousers. He tried to push back from her before she felt his pants rise but, it was too late. She started to say something and suddenly pushed back from him. She looked down to see his pants pushing outward. 

“Oh God. I’m so sorry.” John said as he turned away. “It’s just that you are so beautiful and it’s been so long since…you know.” 

Cathy at first was shocked but suddenly it became funny. She had never thought of her uncle in a sexual way and to see him with a hard-on was so different. She felt a stirring in her panties. Sex to her has always been taboo because of her mother’s teachings. Her mom had told her to stay away from sex with boys. She was brainwashed that she had to be a virgin on her wedding night. The furthest she had gone with Brian was to squeeze him off through his pants. He had not even touched her bare vagina. 

“It’s OK Uncle John.” She laughed. “I guess I have forgotten you are a man and have those types of feelings.” 

They went back to unpacking the boxes and when Cathy opened the box with the sexy underwear she held up the sheer teddy for her uncle to see. He turned and saw her holding them and quickly turned around. She laughed. “It’s OK. I don’t mind you seeing this. I feel comfortable with you seeing it. I trust you more than anyone.” 

“Good.” He said but still not looking at the skimpy thing.

They unpacked the boxes and Cathy moved to the clothes rack to remove her wedding dress from the hanger. “I can’t wait to try this on. Aunt Ann took my measurements but you never know until it gets on your body.” 

“OK, I’ll leave.” John said. 

“Don’t be silly. You don’t have to. Besides I’ll need some help.” 

“I’m not sure if it’s a good idea.” 

“Don’t worry I won’t bite you.” She laughed.

John turned and looked away while she undressed. She removed her sweatshirt and jeans and stood in only her skimpy pink panties. Her nipples were hard as she stood nearly naked in front of a man for the first time. Not even Brian had ever seen her like this. She turned and faced her uncle.

“OK. Turn around.” She said shaking slightly as she waited for him to turn and look at her near nakedness.

Both of their faces were red from embarrassment as John turned and looked at her face. Her eyes were latched on his as she stood there in only her tight panties. John’s eyes moved from her face to her slim neck down her white chest to her perfectly formed breasts. They had zero sag and two small cherry nipples standing up proudly on top of her mounds. His prick swelled to its max. His eyes moved down her taught stomach to her navel and down to the top of her pink bikini panties. He could not see the shadow of her pubic hair because he expected her bush to be the same light blonde as her head. The small mound of her pubic hair was pushed out at the vee where her thighs came together. She was magnificent. 

“Cathy. You are so beautiful.” John somehow managed to say. She opened her eyes wide and a big smile formed. “Am I?” She asked.

“God yes.” He said again as his eyes raped her body.

“No one has every saw me like this. I mean no man.” She whispered.

“Not even Brian?” John asked.

“No. My mother wanted me to save it for the wedding.”

John started laughing which irritated Cathy. 

“Are you laughing at me?” She asked visibly pissed with her hands on her hips.

“Oh no. I’m sorry. It’s not you. It’s what you said about your Mother.” 

“Why is that? My Mom said she was a virgin until her wedding night.”

“She told you that?” John laughed again.

“Yes. She said she had never even touched a boy until that night.” 

“Bullshit. Your Mother was a hot item in high school. I think the first time I knew she was screwing my classmates was when she was 16.” 

Cathy stood shocked at what she was hearing. She had saved herself because of what her mom had preached to her since she was old enough to know about sex. She stopped being upset with her uncle and now was pissed at being a fool believing her mom. She knew her uncle would not lie to her about this. 

Cathy turned and picked up her wedding dress. John stared at her nicely round ass cheeks. One side of her panties was wedged between her cheeks and half of her creamy white ass was showing. 

“I’m sorry honey. I shouldn’t have told you about your mom.” John said trying not to stare at her cute little ass. 

“I’m glad you did. I feel like a fool. I’m getting married in a couple of weeks and I don’t know anything about a man and sex.” She sighed.

“I’m sure it will work out. Brian will be nervous as well.” He said while she turned to once again show him her bare tits. 

“Brian told me he has done it already. Before he met me.” She said as she once again looked down at the tent in his pants. “Why is it OK for a guy to do it but not a girl before the wedding?”

“Now-a-days I don’t think it matters anymore. In the old days guys expected their brides to be virgins. Now, I think they want them to be experienced.” He said without thinking.

“See. That’s what bothers me. He will have some experience and I’ll have none. And, now it’s too late to get any before we are married.” She groaned.

That’s when the conversation took a turn where John was unprepared to go.

“Will you show me what to do?” Cathy’s voice whispered in his ears. 

“What?” John said with a shocked look. “What do you mean show?” 

“I’ve never did anything more than touch it in his pants.” She said. “I trust you and am not scared to be around you like this.” She said while looking down at her hard breast tips. 

“But Cathy. What if your mother or my wife finds out?” He said trying to bring her back to reality. 

“We don’t have to do it. Just show me how.” Cathy was not taking no for an answer.

“You must know how.” John laughed but still showing a lot of nervousness.

“I know what happens of course. But, not foreplay and oral sex and stuff like that.” She said moving closer to his arms. 

John backed up slowly as he watched her naked form come closer. Although it was his niece, who he had seen grow from a little girl, he could not turn down the naked form coming his way.

“Cathy.” He said making a last attempt to stop this.

“Shhh….” She whispered as she took his large hand in hers. He couldn’t stop her as she moved it up until the back of his fingers caressed her smooth breast. They were both watching his fingers as she guided them to her hard nipple. She closed her eyes. “Oh, Uncle John that feels so good.” 

John’s hand pulled away from hers and turned so his palm could cup her whole breast. His hand moved forward until her softness was contained in his soft grasp. Her nipple was sticking forward into his palm. “Teach me.” She whispered as his fingers moved apart and her nipple slid between two of them. His fingertip curled until he was lightly pinching it. “Oh God Yes.” She said. John had forgotten his name and hers as his fingers massaged her pink button. As his other hand moved up to touch her other breast they suddenly heard the door open. Buzzzz. 

Cathy quickly turned and moved into Ann’s small office to the side. She closed the door and John headed outside to see who had arrived. 

At first John did not recognized the young woman standing in front of him. She was a little heavy but her shaped was very curvaceous. “Uncle John?” She asked. 

He looked at her and tried to remember her name. He knew she was a good friend of Cathy’s but had not seen her for a few years. 

“It’s me Brandi.” She said with a big smile. “Wow. You have really grown up.” He said trying not to stare at her enormous chest. 

“That’s what all the men say about me.” She laughed as she looked down at her huge orbs. John tried to remember the last time he had seen her which was at hers and Cathy’s high school graduation. The graduation gown did a good job covering up those treasures. 

“Is Cathy here?” She asked looking around. “She told me to meet her here at 10 A.M. I’m a little early. 

“I’m back here.” Cathy shouted from the rear room.

Brandi smiled and moved around John to enter the back dressing area. John moved behind her while admiring her round ass. She was wearing a tight skirt and blouse. John froze in his tracks when he saw Cathy standing in only her panties. Shit. Now, Brandi would know.

Brandi looked at Cathy and turned and looked at him. 

“It’s OK. He’s my uncle. He’s seen me like this before.” She lied. 

“Sure.” Brandi laughed.

“It’s true. I must have been four or five.” She laughed. 

“Hey, whatever is OK with you is alright with me.” Brandi said. “Is this your dress?” She asked as she picked up the white gown.

John remained frozen in the background as Cathy and Brandi checked out the dress. 

“Good. Maybe Brandi can help you with your dress?” John said as he moved into the small office. He closed the door behind him and sat down in the chair. His heart was beating rapidly from almost being caught with his almost nude niece. He pretended to do some paperwork but, could hear them giggling outside the door. He still remembered the soft touch of her virgin breast. 

“Uncle John. Would you come here please?” He heard Cathy ask.

What did they want now? John moved up to the door and opened it a crack and looked out. 

Standing in her bra and panties was Brandi. Her bra cups were having trouble holding her massive tits. He could see the dark shadows of her large nipples through the white material.

Cathy was standing in her wedding dress. She looked fantastic.

“It’s OK. Brandi doesn’t mind you seeing her like this.” Cathy said as she moved over to pull him out into the room.

“What can I do?” John asked trying to keep his eyes up from Brandi’s full body. He could now see her dark pubic hairs through her white panties. His pants again expanded to the max. Suddenly Cathy giggled and so did Brandi. He knew he was set up. Instead of turning around John decided to not let it bother him. He actually pushed his stomach forward to give them a better view. They stopped giggling when his bulge projected out to show his prick around 10 inches. 

“SO?” He laughed. “What do you want?” 

“Brandi needs some help with her clothes. I’m in my gown so I can’t move around.” Cathy said. 

John moved over and behind Brandi. He didn’t pretend to look away this time and looked down at her full ass cheeks barely covered by her white bikini panties. “Which dress is yours?” He asked. 

“The one on the end.” Brandi said. John took the dress and held it up. It was a strapless dress and even he knew her bra straps would be showing. 

“I want to try it on without a bra.” Brandi giggled and looked over at Cathy. She turned to hide her smile. They had planned to tease him and they were doing a great job.

“Would you unhook me?” Brandi asked as she pushed her back towards John.

John didn’t answer as his fingers moved up to pull the triple clasp bra apart. It released as sprang from his hands. It was under a lot of pressure as it dropped quickly off her large tits. It fell to the floor in front of her feet. She kicked it aside. 

John wanted so bad to see her treasures but didn’t just want to run around to the front to look at them. Would you hold my dress up over my head?” Brandi asked still facing the other way. She knew John wanted to see her but wanted to delay it as long as possible. 

Her hands moved upward as he slowly dropped the dress over her hands, arms and head. The dress moved down until it reached her hips. It was stuck. “Would you move it down?” Brandi asked from under the dress. Her head was covered. John looked over at Cathy for help but she just smiled and pointed for him to do it. 

John’s hands were shaking as his fingers pinched the material and pushed it down over her ass. His fingers brushed against her naked ass cheeks not hidden by her bikini panties as the dress moved down. The dress wouldn’t move any lower unless he pulled the front down as well. He had an excuse to move to the front. 

Her dress was bunched over her large chest. He knew he had to pull it over her boobs in order to get the dress any lower. Her nipples were long and hard poking out the silky material. His fingers pinched the material resting on top of her breasts and pulled downward. His fingers again caressed her softness. He heard her giggle as his fingers flicked across one of her hard nipples. Her head appeared as the dress moved lower. She lowered her hands but did not help him pull it down her stomach. “Keep going.” She giggled. 

John was as careful this time because he knew they were playing with him. If they wanted to play then he would play as well. His fingers pinched the material in the middle around her exposed navel and pulled downward. He kept his fingers touching her soft skin as the back of his fingers moved down her bare stomach, over the waistband of her panties, and down to the top of her mound of dark hairs. He stopped and felt her stomach muscles tighten in preparation of his touch on her pussy. He didn’t disappoint her as his fingers push inward as they moved over her hidden bush and into her pussy channel. She moaned when his fingers touched her clit. He smiled as he stopped and moved his fingers up and back down. He was now the one teasing. “OH.” She moaned as her thick thighs spread apart to allow his fingers more room. John felt the sudden dampness of her hole as his fingers pushed her thin panties inside her lips. He slowly moved his fingers back up until he once again brushed her clit. “Uncle John!” She screamed as her hand reached down, grabbed his hand and held it pressing firmly against her hard knob. John laughed and pulled his hand away. If the girls wanted to tease he could do the same. He pulled her dress down until it fell below her knees. 

“I have some wrinkles up here.” Brandi giggled as she pointed to the tops of her breasts. 

John took the bait and moved his full hand up to smooth down the wrinkles. Her breast more than filled his hand. 

His fingers pushed down the wrinkles over her hard nipples. He lightly pinched the rise in her dress when the phone rang. 

“I’ll get it.” Cathy said. She moved slowly into the office and out of their sight. 

John turned and smiled at Brandi. She smiled back. He wondered how far she would let him go now that they were alone.

“Hello? Hi Mother.” Cathy said to the phone.

John’s hand moved down Brandi’s stomach to the bottom of her dress. He looked at her face to see if she was going to stop him but she just smiled. His large hand moved up under the material and upward towards her damp panties. Her full thighs opened to allow his fingers to touch against her crotch. 

“Don’t worry. I ordered the flowers yesterday.” Cathy told her mother. 

John’s fingers snaked under her damp undies and into her wet pussy lips. Her legs opened wider to allow his fingers to discover she was not a virgin. He easily slid two fingers up into her pussy. Her eyes were closed and she was moaning softly as he finger-fucked her. His fingers moved all the way inside which allowed his thumb to rub against her clit. “Oh Uncle John.” She moaned loudly. He turned to see if Cathy had heard her. She was not looking out the door.

“No. Aunt Ann is not here. Uncle John is helping us.” Cathy said into the phone.

John’s fingers sped up until Brandi’s body collapsed against his. He stood up next to her as his fingers worked their sexual magic on her pleasure button. “I’m coming.” She said as her hands pulled his head to her breasts. Her large body shook as she climaxed. “OH GOD. NOW!” She screamed. Cathy had to have heard that. John turned to see Cathy standing in the doorway watching him finger-fuck her maid of honor. 

“Don’t worry. Uncle John has everything under control.” She giggled. 

“OK. We’ll be here.” She said as she hung up the phone. John removed his soaked hand from under Brandi’s dress and stood next to her. Her lips moved over and kissed him on the cheek. “Thanks Uncle John. I needed that.” She said. 

Cathy moved into the room and asked her uncle to remove her gown. John whipped his fingers on a paper towel nearby and moved over to help his niece. He turned to see Brandi pull the dress down her naked orbs. Her hug nipples sprang out. Cathy grabbed his head and turned it back to her. “You are helping me remember.” She laughed. 

Brandi quickly put her clothes back on. “I think the dress will do fine. I have another appointment so I have to get out of here.” She said as she winked at Cathy. Cathy smiled back at her. Uncle John was hers once again. 

Brandi kissed them both on the cheek and left through the curtain doorway. John lifted the gown off of Cathy’s body. She stood again in her tiny pink panties. 

“I’m jealous of what you did to Brandi.” Cathy said not looking at her uncle. “Would you touch me down there?” 

“Sure.” John was standing behind her as his hands moved around her body and into her skimpy panties. His large fingers moved under the tight waist band and to her trimmed blonde bush. Her hand moved down to push her panties down to the middle of her thighs. John teased her as he twirled her fine peach fuzz in his fingers. Her legs opened as his finger tips moved around her tight pussy lips. He did not touch her sex organ as his middle finger detoured around to find the small gap between her pussy and her anus. Her pussy dripped tiny droplets onto his finger. She was ready for him.

“Touch me please.” Cathy begged while holding onto his wrist. She tried to pull his hand up to her pussy but she was not strong enough. 

“Touch you where?” He teased as his fingers played with the small bridge of wet skin. 

“You know.” She giggled. “My vagina.” 

“Your what?” He whispered.

“My pussy.” She giggled louder.

“Your what?” He teased still not touching her.

“My fucking cunt.” She said desperately.

“My, my. My little niece might be virgin but she knows some naughty words.” He said as he moved his finger where she wanted it. Her pussy was soaking wet but still too tight for his finger to move inside. He gave up and caressed her clit which was quite a bit smaller than Brandi’s. 

“Oh, Uncle John. Finger my cunt.” She moaned. “Touch me everywhere.” She said giving her body to him.

John’s other hand moved to capture her naked ass. His experienced finger succeeded where no man had been before. “Oh my god.” She yelled. “It’s making me….oh, oh, oh. IT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD!” Her tiny body tensed and she climaxed for the first time. Not even her own touches had brought her over the edge like this. 

Cathy took some deep breaths and threw her arms around her uncle’s neck. He pulled her near naked body to his. So far all he had done was to please two young women. His prick was ready for some action as well. 

Cathy must have thought the same because her small hand moved down between their bodies until she found his huge bulge. Her petite hand tried to curl around his shaft but it was too big. 

“Can I see it?” She whispered as she looked down at the huge tent in his pants.

“Go ahead.” He said. 

Her fingers fumbled for his zipper and pulled it down. Her fingers slipped inside until she found the opening in his boxers. Having a small hand had its advantage as it slithered into his boxers until it touched his bare rod. She grasped the side and pulled it outward. John had to unsnap his pants to allow her the room to remove his naked prick. It pointed straight out with her tiny hand clutching it. “It’s so big.” She said looking down at the massive tool her hand held. 

“How can it ever fit into a woman?” She giggled as her hand started to jerk him off. 

“Am I doing it correctly?” She asked as if she was learning to ride a bike for the first time. 

John was ready to show her a better way when the front door buzzer went off again. Shit. 

She let go of his prick and grabbed her sweatshirt. She pulled up her panties and looked out into the store. “Tina and Kate.” She announced. “They are Brian’s sister’s who are in the bridal party.” She said turning to her uncle.

John’s quickly moved into the office and pretended to look busy as the two women moved back into the dressing area. He noticed Cathy was only wearing her sweatshirt and panties. He was caught again.

“Uncle John. This is Tina, Brian’s sister. John looked at her. She was wearing a wedding ring and looked to be in her thirties. “Hello. Glad to meet you.” He said politely. 

“Hello Uncle John.” Tina said while shaking his hand. She was wearing shorts and a tee-shirt. Her white bra was easily seen through the material. Her body was slightly out of shape but not too bad. 

“And, this is Kate. Brian’s younger sister.” John turned to see a very young girl. 

“Not that young. I’m eighteen you know.” She announced as she moved her hand out to shake John’s. She was wearing a tennis outfit with a short skirt and tight top. Her body was pure muscle with bronze skin. “You must be on the tennis team.” John said looked down at her muscular thighs. 

“Number one in the State.” She said with a smile. 

“So, we are here to try on the dresses.” Tina said looking around. Cathy moved over and reached up for the dresses hanging on the rack. As her hands moved upward so did her sweatshirt. Her panty-covered ass was now exposed to all of their eyes. 

“Err…. Cathy.” Tina laughed. “You better watch her sweatshirt.” 

“Oh, it’s OK. It’s just my uncle. He’s harmless.” She giggled.

“Thanks.” John replied. 

Tina looked down at his forming bulge. “I don’t think he’s that harmless.” She laughed. 

“Why don’t you ladies do your thing? I have some paperwork to do.” John said as he moved into the small office and shut the door. He wiped the sweat off his forehead. He tried to concentrate on some bookkeeping but he kept hearing the laughter and giggles from outside. He moved out of this chair and peeked out the small window in the door. Kate was standing in front of him without her tennis top. He could see a white sports bra cutting across her tan back. Kate moved to the side and his eyes peered out at her rigid nipples poking out the thin material. She certainly was a gifted athlete. He moved back and sat down at the desk.

Five minutes later the women broke out in loud laughter and giggling. He couldn’t take it anymore. He moved over to the door and peaked out the small window again. His eyes at first thought he was looking at a painting. All he could see was skin.

Kate was standing with her back to him wearing a skimpy pair of white thongs. Her firm but well rounded ass was completely tan. Her long blonde hair fell to the middle of her back. Across the room was Tina completely nude. Her breasts were full with dark nipples. Her stomach was a little large but not that bad. He could see her stretch marks as they wiggled downward towards her pussy which was completely shaven. She held up a pair of white panties. 

“We are all wearing these?” She asked as she moved her foot up to step into the waistband. As her leg moved up her bare pussy lips opened for him and the world to see her pink inner lips and damp hole. She was not shy. Kate turned and looked at the office door. 

“Don’t worry he won’t look.” Cathy said. John moved back in case Kate could see his face. 

“Try yours on.” Cathy said. John knew she was talking to Kate to try on her panties. He had to see even if it risked getting caught. His eyes moved back to the small opening in the curtains. 

He almost choked as his eyes focused on Kate only a few feet in front of him bending forward to pull her thong off. Her ass moved upward and apart showing him her damp pussy lips surrounded by very fine light pubic hair. John accidentally moved forward to get a better look and the door suddenly closed with a bang. SHIT.

“OK Uncle John we know you are looking. You might as well come out.” Cathy laughed. He waited to hear if Tina or Kate would object but they remained silent.

He turned the doorknob and pushed it slowly open. He peered out to see Tina holding her small blouse in front of her naked body. Her bare pussy lips could still be seen underneath her blouse. Kate was standing behind her long gown but he could see her bare ass cheeks from the side. 

“You women don’t care if Uncle John helps us do you?” Cathy asked. He again expected them to say something but they remained silent. 

“Good. We are all family so a little nudity should matter.” Cathy said. 

John moved out into the room with his bulge again on stage. The women all peaked but didn’t comment. 

“I don’t think it’s fair for us to be naked and not him.” Tina said. 

Kate stuck her head out from behind her dress. “Yeah. If we are to show what we have let’s see what he’s got.” 

Cathy only giggled but didn’t support her uncle. “Come on Ladies. You don’t want to see an old guy like me naked do you?” John said somewhat nervous. His body was in good shape for someone his age but he was not a young stud anymore. 

“You have to look better than my fat ass husband.” Tina laughed. Her blouse had dropped to show her naked boobs. “Besides Cathy just told us she doesn’t have any experience so maybe you can help?” 

“I think this is a bad idea.” John said moving slowly to the door to the store. He could just run out the door and escape.

As he turned to walk out Cathy jumped on him with her small arms around his waist. “Get him.” She yelled.

John might have had a chance but Kate flew naked across the room and tackled his legs. He fell face forward and caught himself with his hands. Kate’s strong arms moved quickly up his back to hold him face down. Tina jumped in to help pin him down. 

Cathy quickly pulled up his shirt. John moved his arms upward to protest but it only helped Cathy as she slipped the shirt off his arms and head. He tried to remain on his stomach to keep them away from his belt buckle and zipper but Kate grabbed his arm and jerked him to his side. Tina’s naked body jumped on his stomach and her legs moved upward to pin down him arms. John looked up to see Tina’s hard nipples pointing down at him. His eyes moved down her nakedness to see her swollen exposed pussy lips under her stomach. 

He knew he could escape if he really wanted to but he had always wanted to be raped by a bunch of women. This could be his lucky day.

As Tina and Kate held him down Cathy quickly unsnapped his belt and opened his pants. She pulled down until his pants and boxers moved below his prick which made its grand entrance. 

“Ta Da!” Cathy said.

“Shit. He’s hung like a horse.” Kate announced as she held down his legs by his knees. She didn’t feel any resistance as she pulled his pants and boxers completely off. He laid naked under three naked women. 

“I can’t see.” Tina complained as she tried to look backwards. His prick was sticking at an angle which was pointing up at her naked ass. 

“If you move your ass back a few inches you won’t have to see.” Kate laughed. “Give me your hand.” Kate said to her sister. Tina moved her hand back until Kate grabbed it. Kate guided it to John’s hard-on. She wrapped her hand around it and moved it down to the base and slowly back up. 

“Wow.” She let go and moved her fingers up to her lips. Her tongue moved out to taste the juices left on her fingertips. 

John felt another hand moved around his shaft and start a slow up and down motion. “He showed me this before you came in.” Cathy announced. 

“Uncle John. Are you corrupting our virgin sister-in-law to be?” Tina said as her tits moved down to within inches of his face. 

“Maybe.” John laughed as he moved his head upward until his lips sucked in one of her hard and long nipples. 

“Ah!” Tina shouted as she jerked backward. The nipple popped from his mouth. “Naughty, naughty.” She laughed. 

Cathy moved her fingers over his crown and curled her small hand over the top. 

“Let me show you.” Kate said. John felt another hand join Cathy’s on his prick. An 18 year old was showing a 20 year old how to jerk off a man. 

“I see.” Cathy said as she removed her hand to watch Kate’s smooth stroking motion. 

“Let me show you something else.” Kate announced. John waited to see what else the teacher would do. 

“Ahh.” He moaned as he felt lips and a tongue encase the tip of his prick. 

“Hey, I’m missing all the action.” Tina complained. She tried to turn to look but could only see her sister’s head moving up and down. 

“Want to try it?” Kate asked as her lips popped off his wet rod.

“I guess so.” Cathy said softly. John’s prick was rock hard as he waited for his niece’s mouth. Her tongue moved out first to taste him. “Not bad.” She giggled. Her small mouth opened wide until his tip moved into her tight lips. 

“Breathe.” Kate said while laughing. 

John could feel her small mouth relaxing and taking more and more of him. “Good.” Kate said. That’s when he felt Kate’s mouth moved down to capture one of his balls. 

Cathy’s mouth moved off him. Suddenly he felt her mouth pull his other ball into her mouth. “Shit.” He moaned. He was getting close. 

“Hey, he’s going to come.” Tina announced to the women behind her. “Put him inside me.” 

John’s dreams were realized as the women released his balls. A hand moved up to grasp his hard-on and aim it at Tina’s open bare pussy. She moved her ass back until the tip of his prick entered her wet lips. Her legs opened wider as she slid slowly down his pole. Cathy and Kate watched as her pussy ate his prick. “Holy shit. She took it all!” Cathy shouted. John’s hips moved up and back down as she moved up. Their bodies began a faster and faster fucking motion. Cathy and Kate moved back as the two bodies on the floor raced for climax. “NOW!” Tina shouted as she lifted and lowered her body in quick speed. “FUCK ME UNCLE JOHN!” She yelled. 

Tina’s body exploded and John was right behind her. His hands reached around and grabbed her full ass to hold her close as he emptied his load into her hot furnace.

“I can’t believe this happened.” Tina said as she lifted her dripping pussy off his soft tool. Cathy was still watching as his prick slipped out. “No one can say a word about this.” She said as she reached for her clothes. John lay naked on the floor as he watched Tina and Kate get dressed. 

“Thanks. Uncle John.” Tina said while leaning over to kiss his lips as she walked by. 

“My pleasure.” He laughed. “And, thank you.” He said to Kate remembering her short blow job. “Sorry I couldn’t finish it.” She said with a laugh. “I don’t have a date for the wedding you know.” 

John just smiled as they walked out of the dressing room. 

“Is that all of the wedding party?” John asked Cathy while he moved up to sit naked on the sofa. 

“Yes.” It’s just Brandi, Tina and Kate.” She answered. 

“Good. I don’t’ think I can take anymore.” 

“How about me.” Cathy asked.

“But, what about you being a virgin on your wedding night?” John asked.

“I want my wedding night to be special. I don’t need to be fumbling around.” She smiled.

“But,…” He started to say but she put her finger on his lips. “No Buts..” “I’ll need some time to regenerate.” John sighed while looking down at his limp prick.

“Maybe I can help?” She said as her hand moved down to curl around his soft noodle.

John felt some stirring in his loins but he needed a few minutes to relax. He took her hand off of his prick and kissed it. “Let’s wait a few minutes.” He laughed. 

Cathy moved down to sit next to him. He put his arms around her and pulled her to him. 

They remained in that position for almost a half-an-hour. The buzzer on the door went off again. John quickly gathered up his clothes and headed to the office. Cathy was pulling over her sweatshirt when the curtain opened. 

“Mother!” Cathy said loudly.

“I’m early. Is that OK?” She said looking around. She was quick to notice her daughter wearing only a sweatshirt. Her jeans and panties were lying in a pile by the sofa. 

“Where is Uncle John?” She said visibly upset to see her daughter this way.

“He’s in the office.” Cathy answered sharply. She remembered what he had told her about her mother in high school.

“Why are you half naked out here?” Maggie asked. “Has my brother seen you this way?”

“So, what if he has?” Cathy answered sharply again. “He is my uncle you know.” 

“No man should see you naked before your honeymoon.” Maggie said.

“Just like you and your honeymoon. Right mother?” 

“Well yes. Just like mine.” Maggie looked away at the office door.

“Yeah right!” Cathy said. “Maybe I found out the truth about you in high school?” 

“You’ve been talking to John. That asshole.” She said almost running up to his office door. She turned the knob and burst into the small room.

“John!” She screamed. “You have been lying about me to my daughter?” 

John was unprepared for his sister to come in this way. “Calm down. She needed to know the truth.” 

“What do you know about the truth?” She yelled. “You can’t prove I had any sexual relations before my honeymoon.” 

“Well, you are probably right I can’t prove it but I definitely saw it.” He smirked. “Remember the night mom and dad were away and I was sleeping over at Ben’s house? I had to come home for something and happened to look into mom and dad’s bedroom. You know what I saw?

“This is nonsense.” She said trying to stop her brother from continuing. “It was too long ago to remember.” She said giving him a dirty look.

“I remember it vividly. Peter was lying on his back on the large bed and you were riding him like a bronco.” John laughed. “Although you didn’t have a saddle.” 

Maggie knew she was caught in a big lie to her daughter. There was nothing to do but confess. “OK. But, I don’t want the same thing for Cathy. All men are alike. Once they have you they want somebody else. Look at my ex-husband.”

“Mom. You have screwed up my life so far and I’m not going to let you do it anymore. If I want to fuck somebody I will.” Cathy said. 

It was the first time Maggie had ever heard her daughter curse. She was shocked but not surprised. She knew this would be a problem between them if they didn’t resolve it.

“I’m sorry honey. I really am. I was just trying to protect you.” She said softly. “Is there anything I can do to make it up?”

Cathy thought for a few minutes and then said. “Tell me it’s OK to have sex with anyone I want.” 

Maggie hesitated but replied. “Yes dear. You are an adult. You can have sex with anyone.”

“Anyone?” Cathy asked. John knew where she was heading.

“She didn’t mean just anyone.” John quickly replied.

“Yes I did.” Maggie said loudly.

“Yes she did.” Cathy said smiling at her uncle. 

“Don’t do this.” John whispered as his niece moved closer to him.

“Do what?” Maggie asked.

“This.” Cathy said as her hand moved down to grasp the bulge in John’s pants.

Maggie was speechless as she watched her virgin daughter massage her brother’s bulge. She finally was able to speak. “Cathy. Stop! He’s your uncle.” 

“You said anyone.” Cathy smiled over at her mother.

“But, he’s family. It’s incest.” She said putting her hand over her mouth.

“He’s a man and I want him to fuck me.” Cathy said as she unzipped John’s pants. John was curious how this would play out so he just watched as her tiny hand moved inside and found his quickly hardening prick. She pulled it out and wiggled it in front of her mother. 

“OH MY GOD.” Maggie exclaimed as she saw the size of his prick. 

Maggie felt dizzy as she watched Cathy stroke his meat until it expanded even further. She grabbed the small chair in front of the desk and sat down. Her dress moved up her thighs until John could see her garter belt and stockings. It only made him harder as his hands pulled Cathy’s sweatshirt over her head. She was naked in front of her mother as he touched her tiny nipples. 

“Cathy…oh….” Maggie started to say when the room started spinning and got dark. She fainted. 

John saw his sister’s eyes roll up in her head and knew she was blacking out. He jumped and caught her before she fell from the chair. His hands moved under her hips and he carried her to the sofa in the dressing room. He placed her on the sofa and turned to Cathy. “Get her some water.” 

Cathy moved into a small bathroom off the side and returned with a glass of water. John poured some on her lips and she slowly came to.

“Oh.. ” She moaned as she looked up to see John’s face. “I had this terrible dream.” Her face moved down his neck to his bare chest. She looked down at his lap to see his hard-on pointing up at her. 

“This is madness.” She managed to say. 

“Mother.” Cathy said sharply. “Shut up.” 

Cathy pulled John back from the sofa and to her small body. Her lips moved up to capture his. Their lips opened and their tongues danced together. His hands explored every inch of her smooth skin. John peaked back at Maggie who was just lying back watching. She seemed to be in a state of shock. 

“Fuck me.” Cathy whispered in his ear. 

To do it in front of his sister was all John needed to revive his desire. He lowered Cathy to the floor and kissed her tiny knees. Her perfect thighs opened for him as his mouth traveled up to their target. Her blonde bush rested on top of her small slit. He knew she had to be dripping wet in order to take his large tool. His mouth was up for the task as it moved between her thighs.

Maggie came out of her trance and looked at the two naked bodies on the floor in front of her. She looked at them as a man and woman she didn’t recognize. She had not had sexual intercourse since her husband had left her. The sight of a hard prick was more than she could take. Her hand moved on it’s own to the bottom of her dress. Her fingers pulled her dress up until it rested on her stomach. Her legs spread to allow maximum contact for her fingers as they pulled her panties aside. She gasped out loud when she touched her hard clit. 

“God, look at mother.” Cathy whispered down at John’s head between her legs. John turned and saw his sister masturbating in front of them. This had turned out well he thought as his lips returned to suck in her small clit. 

“Eat me Uncle John.” She screamed. 

It’s not fair. Maggie thought. This strange woman was going to get her prick. Maggie’s body moved slowly off the sofa until she was next to the naked couple. Her hand snaked under the man to grab his hard-on. 

“Jesus Maggie.” John moaned as his face returned to the surface to see his sister’s hand stroking him.

“I’ve got to have it.” She moaned as she pulled him towards her body.

“He’s mine.” Cathy said while reaching over to push her away.

“Let me do her first.” John said to Cathy. “It might help you realize what a slut your mother really is.” 

Cathy looked up into his eyes and smiled. “Go ahead.”

John moved quickly before his sister came back to reality. She was lying back on her elbows when he grabbed her panties and pulled. Her dark bush glistened with her juices as he pulled the panties off her feet. 

“Tell me to fuck you.” He said as he positioned his prick at her damp opening.

“Do it.” She moaned with her eyes closed. 

“Say it.” He ordered as he rubbed his huge tip on her clit.

“FUCK ME!” She yelled. 

It was the magic words John was waiting for as he pushed forward into his sister’s hot hole. She was tighter than he expected. “Give it to me.” She moaned as her legs opened wider. Her feet curled around his ass when his prick hit bottom. 

John controlled the tempo as his hips rose and fell. He glanced over at Cathy who gave him a thumbs up. He smiled back at her and pounded his sister until he heard her scream. “OHHHHH!” As she came she suddenly recognized her brother. John? What was he doing fucking me? Oh God. I’m coming again. She thought. “FUCK ME BROTHER!” She screamed.

“Holy shit. She knows you are fucking her.” Cathy said out loud. 

“Good.” Was all John said as he gripped his sister’s ass and slid his tool in and out of her dripping hole. John couldn’t hold back as he filled his sister’s pussy with his juices. His fingers dug in her ass as hers dug into his. They both left marks that wouldn’t go away for weeks. They would remind them of their brother and sister reunion. 

John’s body finally collapsed onto Maggie’s. They lay panting for at least five minutes. Suddenly Maggie started laughing. She couldn’t stop. John didn’t know what was so funny but he couldn’t hold back and he began to chuckle. The chuckle turned into laughter. 

“What’s so funny?” Cathy wanted to know. “Do I get a turn?” She asked.

Maggie looked at John and John knew what his sister wanted. 

“No. I don’t think that’s a good idea.” He said. “Save it for your honeymoon. Believe me it will make it more special.” 

Maggie’s arms moved up and pulled her brother’s lips down to hers. At first it was a peck but her lips moved harder into his. They were not brother and sister anymore. They had become lovers. “Thank you.” She whispered in his ear.

His prick was still inside her hot and moist oven. She held him tight until she felt him getting hard again. 

Cathy knew when she was not wanted. “OK. I get it. You guys are right.” She said as she dressed. She walked to the curtain and opened it. As she walked out she glanced back to see her uncle’s ass moving up and down. “Don’t forget Uncle John you are filling in for my father.” 

Maggie started to laugh again. She looked up at John. “He sure is.”